Iraq Index realize losses during the trading week

March 26, 2015 17:26

مؤشر العراق يحقق خسائر خلال تعاملات الاسبوع

Direct: Iraq Index fell during trading last week of March, 3.5% adult level of 895.5 points to lose the equivalent of 32.85 points.

It was during the trading week on the number of about 7.5 billion shares, their value reached to about 7.2 billion dinars.

It is noteworthy that Iraq Index, has endedtrading last week at 928.35 points.

And achieved the end of the Iraqi Stock Exchange gains trading Thursday , ignoring “packets storm “that participated in more than 10 Arab countries to support the legitimate government in Yemen in response to the request.

The main index rose today, to the level of 895.5 points, 1.35 points winner representing 0.15% from yesterday’s session.


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