March 11th & 12th Kurdish Holidays 

The official spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government statement

[6:53] 15 / Mar / 11 

Arbil, March 11 / March (PNA) – In a statement to the official website of the Government of the Territory, Sven Dzia spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government announced the following: 


Day atheist tenth of March, the anniversary of the signing of an agreement on March 11 historic between the Kurdish political leadership and the Iraqi government in 1970, as well as the launch of the uprising glorious in the city of Arbil in 1991, extend our warmest and best wishes and congratulations to all the citizens of the Kurdistan Region and Alپیhmrگh heroes on the battlefield against terrorism, We hope to return to Kurdistan citizens steadfast weddings and calm and a conclusion to all the obstacles and crises.


On this occasion also announce that on Wednesday day on March 11, 2015 an official holiday in all government institutions in the region, as well as on Thursday, March 12, is also a public holiday.

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Iraq: army besieges Tikrit and Daash leaders fleeing to Syria

Killing 206 of the organization in Mosul and Salahuddin

Baghdad Qena agencies confirmed Iraqi security source encircle the city of Tikrit, north of the country, from the four axes in order to eliminate the elements of the organization Daash. “The commander of the Salah al-Din operations,” Lt. Gen. Abdul Wahab al-Saadi “The zero hour for the liberation of the city by the Iraqi security forces and the popular crowd is imminent, and in light of the collapse of the morale of the organization after the heavy losses incurred over the past few days.”

For his part, assured the President of the Council of Anbar province, morning Krhot, that the leaders of Daash fled from the province, and specifically from the vine area towards Syria as a result of attacks by security forces and members of the tribes against them. “He said Krhot,” The escape of the leaders of the organization caused great and clear confusion within Daash “.

. Explaining that the battle will be resolved if the arrival of other military reinforcements and increased air support, pointing out that the liberalization of the vine and spend the Fallujah operation and a number of areas between Fallujah and Ramadi will be during the current month if the arrival of the necessary reinforcements.

In a related development, the Kurdish forces launched attacks on sites for militants Daash to exclude them from positions threatening the city of Kirkuk. Kurdish officials said, “The coalition aircraft launched attacks against sites in support of the Kurdish organization of the military operation.”

And announced that the Iraqi Ministry of Defense yesterday killed 36 members of the Daash in two to fly international coalition targeting command and control center for the leaders of the organization in Mosul. The ministry statement said: “drew international coalition aircraft during which the two air strikes targeting the command center and control of the leaders of the terrorist Daash in Mosul, where he was being used by terrorist gangs as a safe haven for its leadership since June 2014.

Reduction in military capabilities them these strikes have contributed to and resulted in the deaths of 36 leading and burn 11 wheel and the destruction of 11 sites. “The statement said:” The air strike has contributed to disrupt the activities of terrorist groups is a message to them that all terrorist groups and formations that it would be legitimate targets for aircraft international coalition “.

In a related development, local residents said yesterday that the international airline alliance bombed a convoy of a large organization Daash south of the city of Mosul. Residents said the convoy was coming from the direction of Nineveh province of Salahuddin province, which included dozens of people carriers and mobile weapons on military wheels what caused the deaths of dozens of elements Daash and burning of large numbers of military vehicles.

For his part, the commander of the Iraqi Army Air Corps Lt. Gen. Hamid al-Maliki said yesterday that the Iraqi Army Aviation managed over the past three days, killing 170 of the elements in Daash overflights in the theater of operations in Salahuddin province.

Maliki said in a statement to the TV station, “” the Iraqi official said that “brilliant military operation carried out by Iraqi forces in Salah al-Din is the quality of the process going in an orderly and fast extraordinary coordination between the Iraqi forces and the popular crowd.” He added that “the missions the Army Aviation for the past three days in Salahuddin province areas resulted in the destruction of 31 wheel bearing singlet and 13 wheel military Hummer and 16 booby-trapped car and 20 military-type wheel carrying people and 2 Shuffle ironclad and the destruction of three camps for terrorists and killed 170 insurgents in the past three days.”

Parliamentary economy calls for the central bank to take measures to save the dinar


of the economic and investment commission parliamentary warned of the continuing decline in the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar, while the central bank has demanded to take swift action to save the Iraqi dinar.

Said committee member Rep. Najiba Najib told / BD /: that the dollar exchange rate on the rise abruptly during the current period against the dinar, and this is due to the security and economic situation is settled, as well as a decline in global oil prices.

She added that the continuing decline in the dinar exchange rate means that the local currency and high inflation rates of degradation and an increase of prices in the local markets, so it has to be from the central bank to take swift action to restore the dinar exchange and save it from degradation rate.

The dinar exchange rate is witnessing a sudden drop against the dollar, so the dollar price reached in 1280 dinars.

Urgent commander Salahuddin operations: zero hour to break into the near Tikrit, and our forces ready to liberate the city

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{Salahuddin: Euphrates News} Salahuddin commander Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi said near the zero hour to break into the city of Tikrit, Salahuddin center, indicating that the security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd ready to storm the city and edited.
He said al-Saadi in a press statement that “the rumor that some of the news of the Tikrit operation came to delude the enemy, but you must tell the truth to the citizens and informed of the details which we did not get to Tikrit so far and determine the time is Khiarana but no problem for entry and will be during the hours of walking.”
He said the “city of Tikrit, surrounded by four points, especially after the liberation of hand flag, which added to us hub Fourth of entry to Tikrit.”
He noted that the Air Force has addressed wheel bomb over the bridge link between Tikrit and science causing Ptdharrh and we are ready to build pontoon bridges that require it. “
And he finished Saadi “The number of fighters who are in Salahuddin enough to edit more than one province and not Salahuddin only.”
The security sources reported that the security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd entered the city of Tikrit, Salahuddin province, while there are ways taken by the leadership of Salahuddin operations just the enemy broke into the city as part of the established military plans “.anthy

Brent falls to $ 57 by the rising dollar and increased supply


Futures for Brent crude fell to $ 57 a barrel, on Tuesday, with the rise of the dollar to its highest level in years and the continuing oversupply in the market coupled with a weak Altalb.oaqterb dollar from its highest level in 12 years against the euro and hit its highest level in eight years against the yen, which What puts pressure on commodities denominated in dollars where they become more expensive for currency holders Alokhry.oukal traders and analysts that prices may see further decline with the rise in net speculative positions on the climb dramatically, particularly in the Brent while fundamentals are weak still in the absence of indicators any slowdown in Alanteg.oukal initial Hansen commodities expert at Saxo Bank “to create a balance in the market there is a need to reduce the abundance of supply by increasing the demand or reduce supply.”

And slowed demand from China’s second-largest oil consumer in the world in February, with lower shipments due to Lunar New Year holiday.
At the same time, the maintenance of refineries around the world are close to peaking and indicate Aspkedz Energy estimates that the world’s energy will be deactivated 5.7 million barrels per day in April.

State of Law coalition held a meeting in the presence of al-Abadi and Maliki

BAGHDAD / long-Presse

Announced a coalition of state law, on Tuesday, refusing to any military formation on the “sectarian” or would contribute later in the “division of Iraq.”

As pointed out that record number of comments on the National Guard Act and amend the accountability and justice and the law of the victims of Justice Act, was “a major campaign” to donate blood to support pieces of the popular crowd and condemnation of the campaign “rabid” to undermine the Jihad and the efforts of the crowd.
A statement from the coalition of state law, against the backdrop of the political body meeting and received a (long-Presse) a copy of it, “The coalition held in the presence of coalition chairman Nuri al-Maliki, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and leaders of the components of the state law, a regular meeting,” noting that “research at the meeting a number of developments political, security and the position of the cluster of some laws, including the National Guard and law amendment accountability, justice and the law of the victims of the law of justice. “
The statement said the body “The coalition scored a number of basic observations about these laws,” asserting that “a coalition of state law adopted refused to form any military presence along sectarian lines or contribute later in the division of Iraq”, adding that “the coalition refuse certain laws proposed in The House of Representatives that are inconsistent with national and constitutional constants. “
In another context, the Commission in its statement said that “the rule of law has launched a major campaign to donate blood to support the pieces of the popular crowd and the injured admitted to the hospital, and address all abuse of the heroes of the popular crowd who fought terrorism, and to condemn the rabid campaign to discredit the Jihad and the efforts of the crowd.”
A coalition forces in the first of this month, the Council of Ministers to amend the most points, which raised the ire of Sunni forces on the draft law, “National Guard” with the exception of the point, which provides its association with General Commander of the Armed Forces, which is still in dispute, and in Samay Shiites to be considered folk crowd Block one representing the central and southern governorates and are incorporated elements according to the proportion (five thousand) National Guard, because some of the provinces involved in the “crowd” is greater than the allowable rates according to the new draft law, confirmed modified paragraph tribal volunteers and turning them from the reserve forces to “permanent”.
The State of Law coalition criticized in the (2 March current), a draft of the National Guard, which arrived at the Parliament Act, adding to contain clauses “destabilize” national cohesion, and while pointing out that he would modify, called the political forces to “alignment” with the troops security and the popular crowd in its fight to organize Daash. And ended the Iraqi parliament, during its 18th, in (2 March 2015), the first reading of the law of the National Guard.

Kirkuk oil pumping stopped at the port of Ceyhan since yesterday

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Kirkuk oil pumping stopped at the port of Ceyhan since yesterday

Shipping source said that pumping oil from Kirkuk to the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean seafront stopped since yesterday.

Shipping source said, “They told us that the pumping stopped for technical reasons,” he said, adding that a number of tankers waiting outside the port. He pointed  out that the pumping rate of the pipeline is about 450 thousand barrels per day currently, adding that he arrived in some cases up to 500 thousand barrels per day.

Parliament finish reading the inquiry report massacre Spyker laws and 6 {Extended}

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives ended at its ninth session, held under the chairmanship of President Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 251 deputies on Tuesday, 10/03/2015, read the report of the results of the investigative work of the Commission on the massacre Spyker, the first and second readings of the six bills.
At the outset of the meeting said al-Jubouri that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives believes that the right to participate in the fight Daash terrorist gangs and considering the discontinuation of the meetings of Representatives official vacation.
For its part, congratulated the Commission and civil society organizations in a statement read by MP Tavkh Ahmed Mirza, Iraqi women on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8 every year, stressing the support committee for all institutions and non-governmental organizations that contribute to raising the status of women in society and awareness; to promote participation in various fields.
Then I read the security and defense committee report on the work of the investigative results concerning the massacre Spyker said today it had submitted a preliminary report has been expanded by hosting a number of local and military officials in Salahuddin province, and send written about the reasons for the massacre or the presence of the revival of the missing and their number, pointing to the involvement of the Parliamentary Committee of the Special Committee meeting massacre problem in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.
The report said the commander Salah operations Din Ali Furaiji made ​​a decision the night of 11/12 June 2014 to transfer the leadership of Salahuddin operations to Spyker base to the presence of fortifications where the headquarters, noting that the presence of new recruits at the base for training purposes and in the absence of command and control, poor training caused occurrence of chaos by the associate, and spread them news for approval to move to another place, which led to the exit of plainclothes and after their arrival in Tikrit University has been surrounded by Sitarat fake terrorists and Aoanmohm ride the wheels on the basis of orientation to their parents, but they were taken to the presidential palaces complex to be subjected to massacres.
clearly report the presence of 1721 as an associate among the missing, has been paying salaries to 1517 as an associate benefited their parents, while the variation appeared in 165 affiliated service, pointing out that the leadership of Salahuddin operations were not the level of responsibility and event preparations at the fall especially Mosul, said the province had been living under the security chaos and the spread of crime, alluding to the existence of a race between the leaders and instigators to achieve personal gains because of self-financing, which led to the massive presence of associate aliens, and the transfer of new soldiers was a mistake became whereby the burden on the existing forces.
The report also pointed out that the existence of negligence and mismanagement by units military, in addition to the impact of the political reality on the building of the armed forces and the weakness of local governments and the lack of alternative plans for emergency incidents with the difficulty of providing livelihoods and the spread of administrative corruption and the selection is qualified to take over the positions.
The report recommended follow-up to the completion of problem councils on the fate of missing persons regarding their salaries and pursue legal action against 158 officers Mtserba and review the volunteer training curricula before distribution to the units, in addition to the lack of attribution of leadership positions for those who do not have experience with the importance of following up the situation of the missing with the families of Salahuddin province, calling for a re-report to the investigative committee at the Ministry of Defence to urge the security and intelligence agencies to address the shortfalls and audit to complete investigation and get to the facts, and determine the responsibilities and know the fate of the missing people alive.
in turn, said President of the Council that the statement in the report does not live up to the size and the level of carnage awful without the means to challenge the impartiality of the investigative committee, especially with questions about the fate of missing persons and those responsible for the massacre, calling Commission to complete the work in collaboration with executive authorities.
Then the Council ended the first reading of a bill to control the noise made ​​by the committees of health, environment and legal due to the cause noise pollution affects the environment and human health, and to provide a clean environment and in order to maintain the integrity of the environment and public health and make it suitable human life and other living organisms through identification requirements to control the noise.
and completed the Council for the first reading of the draft banking law and Islamic submitted by the Finance Committees and Awqaf and Religious and Legal Affairs for the organization of the work of Islamic banks and branches of foreign banks that practice Islamic banking in the Republic of Iraq, and to preserve the integrity and safety the banking system.
completed the Council for the first reading of the draft law on ratification of a headquarters agreement between the Republic of Iraq and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and sponsored by the committees of the Foreign Legal Relations Act, which is based on Iraq’s desire to grant the International Committee of the Red Cross came role to carry out humanitarian tasks in providing protection and assistance to alleviate the suffering humanity to the people without discrimination.
and he finished Council first reading of the draft federal Supreme Court and submitted by the Legal Committee, which aims to work provisions contained in the materials {52, 92, 93, 94, 97} of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq Act of 2005, and to keep up with the statement of changes in democratic institutions process constitutional and what created by the practical application of the provisions of applicable law.
The Council also ended the second reading of the draft law amending the judicial fees Law No. 114 of 1981 and provided financial and legal committees.
In the interventions of the House of Representatives confirmed MP Najiba Najib need to take the opinion of the government bill as a whole for an amendment in the amounts of fees .
He MP Mohammad Aalmsaudi that the charges levied in accordance with the contents of a few law compared to the services provided.
It noted the MP Zainab visual that the law in line with the situation that Iraq is going through, and the material serving women.
He MP Abbas al-Bayati said the book abandon their important role requires redress what services rendered.
For his part, MP Haider al-Shammari proposed exception of widows and orphans, the sick and disabled and covered by a network of social protection from payment of fees contained in the bill.
He said the Attorney pioneer Isaac that few current fees compared to offer state-of-service.
In response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed Amendment The law comes in to raise tariffs on some of the cases they do not fit in with the current circumstances, noting that the fees charged by some kind of balance consistent with economic reality.
On the other hand, followed by deputies of Basra, a statement confirmed the country’s vulnerability to security and economic challenges may affect it, pointing to the The sons of Iraq Istron epics in the face of terrorism, calling for the treatment of neglect suffered by the establishment of the port of Faw, demanding the Iraqi government asking to complete the project in the next Cabinet meeting.
In another matter House Speaker presented on behalf of the Council hottest condolences to Vice Bahaa Jamal al-Din of the death of his brother.
Council completed the second reading of the first draft amendment to the Law reward trainees in vocational training centers under the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Act, and submitted by the Committee of Labor and Social Affairs.
In the interventions of the House of Representatives, MP Riad strange that the law will contribute to addressing the suffering of Iraq’s economic conditions difficult, it will also help to reducing unemployment and wheel rotation economy.
It called MP Hamdiya Husseini to increase the amount of equivalent financial trainees to 20 000 dinars instead of 10 000 dinars.
and demanded MP Biriwan reformer to develop a plan for the development of vocational centers to encourage graduates Alaaadadiat professional to participate in.
The proposed MP victory Jubouri increase the proportion of trainees of women in the centers with increasing the reward given to the trainees.
For his part, MP Riad Ghali on the need to grant permission to the Council of Ministers to address the ministries and investment companies to provide job opportunities for the trainees.
He called Tawfiq al-Kaabi to give trainees certification for employment in companies and institutions, ministries and work to open workshops trainees.
In response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed its desire to increase equivalent trainees amount, but what has been specified amount was by the government, pointing out taking into consideration the views and proposals of the House of Representatives.
Then the Council voted to count the member of parliament who are enrolled with the troops in the fronts decision fighting continues service after the approval of the Presidency of the Council and the book support that does not prejudice the quorum meetings.
The Council voted on a resolution that includes the formation of a committee that includes financial and legal committee to provide an opportunity for MPs to donate half a month’s salary to coincide with the victories achieved by the EP and the crowd and the Peshmerga and volunteers clans who defend the Earth In solidarity with them.
Then I decided the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to adjourn the meeting on Thursday 03/12/2015. Ended k h

Jubouri in a meeting with a delegation to attend a tribal-Maliki: Daash began Tagadrna and we need a campaign to tribal unity

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Central Bank: We have six lines for the advancement of the economic and financial reality

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Central Bank: We have six lines for the advancement of the economic and financial reality

Qurtas News / Baghdad

The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords, on Tuesday, said the bank is working on about six lines for the advancement of the economic and financial reality of Iraq, stressing the importance of the independence of the Bank.

Keywords and said for “Qurtas News” that “the country contain infrastructure that qualifies him to lead the economy and the advancement of financial own reality and this is what we have seen over the past years and is in the advanced steps to shift towards a market economy,” pointing out that “the Iraqi Central Bank of institutions that are keen on drawing financial and economic policies of the country and backed reflect the advanced stages, which runs it today the bank. “

The Keywords to “having a lot of lines that are working on the central bank’s management, but there are about six lines are prominent at the present time which we believe Stabd way toward stabilizing the market and support the country financially and economically.”

“From the first lines that are working on the bank today is the study of modification of money laundering and the law of the Banking Act, particularly paragraphs pertaining to the organization of the work of Islamic banks and the method of dealing with the banking sector through loans and other instruments, as the Bank is working on a line of banks to assess and classify even take a real place in the Dealing there and banking system are clear and transparent to everybody. “

He Keywords “The Central Bank is also working on the establishment of a guarantee of bank deposits, which will support private banks, trust her due largely between citizens who wish to deal with it and put the financial and deposits them without fear or hesitation company, as well as directed the Central Bank to secure major investment projects in Iraq often and that What You Need to financial guarantees and financial support base is based Olhaa both by local companies or foreign companies. “

For the development of the work of Iraqi banks, whether governmental or private Keywords pointed out that “the central bank was keen to have a banking system Iraqi sophisticated match the work of banks in the region and the world that Iraq is not far away or is unable to catch up with those he has the talent and devices that can be Bmsafha. “

He stressed that “one of the steps for the advancement of the banks is that there should be directed not at the banks only, but even when government departments and the private sector to adopt electronic payment system for the financial and security benefits reflected positively on liquidity movement and methods of dispensing.”

The Keywords that “the Central Bank of the face and effectively and a real need to deal ministries and government departments with these banks and give them rights equally with the government banks Kalodaúa or acceptance instruments and so will move the private banks work and support to reflect on the reality of the country’s economy in general.”

The banking system consists in Iraq from 43 banks, as well as the Central Bank, and distributed according to government ownership between seven and 30 waged, including seven Islamist, as well as six foreign banks.