US ground troops reach Kuwait in preparation for the implementation of its operations in Iraq

Under section: political Dated: February 14, 2015

Baghdad / Iraq News Network

geared towards 4000 US troops to Kuwait, where he will make up the largest US ground combat force in the Middle East with the intensification of the war on the organization “Daash” in Iraq and Soeria.otata

this step in conjunction with the start of the US Congress to consider options in the war to organize “Daash” in Iraq, after President Barack Obama asked him a mandate for this Aharb.oaqam soldiers who belong to the Third Infantry Corps base at Fort Carson, Colorado,

concert and calling at their headquarters, before the start of their journey to Alkwyt.ocieckl these reserve force soldiers have US Central Command in the Middle East, and they will be the first US ground force entering the battle,

if you decide to use American ground forces in the fight against “Daash” in Alarac.ulfalq armed with tanks and vehicles, “Bradley”, and a lot of soldiers who were previously engaged in combat missions in Iraq,

according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai reported, said the corps commander Colonel Greg Sierra: soldiers during the ceremony that “the proliferation in that region is not new for us,” adding,

“We are very well prepared for this task,” the soldiers .otdrb on this task for more than a year, to renew skills that were acquired during a decade of fighting the insurgency in Iraq and Avganstan.okan Obama has asked Wednesday

authorization from Congress for the war effort against the “Daash” for three years, but new to say that his country’s large ground forces in this Aharb.ouma will not use it, the authorization requested by Obama, includes flexibility for the use of ground troops if “originated unforeseen circumstances so warrant.” 8%a9-%d8%aa%d8%b5%d9%84-%d8%a7%d9%84%d9%83%d9%88%d9%8a%d8%aa-%d8%a7%d8%b3/


Apache helicopters settled battle “Ein al-Assad” Balbgdada


(Independent) … American and Iraqi warplanes resolve the issue of the base of the fall of Assad appointed or not, and settled the situation today, Saturday, at the siege of the attackers in limited areas prevented them Tdakhalhm clash with civilians, pending final resolution of the situation in the coming hours.

He announced security aide to the governor of Anbar Aziz behind Trmoz, Saturday, that the security forces regained control of hand-Baghdadi west of Ramadi Center, noting that those forces have killed dozens of elements Daash. “

He Trmoz “The army and police forces and the attribution of clans and Aviation International Coalition and Aviation Iraqi carried out at dawn today, a military operation on the hand-Baghdadi (90 km west of Ramadi), which resulted in the liberation of the district center,” noting that “those forces regained control of all government departments including the Municipal Council building and the police station and the Department of nationality and civil status. “

Security aide added that “security forces killed dozens of al Daash The Apache aircraft to the US a big role in the military operation to resolve.”

Trmoz stressed that “security forces are currently chasing elements of the organization in the northern and north-eastern sides of the hand.” (End)

Mutlaq defies Mishan al-Jubouri: because you are a man open the file corruption and one against al-Maliki

  • Agency eighth day
  • February 14, 2015, 14:03

BAGHDAD – ((eighth day))
Description Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, MP for the Arab coalition Mishan al-Jubouri, “political junkie.

Mutlaq said in a statement to the reporter ((eighth day)) that “al-Jubouri, does not have a single file against me on the displaced, but all Maikrj where the media is just a political determine how it aims to satisfy some parties.

He said, I challenge Jubouri that corruption opens the file one against Nuri al-Maliki and his government because it is part of the corruption and Maamrtha.

The House of Representatives has decided to interrogate Saleh al-Mutlaq displaced on file.

PM Haider Al-Abadi (Facebook)

Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, received in his office today the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad, Mr. Hassan Dnaii fled.
He stressed that the Iraqi government wants to build positive relations with all countries, especially the neighboring countries in the region and based on mutual respect and common interests.

Rafidain Bank issued a smart card for the displaced

  • Agency eighth day
  • February 14, 2015, 11:03

BAGHDAD – ((eighth day))

Rafidain Bank announced, the card issuing male beneficiaries of displaced people from the social protection network.

According to a statement of the bank, said Saturday that “Rafidain Bank began issuing smart card for the displaced beneficiaries of protection network who have been displaced from their areas.”

“The displaced people will receive the amount of subsidy from any ATM close to their home areas,” adding that “the bank has taken simplified procedures to ensure the receipt of the smart card and covered them as soon as possible.”

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs addressed comprehensively displaced eligible subsidy of social protection, announced last January for the inclusion of 42 displaced families to the capital Baghdad salaries of social protection.

Rafidain Bank announced last Saturday, his intention to issue smart card to the beneficiaries of the social protection network and residents outside Iraq through its branches there. | ST |

Penalty clause on abstaining from revealing their financial interests

Published on Saturday February 14, 2015 04:08

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN ) –

revealed the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, on Saturday, its intention to make amendments in the legal Iraqi sanctions and public integrity, including the development of penalty clauses for abstinent from revealing their financial interests, noting that the laws do not currently contain any conditions punitive toward abstainers.

Said committee member Mohamed Hamidi’s ( IMN ), “The Federal Court of Cassation issued a decision on abstaining from disclosure receivables, which was considered to refrain only an administrative offense shall department director punishment without setting a penalty clause.”

He pointed out that “the Iraqi justice system does not currently has no legal provision allowing him accountable abstaining from revealing their financial interests.”

Hamidi said that “the Integrity Commission has decided to make changes in legal Iraqi sanctions and public integrity, which includes the development of penalty clauses on abstaining from revealing their financial interests.”

The Commission on Public Integrity has demanded, earlier, members of the House of Representatives to disclose financial libeling and send the forms to the integrity of the audit, marked weakness in response to members of the House of Representatives to request disclosure of financial receivables.

From: Haider al-Tamimi , the Open: Mushtaq Ramadan Alfeli

KA MP: Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad next Sunday

Saturday, 14 February 2015 11:21
KA MP: Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad next Sunday Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Ahmed Hama, of the Kurdistani Alliance confirmed that a Kurdish delegation headed by the Kurdistani Regional Government Premier, Nechirvan Barzani, will visit Baghdad on next Sunday. “The delegation will discuss the recent oil agreement and the mechanism to implement its articles,” he concluded. /End/ …


Agenda of the meeting No. (13) Monday (16) in February 2015

February 16, 2015
Third parliamentary session

The first legislative year
Legislative Chapter II
First, read verses from the Koran.

Second: the first reading of the bill ratifying the Convention on the establishment of the Ministerial Council of trade between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland law. ( Foreign Relations Committee ). (Article 2).

Third: The first reading of the draft law amending the assets of the military Criminal Procedure Law No. (30) for the year 2007. (Commission on Security and Defense, the Legal Committee ). (Article 107).

Fourth: The first reading of the draft law on ratification Headquarters Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Act. ( Foreign Relations Committee , the Legal Committee ). (Article 2).

Fifth: The first reading of the draft law of the Ministry of Interior. (Commission on Security and Defense, the Finance Committee , the Legal Committee ). (Article 15).
Session begins at: eleven in the morning.

Integrity announce the existence of corruption in the purchase of weapons dossier


13-02-2015 08:40 PM

Committee announced the Parliamentary Integrity, today, for access to information that confirms the existence of corruption in the purchase of weapons file.

A member of the committee, MP Adel Nouri, in a press statement, seen by the (news), said: ‘inter placed on the Integrity Committee table files, we have formed several committees to follow up on these files, and to complete things up, we need a long time ‘.

He said ‘Committee has set up a committee of its members to follow the files of corruption at the central bank and the issue of the purchase of weapons and aircraft contracts’,

pointing out that’ the Integrity Committee did not close any of the files and come a good way and we got the information to confirm the charges, especially in the arms file ‘.

He said, ‘There is a committee to follow up the Baghdad Municipality projects and maintain, adding that the presence of a special committee to follow up on the military channel project’.

It is said that the government of former Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, the contract with several countries to buy weapons from them.

Iraq and Russia have signed an arms deal in October 2012 worth more than $ 4.2 billion, the deal was marred by suspicion of corruption.

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