Abadi’s office: The Iraqi government “is not interested in” American fears of Iran’s role and militias in the war with (Daash)

Security forces besieged the city of Tikrit, Imaging (Mahmoud Raouf).
Author: RS, ZJ
Editor: RS, SHS
13/03/2015 16:16
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Confirmed the Information Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Friday, that the Iraqi government “is not interested in” what the media or the American public or Congress about the “concerns” of the role of Iran or militias “irregular” the issue of the war against saying (Daash), while He pointed out that Iraq uses all forms of support from the countries of the region and the world, a position that “dispels and removes the” US concerns.

A spokesman for the Information Office Saad newborn in an interview with the (long-Presse), “The Iraqi government is not concerned with what the media or the American public or even the Congress is saying, on the fear of the role of militias or armed groups irregular or Iranian role the issue of the war against the (Daash ). “

Sabri added, “but at the same time, the official US rhetoric, which provides, whether for political or military officials during their meetings with the Iraqi prime minister, is not in conformity with what it offers to the media and the US Congress sessions of concerns.”

Sabri said, “The US administration management are realistic and realize that there is a strong and influential in the region, although there is a challenge to Iraq,” noting that “Iraq uses all forms of support from the countries of the region and the world to confront terrorism.”

He newborn, that “this is the position that carries the American side is trying to dispel and eliminates concerns they have, against the backdrop of what is happening on the ground in Iraq,” noting that “visits and meetings convened by Iraq with the US side, has not been raised, and that will reduce or refrain from aid Introduction of Iraq, it is also the day did not reduce the overflights or support for our troops. “

However, newborn, “Although the coalition forces were not involved in the liberation of Salahuddin operations, but this matter and according to Iraqi field commanders because he were not there is a need for air strikes to the coalition forces, although it also does not mean we will not we use their other battles.”

And on the possibility of the existence of survivors or the graves of victims of the shear Spyker, newborn he stressed, “to now not available to the armed forces any information about the victims of shear Spyker whether they are survivors or graves of their remains,” adding that “the military forces did not enter the presidential palaces in order to inspect, because Tikrit yet not cleansed, and therefore difficult to search for survivors or graves of Spyker before fully cleansing of Tikrit. “

Often speaks of the US media and some members of Congress, on fears of Iranian influence in Iraq or on the activity of armed groups and popular crowd, while American officials express fears also the possibility to turn some of the popular crowd practices involved in the battles controlled by Areas ( Daash) operations for revenge after its liberation.

The organization (Daash) executed, in (June 15, 2014), dozens of students from the College of the Air Force base (Spyker), north of Tikrit, days after the surrender, and as he emphasized that freed 800 of the students as “the order of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” published pictures of the execution, could not be “long” confirm the information from other sources.

It is noteworthy that the security forces and the popular crowd and tribal members, embarked on since (the first of the current March 2015), and extensive security operation to cleanse the province of Salahuddin, based in the city of Tikrit, the organization (Daash).

The seized organization (Daash) in the (11 June 2014 the past), the city of Tikrit, and spend the role, the hometown of Izzat al-Duri, without a fight, and spend Sharqat, (120 km north of Tikrit), while managing and tribal police forces of expulsion spend Dhuluiya, (100 km south of Tikrit).


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