Parliamentary: Baghdad will send a greater amount to the Kurdistan this month

Parliamentary: Baghdad will send a greater amount to the Kurdistan this month

31/05/2015 22:33

Kurdish parliamentary revealed in the Iraqi parliament, on Sunday, expects to receive a sum of money the province of Kurdistan bigger than Baghdad this month, noting that the province has given Baghdad to pay dues or else find an alternative route.
She said a Syrian MP Nada Mirgah, the reporter “Basenyoz”, “The Kurdistan Regional Government confirmed the sincerity of his intentions on the agreement with the Iraqi federal government, while Baghdad has not adhered to the agreement did not send the necessary budget for the Kurdistan Region has cited a variety of pretexts.”
She stressed that the parliamentary Kurdish Kurdistan Regional Government Baghdad granted greater opportunity to comply with the agreement, we hope that it compensate the Baghdad provincial budgets for the past few months, which has carved out such large sums.
She drew Mirgah Syrian, that “marks” for the kind of flexibility in the Iraqi government and parliament positions, and after he learned that the province has other options.
She added: “I expect to send a larger budget for Baghdad province from oil sales for the fifth month of the year and make up the missed months”.
In conclusion, saying “if Baghdad continued Panthakadtha the province of Kurdistan he can complain to the Federal Court and sells its oil independently.”


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