“Abadi in Parliament next Monday to discuss the demands of the Year”

Khandan – announced Nahida Daini Member of Parliament for the mass of the Iraqi Forces Union, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will attend next Monday to the House of Representatives his request to discuss the demands presented to him from the coalition “Union of Forces” and “national” and to inform the Parliament on the developments of the security situation in the country. 

Dani said, “The coalition forces and the National Union decided to choose the number of deputies to attend the host Abadi session to ask him again demands inside parliament and find out what are the guarantees to be provided by Abadi to implement those demands.” 

She Daini told “Anatolia”, to “end the boycott of the meetings of the coalitions House resolution will depend on the answers Abadi Ttminach as well as the guarantees to be provided, especially in the security aspect of the inventory of weapons, however, the state.” 

Included demands made by Sunni blocs Prime Minister’s commitment to implementing document the political agreement in all its vocabulary, and re-drafting of the National Guard law to ensure the absorption of tribal fighters, and a commitment to arm the tribes and provide support as soon as possible, and a commitment to providing criminals and unruly to justice regardless of their political cover, in addition to cancel Justice and Accountability Act and convert it to a court file. 

Suspended Sunni political blocs to attend meetings of the House of Representatives after exposure Sunni deputy attempted kidnapping at the hands of an armed group killed evacuated uncle and 9 of his companions, north of Baghdad. 

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