Infallible confirms receipt through the adoption of the Cuban ambassador leaves design Iraq to develop relations between the two countries

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} received the President Fuad Masum in the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Monday to adopt the non-resident Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba Vladimir Andreas Konzzalz Quesada papers.
He said a presidential statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today he was “at the beginning of the meeting, the President expressed infallible for the design of Iraq to develop and deepen the relations between Iraq and the Republic of Cuba, referring to the depth of the historical relations between the two countries and the need to promote them to serve the people of both countries interests, especially since there broad areas of bilateral cooperation in trade and investment. ”
He held infallible according to the statement of the Cuban ambassador his greetings to President Raul Castro, the government and the Cuban people, and wishes the progress and evolution.
The statement said that “Ambassador Quesada in turn, conveyed the greetings of the Cuban president and the government to infallible president, stressing his country’s aspiration to improve and develop frameworks for cooperation and constructive relations with Iraq.
He pointed to the desire of Cuba in the adoption of a permanent ambassador to Baghdad in order to consolidate the coordination and communication with Iraq in a lot of attention with Almstrk.anthy vital areas

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