Oil prices reach to $ 55


Baghdad (AIN) –The international prices for the crude oil rose again to reach $55.61. /End/



Concerned: no direct effect on the market price

3/25/2015 0:00

The new measures come tax to check only
BAGHDAD – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
official in the General Authority for taxes source revealed that the new coordination mechanism approved by the central bank comes to regulate and tax verification procedures and follow-up on the ground, pointing out that the tax itself existed in the past and changed collection procedures only came During the seminar organized by the Association of private banks in Iraq.

Executive Director in the GCT spokesman Abdul Aoun said: Episode aims to clarify the new measures implemented in coordination between taxes and the central bank and customs, pointing out that the Bankers’ Association is working to enable private banks from These instructions, explaining the new regulations axis starts from private banks.

He noted in an interview (morning): We are moving from the traditional mechanism to new again is quite different from the old to ensure the verification of goods and tax payment mechanism court several measures of several official bodies and the Gaza judge represented banks civil. Indicating that the most intense coordination between the Association and the relevant authorities to ensure the rights of all parties as well as their impact on prices in the domestic market.

He noted that the tax existed in the past and only verification of tax procedures and follow-up mechanism is different. Indicating the need to sober institutional system, where contribute to addressing all the problems that bedevil the work and achieve economic viability of the country.

deducting tax either, executive director of the Association of private banks in Iraq, Tariq pointed out that the seminar banks and banking representatives of the Authority collected to answer all queries Ottaghlha banks, where representatives of taxes a detailed explanation about the new mechanisms of action and how is the tax deduction for materials importer and the nature of the deal at border crossing points.

He pointed to coordinate with the Central Bank to ensure correct financial transfer mechanism, noting that the representatives of the banks and suppliers has become to have an idea of the nature of the The new work and pathways to remedy any defect may accompany the process of supplying materials to the Iraqi market.

new mechanisms for his part said one suppliers of food Mohammed Salim said the tax deduction mechanisms and new Alkmarki represented us first thing obstacle, noting that after a meeting with the relevant authorities and inquire about the mechanisms and goals and how to implement new mechanisms picture became clearer.

And the impact of the new mechanism on food prices in the domestic market, he said that the taxes paid by the supplier in the past and the smooth flow of work in the need for border crossings.

He said not to influence prices in the event of the correct application of the instructions contained in this regard.

A loan during launch next April

3/25/2015 0:00 

Within the national strategy for poverty alleviation 
Baghdad Batool al-Hassani 
Preparing the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to launch a thousand loan to the beneficiaries of the program of the national strategy for poverty alleviation through next April. 
According Director of the loans department and operating in the ministry Riaz Hussain in an interview for the “morning” that the department has completed a thousand treatment of loans to the beneficiaries of the national strategic program for poverty alleviation and registered within its database during the month of April next year, a reference delayed the launch of the strategy loans to non-allocation of sufficient funds within the budget Investment Ministry. 
He said his department began handing instruments loans to eligible applicants from previous meals from job seekers who have been the announcement of the names of the coverage of those loans, noting that loans to its programs facilitator, will be awarded for the unemployed according to fundamentalist contexts depending on the mechanism of solid guarantees granted eligible for these loans away from extortion or other of administrative violations, which have the promotion of transactions may occur routinely being dependent principle of the electronic form and subject to ongoing by the administration to follow Ama.obin Hussein that these measures will ensure that no manipulation of names included the granting of loans, as they are keeping the names of covered according to confidential data until announced through the website and the media, indicating that the job seekers who are choosing their names to give them soft loans are interviewed by the department manager directly to inform them of the date of grant and the procedures to be followed. 
He also noted that the procedures are designed to inform the citizens followed the ministry’s mechanism of action and the extent of the transparency of these measures. 
He Hussein: Operating loans circle grant soft loans to the researchers registered to work within its database on according to the conditions and regulations have been prepared for this purpose, including the maturity schedule for the submission date and the level of educational attainment of the applicants and to participate in training courses organized by the vocational training for job seekers circle, pointing out that the number of applicants for loans facilitator reached 94 000 unemployed registered within the ministry’s database for more than three years. 

Economic Council convenes today .. and tomorrow to meet with the foreign ministers


Events within the Arab summit in Sharm el-Sheikh 

Cairo – Isra Khalifa 
Begins Wednesday businessman Arab Economic and Social Council at the ministerial level, the meeting, which comes on the sidelines of the Arab summit, as Arab foreign ministers will meet on Thursday with the participation of Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Aljla.ofattt informed sources that the ministers of trade and economy, the Arabs, will discuss the draft resolutions prepared by their senior Arab officials in the economic and social sphere, as well as addressing the process of applying the Greater Arab Free Trade and follow up the implementation of the Arab summit resolutions area at its Almenthah.opent sources in a press statement, that the Minister of Economy and Trade Arabs will discuss the establishment of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area Requirements and the development of joint Arab economic and social work, as well as the Arab Decade for Literacy and Adult Education and priorities for sustainable development of the Arab world beyond 2015 and prepare and prepare for the summit of the Arab economic and social development at its next scheduled session in Tunisia. 
Discussed yesterday the permanent delegates of the Arab League in their preparatory meeting with the participation of the representative of Iraq Ambassador Zia Dabbas number of political projects that have been submitted to the Council of Foreign Ministers who will meet on Thursday in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh. 
Among the projects filed by the permanent delegates, a draft resolution on Iraq, had been made by Iraq during the ministerial meeting earlier this month, and about condemning the criminal acts of terrorists, “Daash” which targeted the destruction of religious and cultural heritage in Iraq at the hands of criminal gangs, especially concerning the Intentional Destruction religious and cultural monuments and the burning of thousands of rare books and manuscripts, and the draft resolution calls on states not to handle the effects stolen and returned to the Arac.otban informed sources, the draft resolution supporting Iraq in its war against “Daash” terrorist and condemn the crimes and terrorist attacks committed by these gangs openly, with to emphasize the commitment of the contents of the relevant fight terrorism Security Council resolutions and in particular “Daash” terrorist and the states to take strict measures to prevent the movement of terrorists across its borders and the implementation of Security Council Resolution 2178 and are strictly comprehensive makes it imperative for all countries adhere applied, as well as an emphasis on drying terrorism resources as a vital part in Mkavanh.oidao draft resolution process, and according to sources, to provide support and assistance to Iraq for the purpose of relief to the displaced internally and those who left their homes and their interests as a result of control “Daash” terrorist in their areas in addition to the Syrian refugees, as Iraq embraces more than 260 thousand Syrian refugees which was imposed on Iraq a large financial burden to provide assistance to Iraqi refugees and displaced Syrians at the same time. 
The draft resolution calls on the Council of the Arab League and the Arab delegations to support Iraq’s position and calling for the implementation of paragraph 10 of Security Council resolution 1566 of 2004 on compensation for victims of terrorism, especially since these compensation costs Iraq balancing large sums of money over the humanitarian aid from those countries of displaced Iraqis that did not live up to the scale of the humanitarian disaster that is exposed. As Iraq is demanding the draft resolution, the Council of activating the joint Arab defense of the Arab League.

Iraq’s request to US-led coalition for air strikes for Tikrit is ‘imminent’: Diplomat 


Baghdad (AIN) -Iaq‘s request to the US-led coalition for air strikes in the campaign to retake Tikrit from Islamic State insurgents is “imminent”, a senior diplomat from a Western nation that is part of the coalition told Reuters on Tuesday. 

There was no immediate confirmation from the Iraqgovernment.

The diplomat added “The strikes in Tikrit would be based on the model in the north where the coalition has carred out air strikes in tandem with the Kurdish pershmerga forces.” /End/

The source of the International Alliance: US support for the Iraqi forces in the battle of Tikrit


7:40: 03/24/2015

Khandan – A senior military source in the international coalition, the United States has been made since last Saturday, in support of reconnaissance flight over the request of the Iraqi government to restore control over the process of Tikrit. 

The source told (AFP) that “the United States has begun to provide reconnaissance support (including intelligence) in the current March 21, at the request of the Iraqi government to implement the operations carried out in Tikrit.” 

With regard to land operations, the source said: “Certainly, the ongoing operations in Tikrit and around-run Iraqi forces.” 

The commander of Salahuddin province operations Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi told Agence France-Presse earlier, that the participation of the international coalition “necessary” to restore the city’s process. He explained that the “high-aircraft weapons and technology,” the coalition allows processing difficulties. 


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Cabinet agrees to accept instruments of private banks to pay taxes and fees

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers approved the proposal of the Central Bank of Iraq to accept issued by private banks to pay taxes and fees instruments.

The central bank said in a statement {} Euphrates News received a copy of it on “The Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers approved the proposal of the Central Bank of acceptance issued by private banks to pay taxes and fees of all instruments, without a specific timeframe.
He was prime minister for economic affairs adviser to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said earlier, that the tax to be imposed in Iraq will be gradual, stressing that the inflation in the country is universally accepted.

Iraq Stock Exchange: implementation of a deal on the “Iraqi Islamic shares”

Iraq Stock Exchange: implementation of a deal on Iraqi Islamic shares

Image from Reuters – Arabian Eye

Direct said the Iraqi Stock Exchange, Tuesday, that deal was executed on the number of 100 billion shares of the Iraqi Islamic Bank Company ” BIIB “.

He added a statement to the Iraqi market for securities trading site, that horse transport are purchased stock by winning Brokerage Company and the average price of the session.

The bank operates primarily in the commercial lending operations and has significant activity in the field of retail banking and lending to small and medium business enterprises, as well as for other activities.

The capital of the bank 250 billion dinars distributed to 250 billion shares of 1 dinar per share.


National Alliance: We took a decision to dissolve the differences with the Kurdistan including staff salaries

6:01: 03/24/2015

Khandan -ali Naji

Revealed the leadership of the Liberal bloc Prince Kanani, for the National Alliance made the decision to include resolving the outstanding problems with the Kurdistan region and the province, including staff salaries Exchange.

Kanani said in a statement (Khandan) that “there is a decision of the National Alliance, to resolve outstanding problems with the Kurdistan region,” stressing that “the resolution contains resolve oil dispute with the Kurdistan region and give the employees’ salaries.”

And between Kanani that “this decision was taken since the early days of the formation of the federal government, and still the National Alliance keeps him,” noting that “the National Alliance supports all of its oil agreement between Baghdad and the region,” adding that “the problems related to the agreement are the technical and the jurisdiction of the ministries of oil Federal Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region. “


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