Najib stresses the need to bridge the budget deficit to activate the private sector


الأحد 22 مارس 2015 | 10:59 صباحا
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BAGHDAD / … confirmed a member of the parliamentary finance committee for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Najiba Najib, Sunday, the necessity of activating the private sector and rely on economic sectors and activities in order to bridge the budget deficit in 2015.

She explained Najib’s “Eye Iraq News” that “should legislation retirement Workers Act to encourage and activate the private sector and the exploitation of resources and facilities available to the Iraqis and to rely on economic sectors and activities other than oil such as industry, agriculture and tourism,” indicating that “the investment expenditure should not rely on the budget, but invested through the private sector. “

She stressed the need to “fight against financial and administrative corruption in government departments,” claim that “there are serious will be in decision-making in the privatization of enterprises and the removal of barriers to investment projects and the distribution of capital to the outside.”

She continued, “One of the ways to address the budget deficit is the export of oil in larger quantities and increase domestic production in the southern oil fields and the center and the Kurdistan Regional Government.” Ended

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