Conscious / security forces ask the residents to evacuate the vine during the twenty-four hours

Conscious / security forces ask the residents to evacuate the vine during the twenty-four hours

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Conscious / Baghdad / FS

Security forces asked the people on the vine east of Fallujah, to evacuate during the twenty-four hours.

A security source told (news agency, media / INA), the helicopters to fly the military dropped leaflets in terms of karma, I asked where the residents to evacuate during a maximum period of twenty-four hours “, without giving further details.

The violent clashes took place this evening between the sons of the tribes and the elements inside Daash on the vine.

As a security source said on editing areas Alboalon and Qantara, and the flames of the Karma, in addition to the road link between hand and Fallujah, from the control of the organization Daash, indicating that the process of liberation of the city is near and may take from one day to five days. “

T / FS


Roudao camera visiting the battlefront in Tikrit and meet with officials

By Rustam Sarkawt 37 minutes ago

Roudao – Tikrit

There are conflicting reports of the progress of the battle of the restoration of Tikrit in Salahuddin province, where Iraqi forces backed by the popular crowd and militia Badr al-Khorasani continue in addition to Iranian support, its progress in this battle to recover from the “Islamic state” Daash, but after a full week after the start of the battle These forces still did not enter the Madna Tikrit, attributed the US General Dempsey slow the progress of the attacking forces to the lack of higher format.

But Iraqi officials are speaking of a network Roudao media on the progress of the battle is entirely different, where never Officials satisfaction for higher coordination between the popular crowd and government forces forces, where all forces are moving to participate in the battle led by one and receive plans from one room operations, said officials.

And experiencing the city of Tikrit Salahuddin province north of Baghdad, the center, with a Sunni majority, fierce battles between government forces and groups loyal to it, led by the military in charge of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri, and under the command of the field advisor to the Iranian battle Qassem Soleimani, and after a full week later, but the organization Daash confirms Tmrkzh In previous positions through videos and photos that are published across the nearby regulation of social networking sites clips.

The meeting’s agenda No. (19) Tuesday 10 March 2015

March 10 .2015

Third parliamentary session
The first legislative year
Legislative Chapter II
First, read verses from the Koran.
Secondly, the Commission on Human Rights Report.
Third, read the results of the work of the investigative committee regarding crime Spyker.
Fourth: the first reading of a bill to control the noise. (To the Committee on Health and the Environment ,Legal Committee ). (Article 13).
Fifth: The first reading of the draft Islamic Banking Act. (Finance Committee ,Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs ,Legal Committee ). (Article 16).
Sixth: The first reading of the draft law on ratification of a headquarters agreement between the Republic of Iraq and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Act. (Foreign Relations Committee ,Legal Committee ), (2 items).
Seventh: The first reading of the draft law of the Federal Supreme Court. (Legal Committee ).(Article 24).
Eighth: The second reading of the draft law amending the judicial fees Law No. (114) for the year 1981. (Finance Committee ,Legal Committee ). (Article 31).
Ninth: the second reading of the first draft amendment to the Law reward trainees in vocational training centers under the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Law. (To the Committee on Labour and Social Affairs ). (Article 5).
Tenth: the second reading of the draft law on political parties. ( Legal Committee ,Commission and civil society organizations ). (Article 69)
 Session begins at: eleven in the morning.…aspx?EvID=11243

Numbers salaries .. “three presidencies” ..!

بالارقام.. رواتب

Official sources revealed on Monday that 31 billion dinars per month for the disposal of the salaries of the president and his three deputies and the Prime Minister and his three deputies and all ministers, as well as to the President of the House of Representatives and his deputies and members of the Board, and members of the provincial councils. The sources said, “The salary of the President of the Republic and his three deputies estimated at 80 million dinars,” noting that “the salaries and allowances Hamayatem equivalent to 120 million dinars, and the allocation of incidental office 10 million dinars per month, in addition to 15 million dinars monthly allocations car maintenance.” She added that “the salary of the Prime Minister and his three deputies equivalent to 60 million dinars, and Hamayatem equivalent to 120 million dinars,” adding that “the disposal of 25 million dinars in provisions incidental and maintenance of cars.” The sources pointed out that not to be named to the “one minister allocations in addition to his salary equivalent to 110 million dinars,” pointing out that “the Iraqi government composed of 34 ministers which is equivalent to three billion, seven hundred and forty million dinars for cabin ministerial.” She added that “the salary of the Speaker and his deputies up to 60 million dinars per month,” noting that “Hamaiatahm salaries equivalent to 120 million dinars and 25 million dinars per month Knthreyh office and car maintenance.”The sources pointed out that “the salaries and allowances of the House of Representatives and Hamayatem up to 17 billion and 375 million dinars a month,” indicating that “agents ministries and allowances salaries equivalent to two billion five hundred million dinars per month, in addition to the two billion five hundred million dinars per month for advisers in the Iraqi state.” They pointed out that “the conservatives and the heads of the provincial councils, in addition to the Mayor of Baghdad and head of the Integrity Commission and the Governor of the Central Bank and Chairman of the Electoral Commission and everyone degree Minister allocates them the equivalent of four billion four hundred million dinars per month”

Abrams tanks backed by security forces Taathacd on the outskirts of Tikrit in preparation for the storm  

Editor Hussein gesture – Monday, 9 March 2015 18:38
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A source in the leadership of Salahuddin operations, on Monday, backed by tanks that Abrams security forces Thacdt on the outskirts of Tikrit in preparation for the storm in the coming hours, as he emphasized that he was raising the Iraqi flag over the local council building in terms of science.

The source said in an interview with the Sumerian’s News, “The armored forces and wheels Abrams tanks and troops of the anti-terrorism device and rapid intervention and the leadership of Salahuddin operations progressed, today, and Thacdt at the outskirts of the city of Tikrit from the western, northern and southern preparation aspects of the storm in the coming hours.”

The source, who asked not to be named, said: “missile and artillery bombardment continuously towards communities and sites Daash elements in Tikrit city center.”

In the same context, the source continued, “The security forces have the support of the popular crowd managed to raise the Iraqi flag over the local council to hand science building (east of Tikrit),” asserting that “the elements Daash inflict great losses in lives and equipment.”

The source pointed out that “the remaining elements Daash fled to Hawija across the slot northeast of Baiji bridge port.”

The governor of Salahuddin Raed al-Jubouri, announced on Monday, the entry of the security forces and the crowd and popular fighters of the tribes to hand the flag east of Tikrit center, while a security source said in Salah al-Din, that the regiment illiteracy mighty and the support of the popular crowd free operator and Communications Directorate of the center in terms of science east of Tikrit and raising the Iraqi flag over the Directorate building.

As reported by a security source in Salahuddin province, on Monday, that the security forces of supporting the popular crowd was able to control the number of north-east of Tikrit, oil wells, and the liberated east of Tikrit village, while the Army Air destroyed a convoy of organizing “Daash” featuring 50 north of Tikrit wheel.

Obeidi: People crowd official power, and Dempsey: Iraqi war par excellence

Monday, March 9, 2015 – 18:43

A joint press conference of Abedi and Dempsey

Said Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, said on Monday that the popular crowd forces, is a formal power represents the Iraqi people, and its mission fighting organization Daash terrorist, among US Army Gen. Martin Dempsey said the war on the Iraqi Daash par excellence, and the United States supported, indicating that the wild intervention US must be at the request of the Iraqi government.

Obeidi said in a joint press conference with the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey in Baghdad, said that “the popular crowd forces are the point of supporting the Iraqi army, and it has a very important role, and positive in the liberation of Salahuddin province of al Daash terrorist,” adding “78 % of the territory of Salah al-Din has been restored by the popular crowd forces. “

He Obeidi said that “the popular crowd, a popular uprising, seeks to liberate the occupied territories by the organization Daash terrorist”, adding that “the popular crowd forces of all the Iraqi people, and not limited to the range without the other,” pointing to “volunteered more than 1,200 component of the people of Samarra in the ranks of the crowd. “

For his part, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey said “the United States of the biggest supporters of Iraq in its war against al Daash terrorist,” noting that “the United States called on all countries neighboring Iraq to help him to regain territory occupied Daash”, adding that “the war on Daash is an Iraqi war par excellence, America supported. “

He added, Dempsey said “balance the US policy feature, in dealing with everyone,” but he also said, “but everyone helps Iraq in its own way,” pointing out that “the priorities of the international coalition led by the United States, is to protect the capital, Baghdad, Mosul Dam, a modern city and all the innocent people in the occupied cities of Daash, “stressing that” the Iraqi campaign is supported by an American and not vice versa. “

And on the presence of the popular crowd forces to the side of the Iraqi army, Dempsey praised “the move and this attribution,” but he also said “happy to see the Iraqi people Forces (PDF crowd) rise up to organize Daash”, denying at the same time “supply lines continue to Daash between Syria and Iraq, “noting that” the international airline alliance based daily polls in those cities stretching between Iraq and Syria. “

He said chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff that “the organization Daash terrorist, works to attract the new generation and export its ideology through the means of social communication”, stressing the need to “eliminate this ideology, and drain its resources, and protect the younger generation of this organization.”

Parliament approves 2 items of imports of oil and gas law

09/03/2015 18:45:00

Parliament approves 2 items of imports of oil and gas law

Contract province of Kurdistan Parliament on Monday, 9/3/2015 its No. 2 election for the fourth session, led by Mohammed Yusuf and the presence of Vice President Jaafar Ibrahim and secretary of Parliament Fakhreddin capable of.
At the outset of the meeting was followed by the speaker of parliament program of the meeting included 7 points, members of parliament discussed a draft oil imports Fund Law in Kurdistan after the presentation by the Commission on, and project consists of 18 items, which included the first article of a series of definitions of terms used in the project and after this discussion Article was approved with minor amendments to paragraphs 12 and added a paragraph to the project.
Tariq said the essence of a media adviser to the President of the Kurdistan Parliament: Naming the law was amended to increase the word gas and became read and imports of oil and gas fund.
Added: During today’s session to ratify the two articles of the materials for the project As for Article III of the project, there was a two directions between members of parliament and in order to give lawmakers more opportunity to discuss this article ended the speaker of parliament session that the discussion on this project materials continue tomorrow, Tuesday 10 / 3/2015.
After that was read to the initial set of projects in accordance with Article 71 of the Rules of Procedure No. 1 of 1992 as follows:
1 project Prosecutor law in Kurdistan
2 Draft Education Law in Kurdistan
3 Draft separating the public and private sectors in the field of health law
4 draft law amending the salaries in the Kurdistan Region
6 draft law No. 4 of 2006 investment law in the Kurdistan Region
7 reduction project overruns Law
This project has been assigned to the relevant committees to study and prepare reports about them, each according to specialization.

PM Haider Al Abadi (Facebook)

Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi, today received the President of the reconstruction of areas damaged by Dr. Abdul Basit Turki terrorist operations fund. During the meeting, they discussed expedite the provision of services and the completion of the reconstruction of the liberated areas devastated by the terrorist Daash gangs in addition to moving on donor countries to support the Fund

PM Hiader Al Abadi (Facebook)

Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi today received Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Army Gen. Martin Dempsey and his accompanying delegation in the presence of the US ambassador in Baghdad, Stuart Jones. During the meeting, they discussed the security and military situation taking place in Iraq and the region, the military for the Liberation of Salah al-Din and western Anbar and east of Fallujah and processes as well as to training, arming and equipping our security forces.

Sale of 138 billion dinars in the auction, “remittances” Central

Cairo - direct: the Iraqi Central Bank said on Monday it was selling 138 billion dinars from the sale of full-emissivity remittances Bank for 91 Aoma.oadhav Bank, in a statement posted on his official website that he has been selling at a price of multi-utility and the highest discount rate of 5%. According to the statement , it has ...

Image from Reuters – Arabian Eye

March 9, 2015 12:35

Cairo – direct: the Iraqi Central Bank said on Monday it was selling 138 billion dinars from the sale of full-emissivity remittances Bank for 91 days.

The bank said in a statement posted on his official website that he has been selling at a price of multi-utility and the highest discount rate of 5%.

According to the statement, the number of participants has reached 6 banks won five, including the amounts provided.

The bank had announced on the third of March announced the launch of a public auction, “Auction C131 “for the sale of the bank for their remittances (91) and $ 200 billion dinars.