Directed by families of Tikrit to secure outlets before the storm

Agency Sama Baghdad news – Baghdad

Security forces created a safe outlets Several managed to bring out the families of Tikrit city center before the implementation of the final stage of editing operations of the hands of terrorists in order to avoid casualties among civilians, after tightened security forces, and the heroes of the popular crowd, the absolute grip on large parts of the areas of Salah religion, and approached dramatically declare victory on the factions “Daash” in the province, especially after the arrival of trained a large military forces on the “street war” to fight a “decisive battle” against those gangs, which is still holed up in government buildings, the center of Tikrit, about a week ago, and take families as human shields in order to stop the security operations.

While secured the security forces, on Saturday, by “Baghdad-Ramadi,” the security committee in Diyala Council reported that the families of the province supported the security forces in the B1400 fighter Sherwin area.

The leader of the popular crowd forces, Karim al-Nuri, said that many of the safe ports opened to ensure all families out of Tikrit city center and crack down on terrorist gangs.

Nouri said in a press statement that “over the past few days we have opened several outlets to ensure a safe exit families of Tikrit city center,” adding that “delay to storm the city of Tikrit, the center of the process of returning class basis to protect civilians and ensure their exit from the city center.”

He Nouri said “families who were displaced from the center of Tikrit, was moved to temporary shelters near the city,” pointing out that the “popular crowd forces provided assistance to the families who were displaced from the center of the city of Tikrit.”

And that “from now remain in Tikrit are the terrorists, and the liberation of the city is at hand.”

In addition, the security committee in the House of Salahuddin province, said, Saturday: The security situation in the farm south of Baiji area controlled fully, noting that the forces of the Iraqi army and the popular crowd present in the area to protect Alauaúl.oukal Committee Vice Chairman Khalid Khazraji for “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network”: “The warnings by some officials in the province of the seriousness of the security situation in the farm area and Base Speicher exaggerated”.

He Khazraji “The forces of the Iraqi army and the popular crowd would protect the farm area of ​​Baiji and Nothingness any threat to the population of families in the region,” adding that “the vicinity of the region is witnessing a continuous military operations against Daash gangs.”

In the meantime, said a security source in Salahuddin province, on Saturday, that the ten elements of “Daash” including a senior militant leader killed in clashes south of Tikrit. The source said in a press interview: “The armed clashes broke out between security forces supported by the popular crowd and elements” Daash “in the Thar Thar area southwest of Samarra, killing 10 of the terrorist elements.” He added the source, who asked not to be named, said: ” Among the dead leader of the “Daash” called “Hamid Allawi Khaz’al” so-called master breaker bizarre official. “

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