Federal police announced the deaths of 150 of the element (Daash) during the battles of Tikrit and the dismantling of 520 explosive device

The main gate leading to the Awja area and the center of the city of Tikrit Imaging (Mahmoud Raouf)
Author: AHF, TG
Editor: AHF, RS
31/03/2015 19:10
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Long-Presse / Salahuddin

Announced that the federal police headquarters, Tuesday, edit the entire city of Tikrit from the control of the organization (Daash) except some pockets that will be addressed during the next 24 hours, as indicated that they had killed 150 terrorists from (Daash) mostly nationalities Arab and foreign and dismantled 520 explosive device, confirmed finding 13 labs for making car bombs and improvised explosive devices industry.

He said the federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat in an interview with the (long-Presse), “has been edited, but the entire city of Tikrit, some pockets in some of the themes will be addressing these enclaves during the next 24 hours.”

He Judt “was, today, raising the Iraqi flag on most government buildings and above the presidential palaces area and killed 150 terrorists, mostly from the nationalities of Arab and foreign and dismantle 520 an explosive device to the end now and found 13 plant for making car bombs and improvised explosive devices.”

He found that “the Federal Police made, today, a martyr of the most prominent police officers commanding the regiment commando sixth submitted Falah Ahmed roadside bomb during raised the Iraqi flag in one of the buildings in Tikrit,” noting that “military operations are still ongoing and effort of our engineering exercise his “.



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