Indicative rates on the CBI 2-23-2015 & No auctions

US dollar USD 1166.000 1164.000
Euro EUR 1317.347 1316.688
British pound GBP 1791.909 1791.013
Canadian dollar CAD 932.352 931.886
Swiss franc CHF 1225.820 1225.207
Swedish krona SEK 138.381 138.312
Norwegian krone NOK 153.304 153.227
Danish krone DKK 176.560 176.471
Japanese yen JPY 9.807 9.802
Drawing Rights
SDR 1645.634 1644.811
Indicative rates – 23.02.2015

Nیچیrڤan Barzani: We are committed to the Convention with Baghdad until the end

[6:46] 15 / Feb / 24

Erbil, February 24 (PNA) – held Nیچیrڤan Barzani Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, before noon Aumalotnin 23 22 015, a meeting with the most media channels officials in the Kurdistan Region.
During the meeting, which was attended by Qubad Talabani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture, and the finance and economy, natural resources, and planning, the Prime Minister About the recent agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, the federal government, which later became part of the budget bill, He also highlighted these problems and obstacles of technical and political side that stood impediment to the implementation of the budget law.

Nیچیrڤan Barzani also reaffirmed the commitment to full Kurdistan Regional Government to the Convention to last the same desire to address the problems and obstacles with Baghdad, because the priority of the Kurdistan Region is to address the problems with the federal government and the implementation of the budget law for 2015, this law, which is in the interest of the Kurdistan Region and the whole of Iraq, But he did not hide at the same time that in the absence of the Iraqi government’s commitment to the Convention did not implement the budget law, then discuss the Kurdistan Region for other solutions, also denied reports that the Kurdistan Region does not comply with the Convention.

This assured the Prime Minister that the oil policy of the Kurdistan Region is built on the basis of the Iraqi Constitution, and the Kurdistan Region will use all his constitutional rights regarding the oil file, so it does not accept to waive his constitutional rights and handing control of the oil region, however, the federal government. Stressing also the desire of the Kurdistan Region to address all the problems through understanding with the federal government dialogue, and said that Baghdad is important for the Kurdistan Region not only for the case of oil, but for all other trade issues, economic, and security, and military and all other areas, so we are ready to go to Baghdad to discuss to find a treatment for all the problems, calling on media organizations to cooperate with the Kurdistan Regional Government to deliver and to clarify the reality of the problem.

It shed Ghobad Talabani, Deputy Prime Minister highlighted the programs and plans of the government to address this problem which has emerged as a result of the financial crisis and the war against terrorism and the resort of the vast number of refugees and displaced persons to the Kurdistan Region, stressing that the government’s plan to address the Depression succeed.

From his part, Minister of Natural Resources agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government figures and computer data details, and explained that the Kurdistan Regional Government is committed to the Convention so far and in accordance with what came in the agreement, and that the export of oil from the ongoing Kurdistan region on a daily basis, as also pointed out those details technical problems and obstacles which have a direct impact on the export of oil, and this oil ratio of the source must be in accordance with the ratio agreed to by both sides.

During the meeting, the Minister of Finance is also a clarification about the financial situation and the mechanism of providing salaries and the efforts of the Government of the region in the provision of salaries, and stressed that the government has followed a series of reform measures in the financial sector during the month of January of this year and is continuing to implement these procedures.

This put the majority of the participants in the meeting opinions and views and comments about the current crisis in the Kurdistan Region and the media deal with this crisis, and called on the government to more coordination with media organizations.

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Finance Minister receives a delegation from the US Treasury Department


Monday February 23, 2015

Search Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari evening February 23, 2014, with the Assistant Deputy Minister of the US Treasury, Mr. Andy Bockal relations and the prospects of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

During the meeting, which was attended by US Ambassador Stuart Jones Adeddamn issues of common concern, and capacity building of the Ministry of Finance.

There was an exchange of views on the challenges facing the Iraqi economy and ways to overcome the current financial crisis and stimulate economic growth.

Mr. Bockal and expressed the willingness and the US Treasury Department to provide technical support and advice to the Ministry of Finance and modernization of the banking system.


Iraq officially looking to join Vta {}

2/24/2015 0:00

 BAGHDAD – Mostafa Hashemi
raised the issue of a study on Iraq’s accession to Vta agreement “a sensation among specialists, warning of its potential privacy violation of the accounts of local banks, after discussing the Ministry of Finance this issue with the government banks and the taxes and insurance companies.”
known “Alvta” which is an acronym for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act as measures limiting evade US citizens from paying taxes to the government, and entered several countries in this agreement recently.
In this context, the economic academic said Dr. Majid Baidhani: that this law or agreement came to the rescue of US Treasury debt-laden while the Iraqi constitution permits citizen to own more than one nationality.
He said Baidhani told the “morning” that this system or agreement means that any umbrella of state underlined must be held accountable US person (natural and moral) on income achieved on its territory and prevent tax realized it to the United States any words more accurate to act states like collector of American taxes.
He said that the possibility of banks that fear dealing Law “Vta” not open accounts or granting credits to citizens a naturalized US citizen.
He noted that this system invented by American minds in order to save the budget crumbling of the Government and the heavily indebted, indicating that all American companies and individuals working abroad are subject to this procedure as that every country where American works (company or individual) must comply with the application of this system it or Ibt.uan challenges officially joining this law banking expert Essam Mohamed said: Is the US government will prosecute foreign companies operating on its territory and tax shift taxes to their original homelands to companies and individuals? The answer is of course not, and as confirmed by his personal representative of the US Treasury in one of the meetings, which included representatives from some Almassarv.utaba told the “morning”: a country like Iraq permits dual nationality, how can the bank verifies that the customer does not hold US citizenship ? And if so, how the banks to make sure the amount of earned income? And Is it possible to become banks (eyes) US Treasury? Of course this is something unreasonable.
He went to the importance of resolving this overlap in case it is decided to join the formal because it will cause the movement of investment in the country, adding that if he was an American individual to Iraq without capital and has only an investment idea and worked on his project with Iraqis inside the country and use the materials Iraqi and imported Iraqi funds and check his personal income .. on what basis are calculated by the tax and turned to the United States?
and the importance of accountable before taxes Iraqi interest and determine the responsibility of duplication calculated by the tax in this case, considering that Iraq is a country free from double taxation.
It is worth mentioning that Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said he had discussed with the bank managers and insurance companies and the Tax Authority in the Ministry of Finance and Commercial Director General of the Iraqi bank tax compliance with the United States of America Agreement (Vta).
According to a ministry statement earlier this month that he has a discussion of tax compliance with the United States of America Agreement ( Vta) concluded between the United States and most countries and related tax compliance calculations foreign to provide tax information on people who hold US citizenship.
and due to the central bank to submit draft legislation between Iraq and the United States on tax compliance with US law (Vta) to lift to the House of Representatives in the coming period to decide before the fifteenth of September 2015 according to the report by the statement.
The economic American sources reported that law enforcement will not pose a threat to the Arab financial institutions, as the rejection of the financial institutions of the law will lead them to the local contraction, where you will lose the ability to deal with foreign counterparts, or even with local financial institutions that comply with the law.
Some states have decided to make the deal banks with US IRS directly, what makes their financial institutions subject to “Alvta”, or face sanctions by the United States will be taken against banks States that do not reveal private accounts Americans have deduct 30 percent of the accounts of US banks, and the last was prevented from dealing with it.
It is noteworthy that the US Tax Compliance Act “Vta” passed by the US Congress in March 2010, as part of the recruitment incentives law to restore the run rates employment. And be under this law to taxpayers who own financial assets outside the United States, to submit a report statements of those assets for the benefit of US domestic revenue.

US Defense Secretary vows «Daash» final defeat

Kuwait talks included a broader regional coverage of the war in Iraq and Syria

Search US Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter during a meeting in Kuwait with diplomats and military leaders of the six-hour update on the war on terrorism and its strategy, not only limited to the war in Iraq and Syria, but also included a broader regional coverage, vowing to organize Daash b «final defeat».

After only days of receiving duties, met with US Secretary of Defense with about 20 military commander and ambassador in charge of the intelligence services in the Arifjan base in the desert of Kuwait, the aim of research developments in the war on terror.

Carter said, heading to the US forces at the base ahead of the meeting, said the international coalition led by the United States «pays organizing Daash effectively away from Kuwait and elsewhere.» He added: «does not not have a doubt that we never will inflict their final defeat». He said he called for a meeting with military and civilian officials «to sit around a table and talk about other dimensions of this campaign.»

Comprehensive talks

The talks did not only include the war in Iraq and Syria, where the coalition performs daily strikes led by the United States, but also included a broader regional coverage, according to the minister. He said in this context that «Daash does not constitute a danger to Iraq and Syria only, it is risk on a larger scale in the region».

In response to a question posed by one of the soldiers on whether Washington is considering sending troops to the ground to confront the extremists, Carter said that any additional military measures to be studied carefully. But he said «we will do whatever it takes to win».

The talks come in Kuwait six months after the start of air strikes by US-led and managed to put an end to progress Daash helped Kurdish forces to regain territory in northern Iraq, in addition to the eye of the Syrian Arab town on the border with Turkey.

Understand the challenges

Carter arrived the day before yesterday, coming from Kuwait to Afghanistan, while an official at the US Department of Defense said on condition of anonymity that the minister made «an open dialogue without regard to the Order».

He added that «it’s not about developing a new strategy for the war on al Daash but a better understanding of the challenges posed by this extremist organization that discuss military and diplomatic means to address it and study the meaning of swear allegiance to the organization Daash of some groups in Libya, Egypt and Afghanistan» and discuss relevant Iraqi Alliance Shiite majority government efforts with year.

According to the same official, military commanders believe that the air war and the training of Iraqi forces being well, but the Iraqi government must do more to convince the year to take up arms against al Daash. He added: «in the military level things are going well but we wait to see how Iraqis will be virtually things Will fight of the year? Yes, but do you fight the year as we wish? No ».

It is participating in the meeting Gen. James Terry official campaign to organize Daash Special Envoy of US President John Allen to the international coalition, the US special envoy to Syria, Daniel Rubinstein, ambassadors, including the ambassadors of countries participate in the coalition.

Iraqi progress

On the other hand During the meeting, announced the commander of the international coalition against Daash Gen. James Terry said about 800 Iraqi troops are waging an offensive to retake the nearby town of al-Baghdadi, the air base where the US military is spread, the organization Daash. He said «I am almost sure that the Iraqis Sistaidon Baghdadi».

He explained that the process was named «revenge Assad» more than 800, backed by Iraqi troops are taking part Bashaúr Sunni. He stressed that «curb» progress terrorists across Iraq and returned waging «counter-attacks and large-scale» as it was before it. He praised the efforts of the Iraqi army, which «ability to evolve.

Source for “news”: a reconciliation meeting outside Iraq between the Sadrists and the Supreme Council and a Sunni jihadist groups

23-02-2015 01:47 PM

BAGHDAD / News (Russell Ahmed)
close to the Iraqi politics blocs source revealed that the meeting will bring together a number of Shiite parties and Sunni politicians and representatives of the factions jihad, indicating that the preparation has been during the last stage, it is hoped to be held outside Iraq the day after tomorrow (Wednesday) .
The source said, in a statement for the ‘news’ that the US Embassy and the United Nations mission in Iraq will take care of the meeting, which will be attended by a representative of the Sadrist movement Zia Kanani, and a representative of the Supreme Council Hamoudi, the head of the reconciliation committee in the House of Representatives Mohammed Salman, the head of the national crowd Faleh al-Fayad .
The source added that the meeting will be attended by all the Sunni side, former Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, and businessman and politician Khamis dagger, in addition to representatives of the Islamic Army, and the Army of the Mujahideen, and Hamas, Iraq, and the Ansar al-Sunna, pointing to the participation of a representative of the Naqshbandi at the meeting, and that all participants all factions would be under different banners to avoid stirring media hype.
and close to the preparatory body for the meeting, the source representative of the US Embassy, ​​will not attend the meeting, and at the request of the Sadrist movement, adding that the first session to be held the day after tomorrow (Wednesday) will be the beginning sessions again with the participation of Baathist leaders and others from the Association of Muslim Scholars.
The source, who requested anonymity, that he has directed formal invitations to some Sunni figures to participate in the current political process in order to come to the meeting.
The source declined to identify the place where hold the meeting, except to point out that Iraq was outside his intense preparation with meetings between the US embassy in Baghdad, and representatives of the National Alliance, as is currently being deliberated in the possibility of a general amnesty law for prisoners as a gesture to ensure initial success and continue such meetings in the future.

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Barzani: We are ready to meet with al-Abadi again

نيجيرفان البارزني
Nechirvan Albarzna
By Roudao Hours ago

Roudao – Erbil

The chairman of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, on Monday, on being informed of the Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi for his willingness to meet again in order to resolve the oil file and Budget, and by the Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways, in an effort to conclude an agreement with Baghdad, adding: “I will not We can afford this situation more. “

A President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani with his deputy and a number of his ministers, on Monday, meeting with the media institutions managers in the Kurdistan Region, and the Minister of Finance during the meeting a number of the economic situation in the region, data, and spoke drastically during the meeting about the agreement, which was held between Baghdad and Arbil, and the talks were between them and the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

He called on Barzani during the meeting, media organizations in Kurdistan, to be transferred, in turn, all discontinuity and information about the negotiations that took place between the province and Baghdad to the Kurdish people, saying: “We thank all the media institutions Kurdistan, which has been cooperating with the Kurdistan after the country was hit by attacks Daash, and misunderstandings happening When other concerning negotiations with Baghdad Ajerynha with respect to the budget and salaries, oil, borne by the Kurdish parties, not media organizations. “

Barzani said, “The Kurdistan Regional Government calls for the implementation of the budget bill, but Baghdad says it will send the remainder of the province of the budget after the extraction of the sovereign expenses, and lots of other provinces, and requests from the region to satisfy the other provinces, and told us that al-Shahristani, that the provinces of those disturbed by the agreement, and they too bad the situations are going through, “explaining that” Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways said that this serves as sanctions on Kurdistan, which is reportedly the other of them also that this “grocer” Tpedronha policy towards Kurdistan. “

Barzani said that “the province wants agreement with Baghdad because the agreement of Kurdistan interest, the provincial government is seeking so hard,” he said, adding that he “Rose Nuri Shaways assigned to a turn, the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, that the Kurdistan Regional Government was prepared to meet again in order to solve the oil problems and the budget. “

He denied Barzani health Adaaouat the Iraqi government on the information that claimed Baghdad obtained from the Turkish Minister of Energy, or the information revealed by the Deputy Minister of Iraqi oil Mutassim Akram, pointing out that the official website of the Ministry of Energy Turkish publish all the information without secrecy, adding that “Baghdad claims that the region issued more than the amounts given to her, and this claim is true, because we have informed the central government that we we have captured funds provided by the companies to Nsddha then to be able to citizens paying salaries, said Minister of Finance of the House that there is 16 trillion dinars to Kurdistan to Baghdad “, calling on the Iraqi government to send this amount Beskin to give you all the oil revenue source from the region, and form a committee on the quantities sold by the province, and we have informed Baghdad that we we will give them 550 000 barrels per day, even though we sold billion barrels, for we have got loans for oil and we are obligated to pay them. “

Barzani said that “the visit Kurdish delegation to Ankara was scheduled before the visit ten days, and Turkey has responded to the request prior to the Kurdistan Region to grant the province a loan of $ 500 million, noting that” the government is struggling to deal with Baghdad and the Kurdish people, America and the rest of the nations convinced that the province is seeking for it, but we must make it clear that we will not tolerate this situation more. “

He added: “Safi Baghdad, as the deal of the Kurdistan Region treated like a productive company for oil, not a transaction state with part of the country,” stated that he had told Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi parliament, said Haider al-Abadi told me that “this is what gave me the Shiite alliance to you , and you just go Kktl Kordstanih and negotiated with the Shiite alliance. “

Oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil proceeding according installments Policy

First Published: 2015-02-23

Abadi confirms that the government will not send all the agreed quota of the general budget of the Kurdish region of Kurdistan if not received all of the oil.

Middle East Online

Baghdad revenue depends primarily on petroleum

Baghdad, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the Baghdad government will not send all the agreed quota of the general budget of the Kurdish region in the north of the country if Kurdistan has not received all of the oil that agreed upon with the central government in late 2014.

And entered into an interim agreement in December / December stipulates that supplied the KRG 550 thousand barrels of oil per day from the Kirkuk fields and through the Iraqi oil marketing company.

Baghdad agreed in return to resume the payment of the budget for the Kurds, which had been lowered in early 2014 in response to the movements of the region to export crude independently payments.

Ebadi said to a group of Iraqi journalists, “the region did not deliver the amount of oil committed. Talk about who is said that the government did not comply .. is not true. The government is fully committed. But we have a dependent on oil revenues.”

Abadi stressed again the central government to abide interim agreement reached in December / December.

He said, “I honestly take the oil agreement is still valid, but the proportions. If handed us the full amounts falling handed over all the money this is the truth and justice.”

The Nechirvan Barzani, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region warned earlier that the government of Kurdistan has stopped crude oil exports if Baghdad did not send the region’s share of the budget. He added that Baghdad offered to send $ 300 million in just less than half of what was agreed upon previously.

The December / December agreement was considered a breakthrough that will help to increase Iraq’s oil exports at a time when revenues are under pressure from lower world prices and the cost of funding the war on the organization of the Islamic state in the north and west of Iraq.

The agreement enabled the adoption of the budget of Baghdad last month for the first time since 2013.

It is assumed that officially recognizes Baghdad to Kurdistan, 17 percent of the budget after deducting expenses sovereign. But the central government now says that the payments will be commensurate with the amount of oil produced by the region in light of the December / December agreement.

A teacher from the province of Sulaymaniyah Subscribe to protest this week call on the Iraqi government and the government of the region as soon as possible to pay the salaries of teachers and staff and this delay will fail regional and Iraqi government with deep regret. “

Iraq’s leaders are facing pressure to end their differences so that they can address the organization of the Islamic state.

Peshmerga pounding nests “Daash” in the center Ba’shiqah


Khandan – bombed the Peshmerga forces on Monday (23 / February / 2015), nests of terrorists “Daash” at the center of Bashiqa, where he was the destruction of one of the largest caches of weapons and gear to organize “Daash” terrorist.

The official said the focus of Bashiqa Peshmerga forces Bahram sergeant told the “Khandan”, the Peshmerga artillery pounded the afternoon, nests of terrorists “Daash” in hand Ba’shiqah Center.

He added that the bombing resulted in the destruction of vehicles for terrorists “Daash” and a large cache of weapons and gear, pointing out that the terrorists “Daash” failed to put out the fires caused by the destruction of the cache, indicating that the ongoing Peshmerga forces shelled the nests of terrorists “Daash.”