Hakim call for major compromises & Chairman of the board for tribal rebels demanding the arrest of al-Maliki

President of the Islamic Supreme Council: We are facing limited choices and decisions fateful 

At a time when the Islamic Supreme Council leader Ammar al-Hakim called on politicians in the country to what he called «a major historic compromises», called tribal leader from Anbar province, Ali Hatem al-Suleiman from his headquarters in Erbil, the current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to the arrest of former Prime Minister The current Vice President Nuri al-Maliki as a genuine reconciliation with Sunni Arabs. 

He said al-Hakim, who is leading the mediation to end the suspension of Sunni lawmakers in parliament in a speech at a conference in Baghdad yesterday that «we face today is the biggest challenge facing this country long ago», pointing out that «the near future depends on us in shaping the nation who bring us, Fbamkanna make the ordeal a reason to unite us, and we move to the beginning of a promising and secure future, and we can make them start to the fragmentation and fragmentation and separation ». Hakim added: «We are facing limited options and a large fateful decisions and history will judge us by what we decide at this stage and we have two options only two, the option of either the state or the option of chaos». 
In terms of the ongoing negotiations between the Alliance of Iraqi forces and leaders of the National Alliance and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on the termination of suspension of participation in the meetings of Parliament, the political source familiar with the Union of Forces said in a statement «Middle East» that there are indications that the parliament session tomorrow «witness Back Congress alliance Iraqi national forces and coalition meetings parliament after the negotiations have made progress, both in terms of the issue of limitation of arms, however, the state and the fight against armed militias, especially after the kidnapping of a member of the Iraqi parliament and the death of his uncle about 10 days or at the level of application of the rest of the pre- document the terms of the political agreement. » 
For his part, confirmed by a member of the Iraqi parliament on the mass of the Islamic Supreme Council Salim Shawki told the «Middle East» that «the new government support is important, which is among the priorities of the Supreme Council leader Ammar al-Hakim, and the fact that we have good relations with everyone, what is doing Hakim of roles in this area always resonate and acceptance », pointing out that« the agreed issues, such as the National Guard or the accountability and justice, or the rules of procedure of the Council of Ministers and the output of innocent prisons are the things that we’re working on, has been made part of it, which requires continue efforts for the completion of these files, which bent upon Mr. Hakim. » 
In a related development, the condition Ali Hatem Suleiman, a tribal elders and the President of the Dulaimi clan rebels Council, the arrest of Vice President Nuri al-Maliki, a real Kmassalhh of the year, while denying entry to the popular crowd forces to Anbar province. 
Suleiman said during a press conference in Arbil yesterday «If the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the government wants to reconcile with the fact that year, he must arrest al-Maliki», the latter accusing «bring organization (Daash)». Sulaiman said that we «We will not accept the existence of the popular crowd forces in our organization to address (Daash)», threatening «targeting them by tribal members in case they are there». Suleiman stressed that «the organization will not come out of Anbar, but the will of the people of the tribes», pointing out that «represents Anbar is one of the fights (Daash) and get it out of their areas and restores the displaced to their homes».
But a member of the Iraqi parliament from Anbar province, Mohammed al-Karbouli, said in a statement «Middle East» that «the most important issue for us today is the liberation efforts of our areas of all Iraqis and all spectra», pointing out that «what we are working on now at the level of the National Guard is one of the In order to have all the children of the area are in charge of their protection under the law and the Constitution, and that things will not be chaos and weapons in the hands of outlaws ». 

He Karbouli: «We have no preset position of the popular crowd, they are our brothers but we are against individual practices here and there and at the level of our areas; we have capable men to edit, but we need a weapon, which is the responsibility of the state, which is supposed to be supplied to the people of the tribes, like the children of the popular crowd ».



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