People crowd is likely to end the control of the “Daash “in Iraq within three to four months

Editor Hussein gesture – Wednesday, 31 December 2014 19:30
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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
He favored the deputy chief of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi Mohandes, Wednesday, ending the control of the organization, ” Daash “in Iraq during a period ranging from three to four months, as he emphasized that the liberation of the entire province of Salah al-Din will be within a period not exceeding two weeks.
The engineer said during a press conference held today in Baghdad and attended “Alsumaria News”, that “we expect a military that frees all of Salahuddin province, areas within a period not exceeding two weeks from now,” adding that “the province of Diyala liberated completely except for a small area, a publication and an area of ​​10 square kilometers. “

And Eng. “Other than that keep our Mosul and Anbar, “stressing saying” inAnbar, we will assign to edit tribal areas and that the sensitivity of the region, and in Mosul, if we were asked to participate in the editing Fsnhark. “
He guessed Engineer “Exit control Daash in the region during a period ranging from three to four months,” adding “now we will contribute in the liberation of the city and Mount Sinjar Sinjar and we will seek to liberate Mosul, Tal Afar.”
Iraq has been the security situation is exceptional, since the security of military operations are continuing to expel the organization “Daash” areas that spreads the provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin and Diyala, Kirkuk, while operations continue in Anbar to meet the regulation, which prompted hundreds of thousands of families to flee their homes and flee to safe
areas .

Rebalancing of the Council of Ministers because of lower oil prices

إعادة الموازنة لمجلس الوزراء بسبب انخفاض أسعار النفط
Likely in the parliamentary finance committee member, on Wednesday, re-draft budget law to the Council of Ministers to make adjustments as a result of the increasing decline in world oil prices, and among that the budget was built on the $ 60 per barrel was today dropped to $ 55, said that the Finance Committee will meet on Sunday for the next two consecutive days to discuss the decline.
Said committee member Ahmed Sarhan that “the continuing decline in oil prices below the level at which it was built the budget will affect the construction of the budget deficit and increase the proportion of it.”
And Daav “The Finance Committee will meet on Sunday for two days in a row to discuss the low oil price to build the budget will be presented to the House of Representatives for a vote,” noting that “if necessary, will be restored to the Cabinet for modifying them.”
He pointed out that “the budget is built on the $ 60 per barrel, but today, bringing to $ 55 a barrel and rising oil prices will affect low to pass the budget.”
It is said that global oil markets have recorded price of $ 55 per barrel, while economists are likely to lower the price below this level.

Army kills 100 terrorist and regain control of the “laboratory” near Fallujah

Twilight News / Ministry of Defence announced Wednesday edit area east of Fallujah’s Anbar province from the control Daash.

altThe ministry said in a statement that “the first expeditionary brigade and support from the Air Force planes and Gyari popular crowd managed to purge the entire vine plants southwest area of Conception Daash terrorist gangs after the implementation of a proactive process.”

She added that “this process resulted in the deaths of 100 Daash terrorists and dismantle explosive device 250, in addition to the destruction of 15 wheel bearing mono and tried to detonate bombs two wheels exposure heroine military of own troops.”

Abadi up country and bless victories security forces

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The general commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, to spend the country south of Tikrit after fully cleared of aggregates “Daash” criminal, while Park victories security forces.
A source told / information / “The commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived this evening, to spend the country south of Tikrit after fully cleared of criminal groups Daash.”
The source, who asked not to be named, said: “Abadi Park security forces victories”.
The general commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, arrived earlier Tuesday to hand DHULUIYA south of Salahuddin province, after fully totals “Daash” criminal, to inspect military units cleared and meet with tribal leaders.
It is noteworthy that the security forces and factions of the Islamic Resistance and the assignment of the volunteers was able during the past few days, from the vicinity of cleansing the country of the presence of aggregates “Daash” Alagramah.anthy / 17 p areas

Tamimi: Parliament will investigate missing from the 2014 budget fund

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Follow-up – and babysitalmost a member of the Finance Committee MP for the Liberal bloc Magda Tamimi: “The House of Representatives will investigate the fate of some of the allocations spent by the government in the year 2014”.Tamimi said in a press statement, that “there is money missing in the 2014 budget, which has not been approved and there is no bond exchange them, explain the doors that led to them spending that money.”

“The House of Representatives Samay after approving the federal budget for the new project in 2015, to investigate the fate of those customizations and financial expenses.”

Showed Tamimi, said he, “according to statements received by the Finance Committee, the actual expenditures size until last July, arrived about 74 trillion dinars, of which 4 trillion of arming and military operations. By the end of the fourth quarter of 2014 we expect that total up to about 110 trillion dinars.”

She stressed that “Parliament recognizes the financial statements and securities exchange relating to expenditures in 2014 budget until the month of July.”

She drew a member of the Finance Committee that “the Finance Committee asked the government to provide all the data and bills of exchange until the end of the year to determine the fate of the customizations and diagnosis of financial imbalances.”

Tamimi explained that “there are no complete and accurate data to the Ministry of Finance expenses ministries that did not provide clear statements of the current expenditure for each of them, Masab things on the Ministry of Finance to give an accurate detection of this.”

Find amassed weapons and gear contain chemicals south of Baghdad

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BAGHDAD – and babysitThe Ministry of Defense on Wednesday, about finding amassed weapons and gear contains materials chemical rocket launcher and (TNT) south of Baghdad.The ministry said in a statement news agency public opinion received a copy of it, “formations Baghdad Operations Command and led Infantry Division of the seventeenth found amassed weapons and gear, south of Baghdad within boycotted the responsibility.”

She added that “stack containing explosive devices and rocket launcher and mortar rounds, as well as boats, rubber and chemical materials and (TNT) high explosive used to make improvised explosive devices.”


The popular crowd and Daash accounts Obama

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Abbas Almrayani

America’s policy with Iraq is very similar to salamanders son Marwan I salamanders with Imam Ali policy limit, they fired a rocket with this party and provide a rocket to the other party and frequency ..oan what happened to open, which is exactly what he was doing son salamanders.

America in the orientation ambiguous with Iraq, a natural product of its policy and overall strategy based on creating chaos and ignite wars and strife in the region in order to be the savior and the conditions that you want, do not they want the other party and even if accepted by the other terms of party it has the plans and curricula, intrigues and conspiracies makes that party to pay the price dearly.

America entered Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam, the Iraqis decided to take it out of the door and I accepted to come out with humility and open-mindedness but returned from the net, this time by Daash and trick and the game open her international coalition to impose her condition you want after that failed to take what it wanted in the previous round.

America is not interested in money and time calculations significantly and is not concerned with the number of times to failure in the end it will succeed and succeed when they will take everything you lost in all stages of failure, which is not going to blame themselves even if they again failed with the Iraqis and the tyranny of the story Daash.

America Stdhr Daash but not in the time that the Iraqis want, but in the time that you want is the earliest fitted White House accounts will be two years after a presidential election period and Obama is very keen to be Daash is the trump card instrument warranty that will keep the Democrats another four seasons in the White House Bin Laden’s death also renewed period of Obama’s second rule.

The Iraqi government and the leaders of the popular crowd not mindlessly what is doing the Americans from the actions of stupid and they know very well that the sons of Uncle Sam is serious campaign to eradicate Aldoaash but the Iraqis believe that the presence of the Americans with them, especially air Bguetaúhm better than the Americans stay outside the circle of the Iraqi thinking or outside the subscription campaign in eliminating Daash because they then they be entirely with Daash and this difficult and almost impossible on the government and the Iraqi people the task.

Iraqis know that Americans if they were as serious in the fight against terrorism ended Daash to exist within days, and the presumption of Iraqi painter Leila Attar story that kill Americans missile in her bedroom while unable Americans for Astmkan review of Daash includes thousands of cars and military equipment and outdoor.

Confrontation with Daash expected to be completed Iraqi pure and beyond the control of the accounts Americans after that proved the children of the popular crowd and the sons of the security forces and the Peshmerga originality affiliation and the strength of their will to conquer the enemy and overcome the odds and make dearly in order to cleanse every inch of Iraqi territory and revenge precious blood that spilled Hmaz Earth and the reluctance of the Immaculate which violated the children of prostitutes.

Daash passport Democrats will not be passed to the White House for the third time in a row, because the people of Iraq from the Champions popular crowd and security forces have decided to end the Daash and appeared before the American presidential election campaign long a time.


Splits within the Dawa party started? !!

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Mohammed Hassan al-Saadi

Returned infrastructure law to pop back on the surface of the political situation in Iraq, but this time reveals that the split on the extent of disagreement within the Dawa Party, which exposed MP Ali Keywords in his recent comments in which he criticized the infrastructure of the controversial law, which Mr. al-Maliki at the time he wanted passed in the House of Representatives, but were turned down by the political entities, this law, which if they were voting on it, it will display the Iraqi economy to a great risk, especially with the volatility is frightening in oil prices, at the same time side Iraq and large catastrophic financial risk at the same time thanked MP Keywords bodies and blocks Political which stood deduced from this law because of its chilling effects on the Iraqi economy.

Mr. al-Maliki, who was one of those who call for a vote on the law, and tried various ways passed and passed in the House of Representatives, despite all reservations made by the political blocs that this law, which was considered a threat Ahd Iraq and its economy and financial status.

The law was clearly indicates that the lending companies will begin collecting benefits obtained on loan after five years of implementation of the general projects, which means that Iraq will start paying dues by $ 14 billion a year added nearly $ 3 billion in benefits for these loans means that every year incur budget 17 billion dollars only loans, plus the payment of the annual Kuwaiti debt and entitlements other loans of up to 20 billion must be paid by the Iraqi government loans, which means the return of Iraq to square one without any change in the economic and investment fact, on the contrary companies will be the beneficiaries more in this the side.

This law, which has not been passed and rejected in the House of Representatives in its meeting held on 28.10.2013 and returned to the Council of Ministers, which if approved to display the Iraqi economy to a big loss, especially as we live the fluctuation of oil prices, and a deficit in the annual budget of up to $ 50 billion, which came from the dangerous security conditions, and the occupation of Daash to the city of Mosul, Salahuddin and Anbar.

This law reveals the extent of the controversy and fissures within the Dawa party, especially after the important reform steps taken by the Prime Minister Abadi in the detection of large and serious corruption files that hit Mossat State, and the spread of financial and administrative corruption in the military establishment and the loss of more than 20 billion of weapons and equipment and materiel to the impact of the fall of Mosul, however, terrorism Aldaasha Alliance Baathist.

Mr. Abadi through these reform steps revealed the extent of the impact of counter-current within the Dawa Party, which serves to disable these reform steps to address the rampant corruption that toppled the country, however, terrorism Aldaasha and thieves of public money.

As the marginalization of some leaders of the first line stimulate these divisions, and that the entry of some close to al-Maliki was also raised the ire of preachers and that caused a crack in the relations within the party, which may claim to new divisions in the near future.

Maliki: pull aside “21” victory for the decision of the Supreme Council

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An oasis of freedom 
criticized former Prime Minister and Vice President of the Republic current Nouri al-Maliki, “Tuesday,” the decision of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi withdraw veto law 21 provinces.
A source close to the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, “The President of the previous government, demonstrated a keen resentment of the decision to withdraw the veto law” 21 “Special governorates not organized province,” during a telephone conversation with Prime Minister al-Abadi.
The source added that Mach said Abadi decision to withdraw the veto victory for Grmaúhm politicians, notably the Islamic Supreme Council.
For his part, Abadi said, “The current government is not a one-man government, but are integrated government and genuine partnership must take non provinces regularly province full rights, and that the current government is giving full powers to the provincial councils in the light of the law of 21 average, and it’s moving in this direction for decentralization, “stressing” at the same time that “no return on decentralization commitment the Constitution. ”
The prime minister Haider al-Abadi expressed during his visit to the province of Basra yesterday about his wishes to transfer Basra, the capital of Iraq’s economic stressing its support.
The former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki presented challenged the law, “21” your average expand governorates not organized province of the Federal Court powers step was meant to concentrate powers, however, the prime minister only.

Hakim admissibility of the most personal to the presidency of the National Alliance

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By Mohammad Emad ten thirty-four 31.12.2014 | Views: 2886

Hakim admissibility of the most personal to the presidency of the National Alliance

Brother – Baghdad

MP confirmed for the Supreme Council leader Ammar al-Hakim, the National Alliance Jinan Brism enjoy the admissibility of a broad coalition, both inside or outside for the presidency of the National Alliance, and has a clear imprint in the formation of the government and there are many blocks asking him to be president of the Alliance.

Prism confirmed in a press statement that the blocks that fall within the coalition is trying to turn it into a powerful institution as the largest bloc in the government and parliament, indicating that this institution need a strong personality to manage the crises faced by the country, whether security crises Awalaguetsadah.

She Brism Jaafari after his accession to the post of Foreign Minister, became friendly great responsibilities and has no full-time for the management of the National Alliance and ruled out at the same time to get the writer to this post as the Dawa Party, which won the premiership candidate, pointing out that it is not logic that gets the call for the chairmanship of the party Alliance and the prime minister at the same time.

It is noteworthy that the presidency of the National Alliance remained vacant after the assumption that his former boss Ibrahim al-Jaafari as foreign minister in the current government, which requires poles



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