Iraqi Parliament Speaker Meets UN responsible

Friday, March 6, 2015
Baghdad on March 6 / QNA/ met with Iraqi Parliament Speaker, Saleem al-Jubouri, today Deputy Secretary General’s Special Envoy of the United Nations in Iraq, Ms. Lise Grande.
He called al-Jubouri, during the meeting, to the joint work between the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the United Nations for the success of national reconciliation in Iraq, stressing the importance of the role played by the United Nations, especially in the humanitarian side, pointing out that thousands of Iraqi displaced families are still in need of support and assistance.
He explained that the conflict, which is currently witnessing Iraq will end when the organization “Daash ends,” he said, “The post” Daash “very sensitive, which requires work to find genuine reconciliation and social in the liberated areas.”

Iraqi forces regain the northern Iraqi city of al-Baghdadi, the Islamic state


Cairo – (dpa) – The US military said late on Friday that Iraqi forces had regained control of the city of al-Baghdadi, in northern Iraq, the terrorist organization Daash.

The US Central Command, which manages US operations in the Middle East, including Iraq, said that “firm determination” process, which is the common tasks that target insurgents and support the Iraqi government forces force, launched an “accurate and effective air strikes against enemy positions in and around al-Baghdadi.”

Iraqi security forces and tribal fighters from the al-Anbar province and has cleared al-Baghdadi, and regain control of the local police station and three bridges on the Euphrates River was Daash militants held since September / September.

Iraqi security forces and militants expelled Daash of seven villages to the north-west of al-Baghdadi, about a modern city, according to the US Central Command said.

The Iraqi forces have recovered earlier Friday the strategic role of the town of al Daash on the fifth day of the great offensive against extremist militias in northern I

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by Sinan Adnan and ISW Iraq Team

Key Takeaway:

The operation to retake Tikrit continued today, although Tikrit city itself does not appear to be the immediate priority for the combined forces. Since the start of the ground operation on March 2, the the eastern and southern axes have been the primary focus. The forces that moved from Diyala and from Samarra have been moving steadily and clearing smaller villages and areas on their way to Alam, northeast of Tikrit, and toward Dour, southeast of Tikrit. Dour and Alam represent the largest areas of ISIS concentration east of Tikrit where combat operations are concentrated for now. If the combined forces take control of these areas, then they will likely use them as staging areas to advance west toward Tikrit city. An assault from the east will likely be accompanied by a ground assault from the direction of Camp Speicher, where forces have not yet fully engaged. The Tikrit operation is not the only operation launched against ISIS strongholds in Iraq. Other forces from Anbar Operations Command (AOC), Baghdad Operations Command (BOC), Shi’a militias, and reportedly tribal fighters, initiated a military operation targeting the outskirts of Garma, a hub for anti-government armed groups including ISIS. Garma’s geographic proximity to Fallujah and the northern and western Baghdad belts makes it an initial defensive position on the way to Fallujah, a launch-pad for attacks on the ISF and militias near Baghdad, and likely a transit zone for anti-government groups to shift resources. ISF and militias have thus been deployed around Garma since the fall of Fallujah in January 2014 and have launched multiple operations to clear it. The fact that the ISF, militias, and anti-ISIS Sunni fighters launched two concurrent operations against separate ISIS strongholds is significant. This is a deviation from previous anti-ISIS operations that prioritized one area at a time. Nevertheless, the operation near Garma does not appear to be as significant in size as operations around Tikrit.

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Abadi confirms the government’s intention to liberate every inch of the land of Iraq

عرب وعالم

Confirmed the commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi, the government’s intention to liberate every inch of the land of Iraq .. He said that the escalation of victories on the organization “Daash” terrorist came as a result of the sacrifices of the people of the security and military forces and the “popular crowd” and proper planning in the battlefield.

This came during a visit Abadi on Friday night to lead the joint operations to monitor the conduct of military operations for the Liberation of Salahuddin and Anbar province, west and east of Fallujah .. praised the commander of the armed forces, the results achieved on the battlefield.

Abadi and briefed on the victories achieved by the stationed troops on the battlefield, direct and supervise the liberalization of the remaining areas of Conception “Daash” terrorist gangs plans.

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CENTCOM: Iraqi forces and tribes successfully cleared and surrounding villages of terrorists.

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MT – Governor of We announce a conference to be held March 28 for Anbar tribes to unite & purge province of .