Iraqi PM to attend international anti-ISIS meeting in June

Published: 2015/5/31 23:4020 Reads
Baghdad (Forat) -Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will attend a high-level Paris meeting of the international coalition combating the Islamic State, France’s foreign ministry announced Sunday.

Paris will host leaders from at least 60 countries who are part of the international campaign to combat the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. Iran, which has been highly active against ISIS in Iraq, but is wary of supporting any action against its ally Bashar al-Assad in Syria, is not invited.

According to the statement, US Secretary of State John Kerry and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius will attend the summit slated for June 2.

Fabius announced earlier the Iraq crisis will be the “central” theme of the meeting, but added it was “not impossible” that Syria will also be part of the talks.

Paris previously hosted a similar meeting in September 2014 to discuss a strategy to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq. ISIS is now believed to be in control of half of Syria and one third of Iraq.

Updated: 2015/5/31 21:57

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