The announcement of the liberation of Tikrit fully except government palaces area

Friday, 13 March 2015 – 18:06

The entrance to the city of Tikrit after its liberation by the security forces and the popular crowd

Security Committee announced in the House of Salahuddin province, the liberation of the city of Tikrit, elements of the terrorist organization Daash fully except government palaces area, which lies to the east of Tikrit.

The deputy chairman of the security committee in the Council Khalid Khazraji in a statement to Radio tow the next few hours will purge government palaces of Daash, indicating that the elements Daash resorted to escape the limitations of government provides security forces and the popular crowd.

He Khazraji that our troops are currently working on clearing the liberated areas in Tikrit of roadside bombs planted by Daash and remove mines from main roads and Alnisemeh.


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