Police seize pervious camp of ISIL northern Diyala

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Baghdad (Forat) –The Ministry of Interior declared seizing a previous camp of terrorists affiliated to what is so called the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant to the north of Baquba.
The official spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier Saad Maan, declared in a statement received by Alforat News Agency ”The police forces of Diyala province seized a previous camp was occupied by the ISIL before expelling them of the province.”

”The security forces confiscated weapons, explosives and bombs as well military uniforms and even cooking tools in the camp,” the statement concluded. \End\

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Tikrit process .. Iraqi forces to regain government compound

Smoke rising after the bombing of Iraqi forces in Tikrit

Smoke rising after the bombing of Iraqi forces in Tikrit

Iraqi forces have made ​​progress Monday in the city of Tikrit, which is under the control of the organization of the Islamic state Daash since the middle of last year.

A correspondent channel “free”, that the federal police forces have succeeded in breaking into the government complex downtown and control it after fierce battles with Daash elements who besieged Iraqi forces and armed groups loyal to her, in the neighborhoods of the city for nearly a week.

Iraqi forces and raised the Iraqi flag over the Council of Salahuddin province, and the Directorate of Education and the building of Tikrit Teaching Hospital and the building of civil defense and prison Altesfarat building.

Military sources said that the Iraqi troops found after the storming of the sites on the large quantities of weapons and rockets and bombs.

The Iraqi Prime Minister had announced the end of last week, the start of the final stage of the process of restoration of Tikrit, and after that embarked fighter international coalition led by the United States beat Daash sites in the city at the request of the government in Baghdad.

Source: Channel Free / Agencies

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Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords in dialogue with the (long)

03/30/2015 (21:01 pm)

_khassna 5 trillion dinars for mortgages and housing, industrial and agricultural
 project to delete the zeros is still there and the need to “stabilize the Year” for its implementation

 allowed banks to use half of its reserves to buy bonds
Part IIThe Governor of the Central Bank of the relationship, the project to delete the zeros still exists a need to “stabilize” the implementation and follow carefully, and as he emphasized that the central coordinate with local banks for economic development and financing of small and medium-sized enterprises,

said in the second part of the expanded dialogue interview with “Range”: that the government decision which committed banks fulfillment rate of tax when you sell the dollar guarantees for the government obtaining part of the customs duties.

and below the full text of the second part of the interview conducted by the “long”, with the relationship ..

fa step to meet the tax, has been addressing tax evasion through obtaining the custom fees by banks which objected to the decision .. What is the opinion of the Central Bank of such a decision?

– “Possible for this decision to replace part problem obtaining the tax, and it solves part of the problem, and what happened in the last period of obtaining the tax through banks when buying the dollar, is the decision not from the central bank, because it is not our relationship tax, a government decree issued for the prime minister and the finance ministry,

and because of the circumstances through which Iraq currently, and the presence of the problems at border crossing points, and because of the large amount of corruption institutions related to this subject, and found that the best way to be obtaining insurance customs duties, identified by 5% when buying the dollar,

This is at the very least guarantee of the government portion of the proceeds from customs duties without leaving the rings, units, and institutions are not able to control this process, and the rate of 5% is not all the tax, but at the very least it is a part and presumably after the introduction of the goods being the actual tax is calculated,

certain material may be a toll of 20% or 30% or 3% is being conducted settlement between the General Administration of Customs and customer between or merchant in the light of the real quantity, so this decision a government guarantee as certain of the proceeds of customs duties, it is true that the decision dollar displays to rise as it gets Now,

one of the reasons for this increase is that the banks, while the dollar sells, it sells at a price that was purchased by the central bank, which has not changed, and she has these fees, so this rise is real, but it is a load dollar fees that push the bank. “

 know that the country is living a financial crisis because of lower oil prices on the one hand, and because of the battles against the “Daash” On the other hand, the question, what the role of the central bank to support the economy and the development process?

“The financial crisis through which Iraq has opened the door to the study of the economic and financial situation in the country, in some cases, financial abundance are cover failures, and we believe that the favorable opportunity, and then revealed that the current crisis country’s real economic capabilities kick that can provide stable resources and permanently unavailable, so it is an opportunity,

as the central bank calls for the need to develop Iraqi economic model outlining the economy and resources, financial and monetary policies and other so he can Istqad of this crisis, as the lessons of this crisis must and employ the right way, and to reconsider the economic structure and policies Finance in what country is exposed to shocks and risks due to the fluctuation of the only source of imports of Iraq, which is oil,

and the central bank arms folded not stand towards the current crisis, but entered the depth of this crisis with the government in an attempt to overcome first, and to contribute in building the correct directions for the future, and on the first level The central bank as permitted by law, we have demonstrated willingness to buy bonds the government issued and we buy from the secondary market,

and we do this now, and the second point and do not even get a contraction affects economic activity because of the weakness of resources and thereby increase the unemployment rate, the central bank has decided the equivalent of 5 trillion dinars to the specialized banks (real estate, industrial, agricultural, housing) and I think that this is an important step and spoke for the first time to enter the central bank in the financing of these banks process in order to move the economic situation,

as well as allowed the central bank to banks, which has a reserve with the central bank and by law must to put 15% of their capital in reserve at the central bank, allowed banks to use half of this reserve to buy bonds so that these banks benefit from the return on these bonds at the same time we can shortfall coverage at the present time,

and all now realize the need to stimulate the private sector and take its role broad economic currency and we can say that the Central Bank is the pioneer now in support of the private sector, which has to do with banking and financial sector, and we have a broad plan may not help the field to mention the details, and we adopt at the present time the advancement of the private banking sector by giving the confidence of the private banking sector,

The public’s trust is the basic rule is based, so the first thing we have done is to try to promote this confidence in the banking sector through the proposals they have made to the Council of Ministers and the Economic Commission to accept government deposits at private banks, because as it has been to prevent government institutions from the deposit in private banks I do not expect the public to deposit deposits in those banks. “

ma reason for a lack of public confidence in banks?
“Occurred in previous periods situations such as the failure of the bank or the bankruptcy of another, and were then radical decisions not to deal with private banks, we try to give confidence in banks, and even the bank that was the cause of the crisis, we are trying to revive it again, the central bank has plenty of flexibility and tools which can which corrected the situation of banks which are exposed to the problems,

because the collapse of any bank affect the banking sector as a whole, so the government agreed to accept deposits and accept issued by banks and instruments, as well as accept letters of credit, which opens to the government from private banks, which are very important issues , the central bank is considering in the current period to provide liquidity to banks which are exposed to a state of distress at the present time according to the central bank law,

as well as coordinating now with the banks in an attempt to her husband in the process of economic development and financing of small and medium enterprises is an important and a great program and it was the reason for the growth and economic activity who got in a lot of countries,

and there are regulatory and legislative reforms and we have five to six new laws with respect to guarantee deposits in respect of Islamic Sukuk and Islamic banks and the law of the new banks and the law of the new Central Bank, all of these bills are very important in order to avoid the problems that were previously holds. “

adm saving citizens money in banks, you come from a lack of confidence in banks or she societal culture?

“We have a serious phenomenon in Iraq, at a time when the country needs him to the resources to create economic activity and the need for liquidity, we note that the bulk of this liquidity is outside the banking system system, but today we have between 30 to 40 trillion outside the banking sector, which is stored in the public ,

so the central bank to give confidence in banks and providing the movement and activity of her so that we can attract these 30 or 40 trillion held by the citizen and incorporated in the development process and economic activity, and that part of the subject back to the public culture and the other part is due to give confidence in banks, As we have already said that the first step by the central bank is to create confidence among the public banks through bridging the relationship between banks and the government to the public trust this,

and also through the bill, which we are working on a deposit insurance law, which is a very important law, because the citizen when he feels the existence of law that protects and Diath in the bank be a reason to deposit their money in banks. ”

_aad Iraqi banking system late compared to the banking systems in most countries of the world and even the nearest neighboring countries, and may be bureaucratic red tape or a reason for the reluctance of citizens to deal with these banks, Is there any intention to develop the mechanisms of Iraqi banks in the near term?

“This note is very important, especially since the banking system in all countries of the world is the most sector progress in regulatory, administrative, financial and technical operations, which is the first advanced in all the institutions, because it is an important sector, and the efficiency, speed, accuracy and the whole transparency important things

so we see the financial and banking institutions are particularly sophisticated in their work always, we have a very big problem lies in the acquisition of 80% by the government banks, meaning that the government’s banking sector accounts for 80% of the banking sector, market, and not a problem by acquisition, but this sector is underdeveloped, means you have 80% of the banking sector has lagged work,

organization and use of modern technologies and others, so it is necessary to reconsider the structuring of the Rafidain and Rasheed because they are the bulk of the Iraqi banking sector, in order to achieve the reorganization of these two banks, and to reconsider the ownership of these two banks, and in favor of that these banks are joint stock companies and open the way for the banks and the public to access these banks through certain stocks,

the central bank adopted in the current period, a lot of modern systems in banks manage to regulate banking operations and coordination is underway with these banks to implement these programs and will tighten the coming period, a reflection of this matter. “

ugod foreign banks in Iraq is very limited .. Is there any intention to enter the international banks to work in Iraq? Is this a small number of global central banks meet the ambitious Iraqi?

“The central bank encourages the entry of foreign banks to operate in Iraq, and there are a number of branches of foreign banks operating in Iraq, but the overall situation in the country delay the entry of foreign banks into Iraq

and there are branches of Arab and foreign banks but they are still cautious and limited in scope in its work and has plans to expand its work in the future coupled with the conditions existing in the country. “

kther talk about the project to delete the zeros, which is long overdue, and we hear occasionally conflicting statements on this matter .. Where arrived Central Bank in this project?

“Multi deletion of zeros taking many dimensions to the debate and controversy, and there are two points of view on this subject, and that the points of view two different deletion or maintain agree on the principle that this deletion or maintain does not change the reality of the currency or the value or effect in the economic reality of financial or cash because are just like you put a sticker on the currency in or on the zeros,

party pro-deletion of zeros sees the need to delete the zeros, because the zeros when they are in large numbers, usually in countries where very large inflation happens and, as happened in Iraq earlier, while disappear inflation is natural phenomenon and back to normal,

as is happening now in Iraq that the inflation rate is very slim and low, when it should delete the zeros to facilitate the calculations and give the kind of confidence the currency, because the zeros linked to the weakness of the previous currency, and there is the case in the sense or the subconscious mind that these zeros express the abnormal condition and inflation,

so that the removal gives the kind of reassurance to the return of the currency to normal reality and the real power, and facilitates calculations and registration ,, while the opposite view that hinder delete currently zeros, you see that this process since it does not create an impact on the ground the existing economic,

say you do not need to replace the currency in which the cost management and organizational, as well as that there is a kind of fears that the effects of inflationary occur any currency less psychologically and not structurally structural value, it is scientifically can not occur something, there is a kind of fear, and we as a central bank to give to ourselves the opportunity and space for feminization in this topic because it is not a major priority for the central bank,

and we believe that the general conditions of her relationship in taking such a step, and making sure the process of withdrawal and replacement of more than 40 trillion dinars, even if they are within range We put time and in circumstances that may not be stable, could create a lot of shenanigans, We need to general stability which we can do through this process smoothly, but we put this subject on the track to move it carefully. “

ma reason for the lack of a coin?
“Reconsider the issue of the coin is associated with the subject of the deletion of zeros, which is needed to study, and so far we study this matter, because the central bank tried earlier in the infectious currency that have not been accepted, and was retrieved by the central bank and bear the losses.”

For more than a year, Iraqi banks have stopped granting loans to citizens because of the failure to approve the budget in 2014, and in the shadow of the current period of financial crisis, the central bank steps in this aspect?

“Personal loans determined by the banks (Rafidain and Rasheed), a policy relating to banks through the availability of liquidity, according to the priorities that are working on, but we have dedicated industrial, agricultural, real estate and housing loans of $ 5 trillion to banks and will open the door wide for the specialized banks, which are loans which will benefit the people.” .


Dr. Barham Saleh: It’s time for the Iraqis to enjoy safe and prosperity

11:14: 03/30/2015

Khandan – said Dr. Barham Salih, said it was time for Iraqis to enjoy safe and prosperity. Dr. Barham Salih, in an exclusive interview with the Iraqi satellite channel, he was interested in serious attention inhabitants and the situation in Iraq because of the faithful of the importance of the political situation in Baghdad, and its implications for the whole of Iraq, including the Kurdistan region. The following transcript of the interview: Q. After a long absence, Dr. Barham Salih, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and former Prime Minister of the former province of Kurdistan, there is another post for Anthaddt which now has absolute freedom to put it in front of his name or not, in his own party, hello your doctor.  Dr. Barham Salih: Welcome, you Tkdmna Deputy General Secretary of the National Union of Kurdistan. Q – Where are you now? Dr. Barham Salih: I’m here in Erbil. Q – What are you doing? Dr. Barham Salih: I am busy with a range of cultural activities, educational and also the political is no doubt within the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). Also interested in serious attention inhabitants and the Iraqi situation because I’m a believer of this situation is the importance of the political situation in Baghdad, and its implications for the whole of Iraq, including the Kurdistan region, we have worked in the past years together in Baghdad in order to build a political system that we wanted to be in peace and harmony with people and with its neighbors suffer a lot of what is happening in our country today and Mandjabh of great challenges and considered it politically, nationally and moral duty to work with colleagues, my dear in the Iraqi political situation and also the political situation in the Kurdistan region in order to guide things ability modest to the right direction.Q – in any capacity of a political candidate for office Several important to monitor .. .. We approach the media figures in the media turned turned political observers? Dr. Barham Salih, I can not say I am a political observer, yes, I’m not in an official site, but I follow and work to influence the course of events and directing things way that I see fit. Q. Everyone was expected to get official position anyway this life and this is the policy, but it is important that the human remains active and influential in the course of events so I hope my colleagues in the official sites in the Iraqi state, or in the Kurdistan region that they can succeed in their quest, and I’m on my part that I was in my party or you’re in my citizen or an actor in various civic activities I do are to be supportive of what I believe in a democratic Iraq federal, believes the Iraqis all Maysthakouna from a free and dignified life, 12 years after toppling the former regime is time for the Iraqis to enjoy something which Toukahoa of safety and prosperity.Q – we’ll talk about this much talk about the general situation in Iraq, but let’s Narj slightly, many waiting for details from the Union for the party what his future now? Dr. Barham Salih: Patriotic Union of Kurdistan important political faction has a history full of achievements and the struggle for democracy The liberation of Kurdistan and also the struggle for democracy in the race. There is no doubt that the EU today is suffering from problems are not uncommon in the absence of historical our leader Mam Jalal, who Hubmthabh great historical figure Kurdish and Iraqi Undoubtedly, the spiritual father and leader of the historic Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) have repercussions on the Union put, we are colleagues in the leadership of the Union engaged fact re-Order Status Union, to Aastkhv sized problems existing but Union and strengthened and enhanced faction influential and important in the political decision of Kurdistan and Iraq, an important supreme national interest remains, in my view, again, a lot of parties exposed to the problems of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) is no exception of this case, to be optimistic and we are working to find solutions, because once again the Union, including possessed of an honorable history deserves to work hard for serious solutions to problems, but union problems also can not view them in isolation from the general political problems in the Kurdistan region, to forget that there is a major social, cultural and political changes in the Kurdistan region and perhaps in Iraq as a whole then surely can not be for us to We look forward to the future or to the role of an actor Union Olltnzimat other in the same composition and the same rhetoric and the same techniques, I’m more than 70 percent of the Kurdish community without the 30 year are young people of different expectations than previous generations deserve political arrangements and bodies and formations different from what we knew. Union force in this subject and any other party linked not only to uphold its history, but was also linked to its ability to innovate in its ability to put forward a vision of the future is looking forward to him the citizens of this province, in this area that is, Are we the biggest question in front of the Union Party Are we past achievements?Are we the party of former struggle or party looking to the future and project the future? The correct answer to lead to the fate of the Union report and the subject also is on the other parties, not only the Union.          Q – but the Union’s probably more obvious to this conflict, you you mean the owner of this idea Aohma youth line so it was said that there is a conflict between the old guard in the Union and between the young generation represented by Barham Salih, this conflict now seems to still by or for the benefit ends at this stage or at this time as we speak, along with the old guard? Dr. Barham Salih: I do not want that the simplest issue in this way I will also tighten what is going on in Union put historical our leader Mam Jalal and his absence from the scene because of a disease that pain by and wish him recovery, we have great benefits and community Kurdish community change, citizens of Kurdish different today than it was 10 years ago, the party that wants to be the party of the future should adopt innovative projects The new structures and methods. Q – do you think you are able to read the new generation in Kurdistan ideas? Dr. Barham Salih: God, I am a believer relying on youth and a believer, too, the numbers speak as I told you on statistical data that were available to me 70% of the Kurdish community are under 30 years old , memorable Hola different expectations than previous generations, and this is normal in all societies, I’d say, and I repeat, can not be for us to rely on past achievements Yes cherish those achievements are not uncommon, but the Kurdish community is looking and requires formations is able to provide such a benefit Union, as well as other parties claim to cause These benefits, van we were able to who it will not be losers opinion be winners, and look at the history of political parties in the east or the west in that subject, there is a major historical parties have not been able to respond to the stage and change benefits, look to the PLO, to see the FLN, to see many, many historical parties, can not be invoked only pivot only to the past achievements, the future is scheduled. Q – perhaps this talk makes me ask before you Maichea that Dr. Barham Salih probably split and founded a new party? Dr. Barham Salih: Barham Salih did not bolt did not form a new party, I am working with my colleagues in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) to solve the problems. We are now in the process of discussion and debate seriously within the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the section of this debate exists in the media, the nature of the Union, thus, also how to decide Union destiny and how we finish the serious solutions decide what to do, not only Barham, but many, many union cadres who are tired of this party and who are believed basic principles of the party, remind you Payam Patriotic Union of Kurdistan establishment and we were young motivated, Union attract thousands and thousands of new cadres and youth visions related to freedom and innovation and providing opportunities and equal opportunities citizens, Vbakana party dynamically based on adherence to these principles, but the power evil that we are not serious in responding to societal change benefits and aspirations of the people, the power will not benefit us. Q – Do you wait years conference of the Union? Dr. Barham Salih: certainly want the General Conference, the General Conference is the one who must settle things, but the General Conference must be achieved and will take place after the provision of a suitable ground, there are some problems in the current need to provide a suitable ground in order to be a legitimate conference invoke the opinion of members of the actors and real PUK not politicize directed towards contrary to the aspirations of the base Union and there is a big challenge ahead of us, in the past there was our leader Mam Jalal runs the daily affairs of the Union and with us and directs, in his absence, the ground must be available, and this land will be generated through a transitional reform measures to get to in a legitimate conference is far from any Qemomh or orientation contradicts the aspirations of our members.   There are some dilemmas exist, we want to solve those dilemmas because the EU administration and the decision of the Union is an important issue has repercussions on the situation in Kurdistan and its repercussions on the situation in Baghdad, our indulgences or problematic about how to make decisions and this is probably the essence of the problem in the EU today, We hope that expires solutions lead to strengthening the cohesion of the Union and activate and strengthen its role in national decision of Kurdistan and the Iraqi decision .. Q – We’ve always when we meet with you, Arak optimistic Dhoka, always we ask you about the future speaks of optimism absolute, get out of your own optimistic, today I did not see this absolute optimism ? Dr Barham Salih – we started in 2003, when I came to Baghdad and I met you and your friends and other colleagues, we were at the beginning of the nascent political process in Iraq, and we are optimistic and looking forward to Manradh be present democratic, free and honest in the Middle East, we look forward to that experience and we are in crucifixion, but I want to be always optimistic and is still optimistic because optimism is necessary in life but must also be realistic, after 12 years of overthrow the regime and those expectations, not only my expectations, expect the citizens in Basra predicted citizen in Samawah Uwe Sulaymaniyah Awarbel Okrkk Aoualemousel, not achieved, we must be honest with ourselves, we must be honest with our people, there is a state do not want a say pessimism, but there is a state of frustration among citizens, the situation should be better than where we are today, today we are faced with serious challenges, and we are faced with risk “Daash” This great danger not only to the Iraqis, but on humanity, can not be let our optimism and leave our adherence to our right to life free and dignified, but also at the same time must be to Antjunb acknowledgment by abandonment, betrayal of our betrayal of the Iraqis as we promised a free and dignified life not realized until today.   Q. Dr. Barham Salih, what happened in your nomination for the presidency Will I still aspire to the post of president of the republic? Dr. Barham Salih: First Acanutorvaad infallible President of the Republic, and deserves to support him so Aasay and work out, God willing, in this country service, in my opinion this issue behind me, and the country’s most important, as I said, There is no doubt that every person has the right to have ambition, you aspire to this site so that I could through some of the ideas that he has to serve this country, translation, but an event that happened as I said, again, it is important that we support National Project and support our brothers and our colleagues in those locations because the country today are exposed to the campaign and serious challenges deserves our support does not have to put personal Tsoratna or personal aspirations in this area. Q – some of the names in front of you and I hope we know your relationship with them now, we start with Dr. Fuad Masum? Dr. Barham Saleh is the President of the Republic of Iraq and I have all the respect and appreciation. Q – Mr. Rasool?  Dr. Barham Salih: My friend and colleague, and my brother and First Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). Q – Mrs. Hero Khan? Dr. Barham Salih: The wife of President Jalal Talabani, an old campaigner, and I have respect for our differences, but the difference in the nation’s mercy, but this must be for Aaekr purity of respect between us. Q – Mr. Qubad Talabani? Dr. Barham Salih: a young and promising work with me when I was representing the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), I wish him success in his work. Q – Mr. Massoud Barzani? Dr. Barham Salih: President of Kurdistan, personal and historical leader is important in this country in Kurdistan. Q – You are a personal friend of his? Dr. Barham Salih: I imagine I have a personal relationship based on mutual respect, I respect of my site, the Crown also view , I can not disagree with him in his presence and perhaps this is one of the reasons for the relationship between us. Q – What rumors, a source in the past few days that there was a move of the National Union for the overthrow of Mr. Massoud Barzani? Dr. Barham Salih: rumors baseless and unfounded, this topic is out of the question with respect to under the chairmanship of the region, has not been raised in any formal meeting or informal, to my knowledge on, now we are busy and engaged the issue of defeat “Daash” and strengthen our forces that confront this danger, these rumors. Q – Is there a struggle for the presidency of the region? What do you think the extension for another cycle? Dr. Barham Salih: fact did not raise this issue publicly, I’m in my opinion, the position away from the personalization, the region to the reforms, structural need to entitlements looking forward to it citizens and system security to enhance the unity of the community here, Ptsouri that this issue will be discussed after perhaps period not long and there is a debate de about this issue.   Q – I said in accordance with the earlier that there is corruption What I meant by that? Dr. Barham Salih: I meant that corruption existing system, which is one of the sources of the problems not only in the region but in the whole of Iraq, and thankfully still there margin of freedom which can citizen or the media to talk about it, in the Kurdistan region there are important developments, and there are great achievements, and your presence today I came to Arbil and see this reconstruction and development, these achievements we cherish, but at the same time can not be for us to ignore the points of corruption, which is the source of nuisance and a source of concern and a source of disapproval from citizens, with achievements and with appreciation for Achievements there is a flaw in the administrative and governmental and economic system, the reservoirs of corruption need to seriously processors. Q – I mean, you also talked about the smuggling, smuggling illegal for money in Kurdistan, ok you’re part of the system Political since 1991, and so far .. Where were you?  Dr. Barham Salih: I was in the sites are not uncommon, I was president of the provincial government in Sulaimaniya, you head to the provincial government consolidated in Erbil for two years may Tsata ask you a media early, said Barham Salih, had a Always program reformist and honest in its application of the reform program, the subject, this system of corruption in which permeated not only here but in many countries of the world, the big problem, and if it is due to the political and historical to the government’s practical, you see I am of the leaderboard in tackling corruption and counter it When I was in Baghdad, and the Chairman of the Economic Committee and the Integrity Commission and the other perhaps seeing me that I tried very hard and in the process to be against corruption and not made ​​available area in front of the corrupt.  Q – I was with you in the election campaign when the party needs to be movement Barham Salih and Activity Barham Salih and have been created him a good political atmosphere, at least in Sulaymaniyah and the surrounding areas, you’re talking to people about the opportunity in a fair and anti-corruption and succeeded in the Union and had a good voices in the piece then Is the party needs you at a time of weakness and Ibadk in time force? Dr. Barham Salih: This goes back Party, in 2009, we were together and Holiness was honored to Sulaymaniyah and you relay the result fact at that moment, there was a big question, and there is considerable skepticism Union and its role in the government and its program and partisanship and dominate the party on the joints of the state, came to promising election reform program we adopted on the basis of weakening the role of the party in The government and the empowerment of state citizens and equal opportunities and to otherwise, if it is due to the two years that I’ve been prime minister, I can say with confidence that I proceeded to implement many of these programs have failed in some of them, in the farewell speech ended when the government for, I have succeeded in this issues and we fail in these matters, because not that we can confront some of the strengths of the existing no doubt about it, The issue of reform is not an easy issue, but during that period promised by many of the reforms have succeeded in implementing some of them, but I be honest with myself and with the people, we do not succeed in the Department of them , this Mantmanah the current government and, God willing they will succeed in that, and I am one of those who call them on it. Q – This means sweet talk about the state of the citizen or the opportunity for citizens and reducing or weakening the role of the party, when we apply this to the fact on the contrary, now is still the monopoly of major power bipartisan exists. Dr. Barham Salih: First, when you are in power, for example, a very simple issue, the issue of appointments made ​​on the issue of appointments on the basis of competition and rivalry between citizens regardless Altzer from any partisan endorsement, do not say one hundred percent we have succeeded in that, but certainly more than 80% we have succeeded in that, and this was something unprecedented, the issue of the fellowship is far from the domination or interference partisan, market issue, at least in some areas we were able to keep related party companies, to Aacol absolutely But life conflict and you are facing these issues and the strengths that are not Baldaifah devotee In a lot of these sites has not been easy, that God citizens of the Kurdistan region who have dealt with Barham Saleh and his government and his performance saw that he was sincere in the implementation of those promises willing, succeeded in some of them, but certainly did not work in another department them and also you’re up to date practical in Baghdad God willing, you are sincere in I was doing successfully in the department did not succeed in another department. followed ..


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Canadian parliament approves mission of Canadian Armed forces in for 12 months & extends airstrikes to .

Twitter- Brett McGurk

Canadian parliament approves mission of Canadian Armed forces in for 12 months & extends airstrikes to .

Abadi: countries will help us in the war on Daash its national interests

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -30 March / March: Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that all the countries that assist Iraq in the face of the organization, “Daash” her interests related to national security, stressing the absence of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil.

Ebadi said during a meeting with a number of journalists and political analysts and security and the House of Representatives, on Sunday evening, said that “the real fight against terrorism and the victories achieved against Daash place in the hands and forearms Iraqi and Iraqi blood and does as we previously any ground presence of foreign troops, and there was confusion Securities and questioning the patriotism of the Iraqis, and that is is acceptable to us and untrue, “stressing that Aldoaash terrified of the power and capabilities of the Iraqis and also defeated.

He added that “all of helped us fight Daash had the interests relating to its national security, therefore we have no fear of this aid” .. referring to Iran and the United States in particular, referring to “the existence of black rumors spread by some weaken the position of the country.”

Abbadi called “Search for the participants and the preservation and lack of focus on the differences,” referring apparently to the current popular crowd between militias and the military leadership differences and its withdrawal from the battle of Tikrit, for refusing to participate in American aviation.

He added that he is dealing with organized crime and dealing with terrorism .. warning that. “Danger from within the city more than the external threat.” He stressed the rejection of any militias in Iraq .. He said “our Constitution and our government refused to confirm each group carry weapons outside the framework of the state.”

And at the same level Abadi said during Sunday’s meeting also with a delegation of the families of the western Anbar province that “victory over terrorism became stressing” .. explaining that from some who said they did not identify trying to pushing Iraq in sectarian conflicts. He pointed to the need to deliver the ration card items to the people of the besieged city of Haditha.He said that “there are those who try pushing Iraq’s sectarian conflicts, but all Iraqi sects are making a valuable and precious to defend their country.”

Abadi and discussed with the delegation of tribal security situation in the town of Haditha in Anbar province “and steadfastness particular terrorist gangs in addition to their service and humanity,” as the press release, the Office of the Prime Minister said, read the text of “Culture”. He said that the big challenge, but the victory became stressing on terrorism.

Raises attempts to organize “Daash” to impose its control over Iraq and Syria concern to the international community as expressed several countries, including Arab and foreign concerns about attempts to organize this, before the international coalition led by the Washington air strikes sites organization scattered areas of the two countries.

The commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi said late Wednesday for the start of the last page of Liberation Salahuddin province operations and grab control of the capital of Tikrit, “Daash” organization which occupied since last June .anthy (1)


Tentative agreement between Iraq and Kuwait to exploit joint oil fields and gas imports

4:44: 03/30/2015

Khandan – A spokesman for the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (government), Talal Al-Khaled Al-Sabah, said his country has signed Memoranda of Understanding (tentative agreement) with Iraq, one on the exploitation of oil fields in common between the two sides, and the other to study and discuss the import of Kuwait opportunities for natural gas through a pipeline from Iraq .

The two countries held a meeting in Kuwait to discuss the prospects of development of the oil cooperation on Sunday and Monday, where he headed the Kuwaiti side in the meetings Ali Bin Sabit, Under Kuwaiti Ministry of Oil by proxy, while headed the Iraqi side Fayyad grace, Senior Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

He said in a statement the morning, that the main objective of the memoranda of understanding is to facilitate the negotiations and the development of common frameworks of intent between the two sides on the principles of cooperation.

The price of the morning the Iraqi side of cooperation during the negotiations, referring to an agreement the two sides to achieve the desired goal and strengthen the bonds of cooperation and achieve common interests of the two countries.