Japan allocates $ 15 million for the construction of housing complexes for Iraq’s displaced

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29/03/2015 22:43

Tomorrow Press / Karbala announced the local government of Karbala on Sunday, the Japanese government decided to allocate $ 15 million for the construction of housing complexes in three provinces including Karbala.

He said the second deputy governor of Karbala Ali Mayali for “tomorrow Press”, “The Japanese government has decided to allocate $ 15 million to create three residential compounds for internally displaced people in the provinces of Baghdad, Dahuk and Karbala,” noting that “the establishment of residential complexes came within the United Nations Human Settlements Programme”.

He added that “the complexes will include more than 1,700 units housed designed according to modern frameworks that are in line with the atmosphere in those provinces.”

The Department of Immigration and Displacement in the holy city of Karbala has recorded nearly more than 12 thousand displaced families from the hot provinces experiencing military events.



Abadi: countries that help us against Daash its national interests

Monday, March 30, 2015

Said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said all countries that help Iraq in the face of the organization of the Islamic State ‘Daash’ her on the national security interests of this support, stressing the absence of any foreign troops on Iraqi soil.
Ebadi said during a meeting with a number of journalists and political security, analysts and the House of Representatives on Sunday night that the ‘real fight against terrorism and the victories achieved against Daash place in the hands and forearms Iraqi and Iraqi blood and does as we previously any ground presence of foreign troops, and there was confusion Securities and questioning the patriotism of the Iraqis and this is unacceptable, we have and non-Sahih’mhdedda that Aldoaash terrified of the power and capabilities of the Iraqis and also defeated.
He added ‘that both helped us fight Daash had the interests relating to its national security, therefore we have no fear of this aid’ .. referring to Iran and the United States in particular pointing Aly’ugod black rumors spread by some weaken the position of the country ‘.
Abbadi called ‘Find the participants, preservation and lack of focus on the differences’, referring apparently to the current popular crowd between militias and the military leadership differences and its withdrawal from the battle of Tikrit, for refusing to participate in American aviation.
He added that he is dealing with organized crime and dealing with terrorism .. warning that ‘the risk of the inner city more than the external threat’. He stressed the rejection of any militias in Iraq .. He said ‘our Constitution and our government refused to confirm each group carrying weapons outside the framework of the State’.
And at the same level Abadi said during Sunday’s meeting also with a delegation of the families of the western Anbar province that ‘victory over terrorism became stressing’ .. explaining that from some who said they did not identify trying to pushing Iraq in sectarian conflicts. He pointed to the need to deliver the ration card items to the people of the besieged city of Haditha. He said that ‘there trying to pushing Iraq’s sectarian conflicts, but all Iraqi sects are making dearly in order to defend their country.’
Abadi and discussed with the delegation of tribal security situation in the town of Haditha in Anbar province ‘general terrorist gangs and resilience in addition to their service and humanity’ as a press release for the prime minister’s office said the text, seen ‘Khaleej Times’. He said that the big challenge, but the victory became stressing on terrorism.
Raises attempts to organize ‘Daash’ to impose its control over Iraq and Syria concern to the international community as expressed several countries, including Arab and foreign concerns about attempts to organize this, before the international coalition led by the Washington air strikes sites organization scattered areas of the two countries.
The commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi said late Wednesday for the start of the last page of Liberation Salahuddin province operations and grab control of the capital in Tikrit organization ‘Daash’ which occupied since June 2014.


Abadi ordering the international coalition to stop the air on their missions Tikrit and the latter pulls planes

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Information / Baghdad / ..
Prime Minister ordered the commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, the international coalition to stop the air on their missions Tikrit.
A source in the popular crowd told / information /, “Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi is, at dawn today, the leadership of the international coalition to halt their missions Air Tikrit province,” noting that “the last to withdraw all its planes from the battlefield in compliance with the orders Abadi. “
The source added that “violent clashes broke out between security forces now popular crowd and the resistance factions, which entered the battle with the elements of the organization Daash near Tikrit General Hospital.”
He said he “did not know the size of the losses left by those clashes” .anthy / 25 u

Tamimi: demanding the Ministry of Finance the details of its program to exchange Mfradt current year budget

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Follow-up – and babysitParliamentary Finance Committee asked the Ministry of Finance the details of its program to exchange vocabulary of the current year’s budget, especially the process of filling the new grades contained in the budget law.Said committee member Rep. Majida al-Tamimi, in a press statement on Saturday that “the priorities that emphasize the Finance Committee is to provide a functional degrees to graduates as one of the most basic rights as citizens addition to focusing on securing a steady income to the citizen.

She explained Tamimi that the launch of the appointment of new degrees career would be on the first three installments on the first of March current, “which was not announced until now,” and the second on the first of next July, and the third on the first of next September, noting that all things are ripe for appointments but be sure to financial resources available in the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance, which will be debated at a meeting with the Ministry of Finance recently.


Abdul-Mahdi told the “homeland”: our stock of oil will make us leaders of the country for centuries to come

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Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Sunday, that Iraq’s oil reserves would make him leading the country to the countries of the world for centuries to come, pointing to the country’s need to increase production and oil exports during the next phase.

Said Abdul-Mahdi, in an article published in the local citizen, said that “some delusional thought that the money has been spent in research and development and increase production and drilling more wells in the areas of oil and gas, is the effort is misplaced, because of the difficult economic conditions and the fight against” Daash. ”

He added that “in spite of the collapse of oil prices, which led to the financial crisis, but Iraq is not the country’s poor, and it should adopt a rational policy, and has already trimmed the budget, and omit the billions of dollars of expenses, either unnecessary or that can be deferred, and are increasingly thinking about the revitalization of the economy Ahli and private, which may open new horizons towards reform process and the seriousness of operations. ”

He said Abdul-Mahdi, in his article, “everyone knows the extent of the Iraqi economy’s dependence on oil, now and for the duration of an adversary, Oil will remain a key factor to provide the necessary funds, through an increase in production and exports, to be able to complete the infrastructure vital broadcast in other real sectors .. as well as to maximize the its position in the international markets. ”

The oil minister stressed that “Iraq is able to do the job investor basic fact we know it and know Investors, which is the magnitude of its assets or the enormous stocks that provide a guarantee for any serious investment in the country,” adding that “the reports confirm that our stock oil original is 516.772 billion barrels record, The reserves of the original record 181.4 billion barrels, and the remaining reserve up to 01.01.2015 is a record 142.4 billion barrels, and the gas reserves and associated residual heat up

01.01.2015 is 130.966 trillion cubic feet, of which 32.695 trillion feet of free gas, and 98.271 trillion cubic feet of associated gas, all without the expense of Kurdistan fields and explorations showed recently. ”

He explained that “these quantities large oil makes Iraq oil countries topping for centuries to come, it has these precautions, he must think hard about how to invest for the benefit of the country and future generations, which made Iraq, nevertheless all conditions experienced or suffered Mnha- attractive to investors as We have seen and are seeing now


Jubouri meet with the heads of parliamentary committees to discuss ways to approve the pending laws

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Follow-up -oaraParliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri met with the heads of parliamentary committees to discuss ways to approve pending legislation.A parliamentary source said, “The parliament speaker Salim al-held, today, a meeting with the heads of parliamentary committees.” Pointing out that “the meeting is to discuss the pending laws and ways of approval” PSC / h


Education distributed tomorrow its members’ salaries

29-03-2015 05:39 PM

The Ministry of Education, said on Sunday that teachers and teachers’ salaries will be distributed tomorrow, citing the reason for the delay is the lack of financial liquidity.
According to a statement of the ministry spokeswoman safety Hassan received (news) copy of it today, Van’roatb teachers and teachers will be distributed on Monday ‘, stressing that’ the ministry ended all these instruments salaries’.
She explained that ‘the reason for the delay distribution of salaries is the lack of financial liquidity by the Ministry of Finance.’
It is said that the Ministry of Education distributed functional cadre of teachers, teachers and staff salaries in the 25th of each month.

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