Advisor: Government initiative is working to find the missing Alasrh

2/28/2015 0:00 

BAGHDAD – thank Fatlawi 
said the economic advisor to the Prime Minister that the new strategy launched by the Iraqi government to support and encourage the private sector are working to find the missing Asrh that are in support of market policies and the exchange of ideas between the market and the state. 

The appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, the “morning” to switch to economy market and transform the budget towards market activation requires an organizational structure that works to find this of enabling and procedural force and planned Asrh,

which leads to a market economy
 and the exchange of ideas between the market and the state in order to improve the economic situation 

and noted the benefit to the issue very important -aly he said would set out in the government initiative which regulation of the private sector, according to an institutional ideology is the consolidation of unions and chambers of commerce and the unification of voice

and demands being sporadic and has no unified strategy being able to be a part of 
the state institutions and the passage of regulations governing economic life more clearly.  

economic plans and pointed out that it Mataml the state at the moment of activation in the near future and the transition from a centralized economy to a market economy, according to economic plans contribute to the economic approach has changed.

He stressed that the transition to a market economy is the basic foundation to support the Iraqi economy by facilitating the procedures and the lifting of restrictions and to reconsider the laws so that they are all state policies are in the market activity

and support policies and thus support the policies of the State as a whole which is what we are working to achieve it soon – at the end he said would.

diagnose imbalances He noted that the economic reality requires a clear and comprehensive strategy jointly prepared by the owners of expertise and competence to analyze this reality and diagnose imbalances in it and propose ways to address them, 

stressing that Iraq is not need financial resources but to Effective Management of resources and income by raising the efficiency of production and service and stimulate and support the local product would contribute to raising the standard of living sectors.

administration studied also stressed the need to be the implementation of projects and efficiency comes with the evidence to see the progress of the implementation of the work in this project or that, indicating the importance that the focus of debates in the field of public interest means the view and the view of other whole must be in the interest of Iraq 

under the deliberate and sound economic management capable of exit of the country from the economic crisis caused by the fall in world oil prices and their impact on the reality of the Iraqi economy.

It should be noted that the initiative The new government is working on the promotion of the private sector and develop it and find a real between him and the public sector partnership as well as the restructuring of state-owned public companies in order to make them more effective in the economic sector,

warning of the continuing economic situation as it is now, the fact that survival leads to the country is facing a big problem prevent the improved economic situation of the individual and increase employment opportunities, especially if the private sector is the front-runner in providing jobs and revive the economic reality.

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