Republican candidate for the US presidential elections, pushing send ground forces to fight the “Daash”

Khandan- Republican candidate for the US presidential elections scheduled for 2016, Rick Perry, he would send US troops to the Middle East to fight the organization “Daash” terrorist, describing the organization that is leading America to curtail air campaign, as “the face of evil,” he said. 

The former governor of Texas, during an interview with the network (CNN) US will be broadcast on Sunday: “We will work to revitalize our military activate it with the armies of other nations to fight Daash” he said, adding that this means sending ground troops. 

He continued: “I try not to analyze the words .. But this is exactly what should have been the situation.” 

In response to a question about what will say to the Americans about sending ground troops to participate in the war, along the lines of what he had done of former President George Bush, the involvement of US forces in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Perry said: “I used to tell them that I have the ability to make decisions on my own.” 

And went on: “In the event came under Western and American values ​​at risk, and US forces are working alongside coalition on how to stop Daash .. I think that the majority of American people are going to tell me thank you Mr. President for the defense of our values, and stand face to face the devil.” 

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