Iraqi forces regain the northern Iraqi city of al-Baghdadi, the Islamic state


Cairo – (dpa) – The US military said late on Friday that Iraqi forces had regained control of the city of al-Baghdadi, in northern Iraq, the terrorist organization Daash.

The US Central Command, which manages US operations in the Middle East, including Iraq, said that “firm determination” process, which is the common tasks that target insurgents and support the Iraqi government forces force, launched an “accurate and effective air strikes against enemy positions in and around al-Baghdadi.”

Iraqi security forces and tribal fighters from the al-Anbar province and has cleared al-Baghdadi, and regain control of the local police station and three bridges on the Euphrates River was Daash militants held since September / September.

Iraqi security forces and militants expelled Daash of seven villages to the north-west of al-Baghdadi, about a modern city, according to the US Central Command said.

The Iraqi forces have recovered earlier Friday the strategic role of the town of al Daash on the fifth day of the great offensive against extremist militias in northern I


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