Parliamentary source reveals that Spyker report will be presented in a closed session of parliame

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Follow-up – and babysitrevealed close to the prime source of the House of Representatives, that the report of the parliamentary committee in charge of the investigation in the case of Base Speicher will be presented in a closed session.The sources of the parliamentary committee in charge of exposing the realities of crime Spyker has completed its report and sent him to the presidency of the parliament, pointing out that the Presidency of the Parliament will be held during the next few days meeting with faction leaders to discuss the report, which identified those Shortened and make recommendations to the government to conduct necessary.

The source added that he was supposed to read the report in the last session, but the Presidency has delayed submission to Parliament to a special session preceded by a meeting of the Presidency of the parliament with the leaders of the blocks, the sensitivity of the subject, and may result in negative consequences, adding that the meeting will be closed in accordance with the decision taken under Dome of the legislature.


Iraqi currency between the deletion of zeros and new editions .. to end the suffering and the citizen awaiting a solution !!

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* Iraqi currency accompanied by defects always printed
* examination of the citizen of the coin does not trust the evidence and the
fear of fraud

Baghdad news / achieve /
Duraid Thamer
since years ago, and the process of the Iraqi currency switch going on, and each time showing some flaws, reflect negatively on transactions among people , by working to be tested when received from shoppers, making the majority of shopkeepers do not accept the receipt of some denominations grounds that she forged,

and this means that the preparation of these coins was not among the international standards sober when you agree on is released, has nibble a lot on stakeholders not good selection of graphics and images and colors on them.

Is it the right step process currency in the province switch from fraud? And when it settles on the citizen in a global currency specifications sober? Why do some people refuse to receive some coins due to his suspicion and mistrust of them, because they are printed in pale colors and leaves an irregular? .

On this subject I talked ((Journal of Baghdad news)) with some citizens and shopkeepers and some specialists. currency exchange , he said the citizen Mounir Mohamed Khaled (owner of a construction materials shop) more than once got switched to the Iraqi currency, and the problem that citizens suffered every time When you switch,

some defects in appearance, and this shows that the preparation and the preparation of specifications process were not well thought out and the level required and conducted an urgent manner, noting that there are random in how to choose the graphics, pictures and colors,

I remember when the identified categories of the new currency emerged and distributed in the markets, folks from the lack of paper with a class (500) dinars, Vdcht later.

different colors The beautiful citizenship Abdul Abbas Hussain (housewife) said I’ve seen from a long time, the nature of the paper used in the Iraqi currency when issued and the descent to the markets to trade between People, do not carry any high quality, and the colors of some very faint and other concentrated inappropriate,

it was found that the coin color (25) thousand dinars in the first time I saw that the color red is very stark, and raises the nerves, while I found that the amount of a thousand bears Luna Yellow strange shape, almost close to the brown color, we Vochtltt colors, whether it is yellow or brown?

And, in many colors light yellow, and so no one knows the true color of some Iraqi its currency. Small currencies while the citizen Mahdi Abdul Rasul Knight said (Master of Management and Economics) have missed the small coins that had previously prevailed, the latest class of 250 dinars Metal markets, and no longer a deal out,

and become the sum of (250) dinars paper a favorite among people, although they have become smaller currency Iraqi exist now have no value in the purchase, inflation is happening in the amounts of some grades salaries, high disbursements some families Index daily,

and the loss of dinar worth purchasing, contributed to the elimination of these small coins, and the people claims need to activate the project of raising three zeros from the currency’s value, to become a deal in dinars to maintain its strength,

and when you get it it, must accompany him to pump coins, especially small coins, a quarter and a half and one thousand. citizen and damaging currency is that citizenship development Saleh Mahmoud (college student) said that citizens had participated in the destruction of these currencies, through misuse them,

and should this issue be taken into account from the concerned authorities, because each has been writing on those currencies, and others be used as an e accounts or record telephone numbers them or turn them into love letters when writing poems and words of love and adoration, has led to a lack of attention to cleanliness and shape, and lost because of these and other actions splendor and its beauty.

fraud while citizen and Sam Mohammed Tariq said (shop owner Banking) have I heard over and over again that there is fraud in the Iraqi currency, especially in light of the existence of modern equipment that the expropriated Iraq without a sergeant, and help to fraud by some competent gangs in this matter,

which will without a doubt, to the damage of the Iraqi economy in general, so it is precaution, caution and uproot those gangs to achieve their goals, despicable, you must change the Iraqi currency rapid international standard specifications,

can not anyone to visit or affect them, including on the new user and paper Hariri color and marking things impossible to manipulate them, in agreement with the countries advanced in this regard.

‘purchasing power and called citizenship Amal Abdel Salam Mehdi (Institute of Management and Economics) all Iraqis and the competent authorities to the national currency protection because it is the duty of every member of the people, not limited to the individual without the other,

so that the currency traded between all People and tampered with and writing them is destructive deliberately by some of them, as it should take currencies torn and damaged, circulation and get away from the reluctance by and returned to shoppers, until changed by the competent authorities and returned to the market a new look,

this is the currency that was new or damaged, they are official currency and not to be taken or handled incorrectly or not justified, nor shall refrain from taking them out of without the other, whatever the reasons, as do many of the shopkeepers were Omnyatea to see the new currency to the health and well-being strongly purchasing large.

The bottom line became clear that the process of switching the currency The deletion of zeros, consumption of media will project completed for many years, Preparations and preparations for this process began, but will not end, and it will take some years to come long,

it is true that the completion of this project the improvement of payments and to facilitate the circulation of currency, the fact that the process will raise the exchange of currency and improve its value in the domestic and global market, does not cause in any effects on the living standards of the individual,

but the majority of people have feared him being could lead the country into the unknown, not strengthen the Iraqi currency and give them a universal value, and lead replacement process to the many problems which the country may enter forged currency at the time, who wants citizen stabilize the market does not want to collapse Iraqi currency in full,

if the switch where the process of the country’s economic benefit, these wishes of the citizens, but it must be associated with this step, the Iraqi stability of the economy and market operations through the activation of income-generating sectors, and encourage the private sector and make the country an attractive investment environment.

Abu Dhabi Police launches “Rolls-Royce Phantom” within its fleet at a price of “475” thousand dollars for one

BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – March 8 / March: Activists trading on social networking sites, Sunday, the first images of the English luxury car, Rolls-Royce Phantom, the new Bhltha before the security of its duties to the UAE capital Abu Dhabi roads.

To that announced ADP she “wants to be characterized by a global basis through the inclusion of a car, the Rolls-Royce Phantom to its fleet, making it the most luxurious police car in the world, with the United Arab Emirates continues to global excellence after the city of Dubai has provided the fastest police car fleet in the world,” noting that “one-car price of 475 thousand US dollars.”

It is said that “a Rolls-Royce Phantom with an engine capacity of 6.8 liter V12 strongly 453 horsepower that can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in six seconds and a top speed of 240 km / h.” Admiral ended

Brigade Abadi: Iran will not be a presence in Iraq and a military presence there Soleimani Advisory Support

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Brigade Abadi: Iran will not be a presence in Iraq and a military presence there Soleimani Advisory Support

Follow-up / Source News / .. announced the chairman of the pillars of the General of the Armed Forces of the Iranian Aalloa Hassan Vیrosabaden, Iran will not have a military presence in Iraq.

Major-General in an interview today and I followed Agency / Source News / .. “The country is unwilling military presence in Iraq and said that each bear country soldiers responsibility of defending the homeland and the maintenance of their rights and we are in this sense reject any presence of foreigners in Iraq, saying the presence of Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani One of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard commanders in Iraq under the provision of advisory support to Iraq only. / finished agencies n

Rafidain Bank supports advanced banking technology for users of smart card

By Emad Mohammed 03/07/2015 10:30

Brother – Baghdad
Rafidain Bank announced the use of advanced banking technology for users of smart card in all its branches inside and outside Iraq.

The general director of the bank on behalf of Kamal al-Hassani, Saturday, in a statement received for News Agency (et) a copy of the “bank branches throughout Iraq provided full services for users of smart card such as issuing or withdrawn and the various groups.”

“The beneficiaries of the card in the Gulf Arab states would be the first step, and the beneficiary can receive the salaries of there.”

He said al-Hassani said “the bank went quick and advanced towards the use of banking technology that will help the steps and contribute to building the capacity of employees to be reflected positively on their customers.”

The Rafidain Bank proceeded to make the smart card, to its customers in four Arab countries are the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan, as well as the issuance of its customers in Iraq.

Rasheed Bank decides to facilitate the procedures for reimbursement exchange instruments retirees and pilgrims in hot spots

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08/03/2015 11:58

Direction Press
Rasheed Bank decided, Sunday, to facilitate the procedures of the payment instruments pilgrims winners and non-winners in addition to retirees in hot spots “Ninoy- Salahuddin – Anbar.”

The General Director of the bank, Mohamed Abdel-Wahab said in a statement , “I got direction Press , “a copy of it, today that “the new regulations issued by the Rasheed Bank allows the citizen review of a number of branches that have been allocated for the disbursement of funds deposited instruments calculates the open body with the bank.”

“The ad hoc branches in Baghdad is {-23 Karkh Karkh district, and 520 by the student branch Alrsafh- Alboshjaa 519}, {Babacrker In Kirkuk province – Branch June 1}, either Anbar province will be in gray} {branch, and in Salahuddin province Samarra} {branch, “noting that” it is among the priorities of our work is to provide facilities to the citizens in the hot spots, as well as displaced them to ease their suffering in banking transactions. ”

On the other hand said Abdul Wahab said, “There are other facilities for retirees in the hot spots were allocated two branches in Baghdad to pay salaries and two {Yarmouk branch -lmottagaeidi Nineveh province}, and {} Salehia branch of retirees Salahuddin province.”

Delegation of the Peshmerga in Baghdad to discuss with the Federal Ministry of Defense about dues Peshmerga and the war against the terrorist organization Daash

08-03-2015 02:55 PM

A senior delegation from the Ministry of Peshmerga starts in the Kurdistan Regional Government’s visit to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, to discuss with the Federal Ministry of Defense about the benefits of the Peshmerga and the war against the terrorist organization Daash.
Headed heading the delegation to Baghdad by private jet belonging to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, headed by team Shirvan Abdurrahman team Jabbar Yawar, where he will meet the delegation with the joint Supreme Security Committee to discuss the Peshmerga budget file, according to the budget scientist to Iraq to 2015 Act, as well as to discuss the fight against al Daash file, and how to coordinate and cooperation between the two sides on this issue. – See more at:

Central Bank of Iraq Indicative Rates 3-8-2015

US dollar USD 1166.000 1164.000
Euro EUR 1290.645 1290.000
British pound GBP 1777.450 1776.562
Canadian dollar CAD —– —–
Swiss franc CHF —– —–
Swedish krona SEK —– —–
Norwegian krone NOK —– —–
Danish krone DKK —– —–
Japanese yen JPY 9.733 9.728
Drawing Rights
SDR 1629.263 1628.449
Indicative rates – 08.03.2015
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