Financial Times: “Daash” suffering financial hardship

Khandan – reported (Financial Times) British, said that the organization “Daash” The terrorist is suffering a shortage of financial resources is no longer the same former riches, began to impose fines and reduce subsidies on certain products, which was supported by increased sales. 

And demonstrated the newspaper through what ails currently Syrian Areas under the control of the terrorist organization, was formerly the flogging of smokers, but now Fagrm smoker $ 65. They also dismantled the old government installations of the system to be sold as spare parts and machines. 

The newspaper added, saying: says Syrians who live under the rule of the organization, it is no longer being spent on fuel subsidies and bread as it was before, complain shopkeepers of the elements of the organization are not spending a lot, but they are extorting people to get more money. 

The newspaper quoted a man who lives in the city areas, located on the Euphrates River, saying: “I was Daash material losses, which led to the stoppage of payment of the salaries of some of the elements, including my nephew.” He added that this shows the difficulty of covering “Daash” expenses for expansion in many areas and recruiting militants. 


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