Wasit turning regional development staff salaries to the petro-dollar budget


Announced Wasit province, on the transfer of contract employees assigned to the salaries of regional development to the budget allocated to the province of oil revenues, the petro-dollar budget source from the fields of Ahdab Badra and its affiliates. The governor of Wasit owner behind Valley told all of Iraq [where], “it was the conversion of the salaries of about four thousand specific employee contract to the petro-dollar budget, after it was given to them from the regional development budget, of the effect of the provincial council’s decision on that.”

He added that “this decision comes because of lack of financial allocations for the projects referred to in the province during 2015, since about 1360 certain employees during 2014 have not received their salaries for the inability of regional development budget, the local government was forced to this action now.” Mention of regional development contract employees were hired by the Office of Wasit province was the placement of government departments in the province, and give him a monthly salary deductions projects within allocated by the province, amounting to 2% according to the fundamentalist and legal frameworks “.anthy 80 http://tinyurl.com/q5h3sx7


Abadi dismisses Aboub


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Sunday, 15 February 2015 23:25

Baghdad (AIN) –Member of the Parliamentary Services Committee, Hussein al-Maliki, assured that “The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi decided to dismiss the Acting Mayor of Baghdad Naeem Aboub from his post and appoint another female official from the Higher Education Ministry instead of him.” /End/

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Kurdish officials: Peshmerga to exchange prisoners with ISIL


Sunday, 15 February 2015 21:59
ISIS video of caged Peshmerga

Baghdad (AIN) -– Recent ISIL video of caged Peshmerga being paraded through a militant-held village has ramped up efforts of the KRG to negotiate prisoner exchanges.

Kurdish parliamentarian Dler Mawati, who serves as deputy chief of the Committee of Peshmerga Martyrs and Genocide Sacrifices Affairs, said an estimated 50 Peshmerga have been captured by ISIL with a larger number taken prisoner by Kurdish forces.

Malawati said the KRG is ready to free those Peshmarga in ISIL captivity by exchanging hostages with the militants.

“We intensified our attempts to free the hostages when ISIL showed the Peshmerga in caged procession on the streets of Hawijja. We now have two options: either to pay money to free our hostages or by exchanging ISIL hostages,” he said.

Mawati added that the KRG is ready to even exchange by ISIL captives taken in Kobane.

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“The people of the United States stand united with the people of .”

Abadi draw the support of private banks to ensure liquidity movement in the country

BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – February 15: A member of the Committee for Economy and Investment parliamentary The Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, the face of the support of private banks, to ensure financial liquidity movement in the country.

He added, Harith al-Harthy, that “the support of private banks to the economy will be through the issuance of subsidized, and credit securities and loans for the operation of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises, so as to support the industrialists and entrepreneurs supporting the economy and the development of local industry layer”, adding that “private banks experiencing financially sophisticated The bank gradually mounts to support the financial and banking sector of Iraq, through direct government support to this important sector. “

He pointed out that “the government program supports aspects of financial and investment development of the economy, the government and the private sector, and the development of investment in all provinces.” Admiral ended

The launch of soft loans for the unemployed

2/16/2015 0:00

 BAGHDAD – Batool al-Hassani
fired and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs meal ninth for loans for the unemployed in four Mhafezat.natq media ministry spokesman Amar Menem said “morning”: that the ministry launched the ninth meal, which includes a loan in 2700 registered Baanadtha.oadav that these loans were launched in Baghdad and the provinces of Dhi Qar, Kirkuk and Babylon to enable unemployed in those provinces to implement their projects generating income within the lending fund, which is implemented by the operating loans Circle program, as it will give them between $ 10-20 million dinars without the benefits of the exemption of the borrower during the first year of paying premiums.


New Japanese projects in Iraq

2/16/2015 0:00

«JICA» Foundation has trained six thousand employees since 2003
Baghdad Batool al-Hassani
The Japanese government expressed its readiness to implement new projects aimed at the development of infrastructure in the country, revealing she has trained since 2003 and so far nearly six thousand local employees within the Foundation Courses (JICA) in Japan.
A source in the approved Japanese Embassy in Baghdad said the “morning”: that the Japanese government had begun in 2003 a series of aid to Iraq worth five billion dollars, divided by $ 1.5 billion in grants, and $ 3.5 billion in loans Japan’s official development assistance .
He added that it has extended aid to Iraq by $ 1.5 billion to become the value of grant aid of $ 1.78 billion in official development assistance amounted to 4.790 billion dollars.
He added that in the field of technical cooperation, has participated more than five thousand and 920 of the Iraqi trainees in the organization of training courses (JICA) in Japan and other countries, stressing reduced debt worth six billion and 700 million Dolar.obin source said the rehabilitation project of the port sector in the port of Umm Qasr is The first completed project within 21 Similar from Japanese development assistance projects aimed at restoring the functions of the Iraqi ports system as a transport and distribution network, has contributed to increasing the size of the payload of 7.5 million tons in 2010 to 9.3 million tons in 2012, which led to improved efficiency port operation, indicating that the value of the loan amounting to 30 million and 211 Japanese yen, equivalent to $ 272 million.
He said the rehabilitation project included removing the deposited sand in the harbor bottom through the drilling rig to enable large ships from entering, persisting that the work also included the removal of four of the wrecks of ships to keep the navigation area, as well as the rehabilitation of some of the fenders and the container terminal and the supply of water and electricity were able to the conduct of port operations efficiently and Falah.kma pointed out that it was a new floating crane to continue to remove the remains of shipwrecks processing, adding that he and after dredging operations, increased the size of the load and the number of ships the recalled at the port, they are allowed to enter the large numbers of ships capable of reaching improve the efficiency of the port was operating the port.
The source explained that the Government of Japan will provide advanced Japanese equipment of mines and unexploded ordnance to remove a local NGO, which will mine and unexploded ordnance removal, while competent Japanese company will train the OECD staff on how to use and maintenance of equipment within the framework of the partnership between the public and private sectors, He pointed out that the various wars fought by the dictatorial regime has left a lot of mines and unexploded ordnance that have killed and maimed more than 10 000 people in Basra, at least since 2009, as well as obstruction of daily life and economic activities in Basra.
The source added, saying: that among the projects implemented within the loan was rehabilitate the Hartha thermal plant worth $ 208 million project, the reconstruction project of the electricity sector the second Bmrahlth worth $ 554 million, aiming to build a sub-power stations on the capital, in addition to other similar provinces of Basra and Dhi Qar and Maysan, stressing that he will buy a mobile sub-power stations.


Iraq is considering a discount of $ 21 for every barrel of oil sold to Jordan

Twilight News / predicted Vice-President and Secretary of the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan Saad Nagi, the Iraqi government agrees to Jordan’s request for a discount of $ 3 for every barrel of oil imported by the Kingdom, added to the discount granted and the $ 18 per barrel, the amount of discount and a every barrel of oil to $ 21.


Nagy and that Baghdad was considering the Jordanian request, made ​​by Oman finally.

Countries and is associated with an earlier agreement includes construction of Jordan with 10 thousand barrels per day of crude oil rises to 15 thousand barrels, to be increased to 30 thousand barrels, in addition to 1,000 tons of heavy fuel oil at a time when the opponent up in it to $ 18 a barrel for the world price and $ 78 per ton heavy fuel oil, is that the amount of this discount shrink to nearly $ 5 a barrel because of what endures the Jordanian side of the transport and insurance costs.

Nagy said that the Jordanian government has asked the supply of oil from Basra to the UK through the port of Aqaba, rather than the old truck line given the serious security situation witnessed by trucks crossing area.

It is noteworthy that import oil from Iraq is currently stalled as a result of the deteriorating security situation.

To it; Naji “The Iraqi government is also considering modifying Basra Aqaba oil pipeline route to pass through Saudi territory instead of the direct line between the two countries,” he said.

Nagy pointed out that this proposal is still under study and also due to the previous area of the line has become very dangerous. The other reason for this, the new route from Basra to Saudi Arabia to Aqaba will provide distances from those set out in the previous scheme that will also create cost.

It is noteworthy that Jordan and Iraq signed on 9 April of the year 2013 framework agreement to build the pipeline to transport Iraqi crude oil from Basra to export terminals in the port of Aqaba, on the Red Sea coast at a cost of about $ 18 billion.

It includes oil pipeline project (Basra-Aqaba) two first will be inside Iraqi territory and implemented by the Iraqi government, as will extend the second part of modern Aqaba, less investment, as Jordan provides about 100 million cubic feet per day, while you go the rest of the quantities being pumped through it to run pumping stations in export port ..

Jordan will receive under this tube on the daily returns of 5-10 million dollars a day, the equivalent of 2.3 billion dollars annually upon completion and operation of the project, and Jordan will be able to secure the needs of crude oil to the refinery in Zarqa, which is up to 120-150 thousand barrels per day , with great potential to create a major new refinery in Aqaba and the participation of an international company to invest foreign independently.


Najafi: Maliki called the leaders of Mosul the night of the crash

Najafi: Maliki called the leaders of Mosul the night of the crash

BAGHDAD – ((eighth day))

Called on the governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi, the special investigative committee of the reasons for the fall of Mosul to question the former commander of ground forces Ghaidan and former Chief of Army Staff Abboud Qanbar on “contact was” with former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the night of the fall of Mosul.

Nujaifi said in a statement released through his website that “there are questions to be posed by the investigative committee of the reasons for the fall of Mosul on both Abboud Qanbar Ali Ghaidan, including that Ghraoui issued hourly 1300 noon on the ninth of June is to regiments and police brigades Federal withdraw from positions in the right side of the connector, and assembly at the headquarters of the third band federal police before he began Daash attack on those areas. “

He added that “despite the objection of Khalid al-Hamdani on the withdrawal of the Federal regiment of Zndjeli which means opening the way for Daash to get to the center of the city of Mosul, the Kanbar Ghraoui agreed to withdraw federal police from that region.”

He added that “the investigative committee to ask Qanbar and Ghaidan for contact seventh hour of the evening, the ninth day of June with al-Maliki and told him that he will withdraw from the left coast to the headquarters of the Second Division the left coast, is al-Maliki asked why Tzlmon right coast and still have armored regiments mechanism which integrated not enter any battle, Will asked why they have compiled a noon hour per ten battalions of the Federal Police in Ghazlani camp which is not more than 500 meters from the operational command headquarters. “

Najafi and ruled that “the Commission can be investigated with the commander of Nineveh operations Mahdi Ghraoui because the military investigative boards may transmit it to the Military Court in accordance with Article 29 of the Military Penal Code, a substance punishable by death.”

A source in the House of Representatives said in (February 11, 2015) that the parliamentary committee for the investigation of the reasons for the fall of Mosul, hosted by the former commander of ground forces first Lt. Gen. Ali Ghaidan Associate former Chief of Staff of the Army First Lt. Gen. Abboud Qanbar to install their statements about the fall of the city. | S


Open electronic clearing system files

2/16/2015 0:00

Baghdad, Omar Abdel-Latif
Finance Committee revealed in the House of Representatives for open electronic clearing system files across the banks. Said committee member Dr. Magda Abdel-Latif al-Tamimi, said in a statement singled out the “morning”: that the Commission will open this existing system files in 32 banks, government and civil strife in the development of banking project.

She said the electronic clearing system based on smart instruments, and is common to know account in more than one bank, and also appears in the Central Bank.

The World Bank has allocated $ 10 million to restructure the government banks and activation of electronic transactions including electronic clearing system.