Kurdistan parliament threatens to warn Baghdad

By Mohammed Emad two thirty-two a.m. 31.05.2015 | Views: 8860

Kurdistan parliament threatens to warn Baghdad

Brother – Baghdad

Threatened the President of Kurdistan Parliament of Iraq Yusuf Mohammed, on Sunday, that the Kurdistan Regional Government will resort to other ways in the absence of the central government’s commitment to the agreement signed between them, and as warned for “major conflicts if the Constitution does not achieve economic and political stability”, he stressed that the right of the provincial government to have an independent economy.

Said Yusuf Mohammed in a speech during his participation in the graduation ceremony of the American University students in Sulaymaniyah, that “If the Constitution does not bring political and economic stability for the long term, it will cause to bring in bigger ones, as is happening in the surrounding countries,” referring to efforts to write a new constitution the Kurdistan region.

In another context, Mohammed stressed that “if Baghdad did not comply with the agreement and the laws of Arbil may resort to other ways,” pointing out that “the provincial government responsible in front of the Parliament of Kurdistan secured budget and the salaries of the people of Kurdistan.”

Muhammad explained that “the right of the provincial government to have an independent economy,” noting that “the government has taken appropriate measures to achieve this goal.”


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