PM Haider Al Abadi New Year’s Message (Facebook)

The name of God the Merciful Peace and God’s mercy and blessings .. Every year, you is fine  am pleased with the look in a new AD that I make for our people decent and the peoples of the whole world Bozaky congratulations
 and blessings, and go pray to Bari Almighty that makes it in peace and security for all Iraqis wherever they North dear homeland and south and east and west .. inside and outside Iraq, Christians and brothers in particular. It has been on the Iraqis in general is the most difficult years and painful because of the brutal attack of the guerrilla terrorist Daash .. We are determined to be 2015, the year the entire Iraqi territory cleansing and re-displaced people to their homes and to end the suffering and begin the process of building and reconstruction of liberated cities .. and assure you that features check tomorrow better more stable, secure and prosperous future for the Iraqis began looming. Dear .. when we received the responsibility of the prime minister by more than three months and put in mind that we are working for all Iraqis without discrimination and regardless of their religious, national and sectarian affiliations .. because Heavy Secretariat entrusted to us requires us to rule with justice and fairness and equality, and we have made ​​maximum efforts and endeavors to lift the injustice for every citizen signed by the injustice and inequity, and we’re on the moving Blatraja the way, relying on it for conviction complete the necessity of conservation and preservation of the National Secretariat and legitimacy, and relying also to government Chklnaha of all the Iraqi people have the representation of a popular broad, international support is unprecedented. In spite of the short time and the burden of crises and problems accumulated and ongoing war, but we were able to restore Iraqi confidence in themselves and their ability to face challenges and overcome them, particularly the challenge of terrorism, which we inflict it defeats reprehensible in different regions and restored him to many of the cities that disgraced, starting from the cliff victory, this great victory, which was a good omen for victories impressive, cooperation on the Iraqis to achieve all of the army and security forces and the crowd and popular Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes and all the Iraqis and Iraqi jealous. The other challenge , is the fight against corruption and the corrupt, a challenge at least as serious as terrorism, but rather complement each other, The terrorist and the corrupt are working together to achieve one’s goal is to sabotage Iraq and disrupt the unity of its people and prevent it from moving towards the construction and reconstruction, stability and prosperity. Although our focus at the moment on the military effort to purge the Iraqi cities of Daash gangs, but we have not and will not tolerate any spoiler or falling short in his work in any institution of the state, war against terrorism, corruption, and one we are determined to be resolved for the benefit of our people with all our strength. We have put in the forefront of our priorities application government program and commitment Baltoukitat time to implement paragraphs contained therein, and overcome the difficulties in cooperation, harmony and team spirit, and move forward to grant the provincial and local governments more authority to decentralized management and help to promote the construction and reconstruction, investment and utilization of human and natural potential and supported by the petro-dollar law process, because we We believe that the success of local governments is the success of the federal government and for Iraq as a whole. Since we assumed the presidency of the government, we decided to work on a solution to the political crises and bottlenecks with partners in the homeland of the various political forces and succeeded in creating a state of harmony, harmony and coordination between the executive and legislative branches, which helped and helps accelerate the adoption of several bills, including the General Budget Law for 2015. Ladies and gentlemen ..We have opened a new era of relations of understanding and cooperation with all neighboring countries and in all areas .. The past three months, the movement of intensive mutual visits with neighboring and friendly countries have created an atmosphere good, and opened broad prospects for cooperation relations between the peoples and nations of the region and strengthened the position of Iraq in its Arab, regional and international, and we have made ​​several visits to various countries of the world and our commitment that we are embarking upon the Arab states and neighboring countries, let us which to unify efforts and capabilities in order to avert the threat of terrorism and extremism, we sought to find a network of relationships political, security and economic serve the interests of our peoples class basis and enhance security and stability in the region .. The Ktefna the fruits of the new orientations to obtain international support and the support of peerless, when the whole world stood in the international coalition to us in our response to terrorism and supported us brotherly and friendly countries in the fight against gangs Daash arms training and counseling and air cover, and after that everybody realized that the security of the integral and terrorism Aahdd Iraq alone, but all the countries of the world. Dear brothers and sisters .. Latest greeting each Iraqi fighter repels from his family and his hometown risk Daash gangs and terrorist working to remove this black nightmare for the land of Iraq, I pay tribute to mothers and fathers fighters heroes and martyrs and the wounded who have made ​​their lives dear to the nation and raised the flag. On this occasion, I invite faithful to all the people and political forces to work diligently and faithfully and sincere intentions to start a new page of peaceful coexistence and restore social cohesion between different shades of people and re-displaced people and displaced to their homes, and that the new will be the year the starting point for a new era of peace and co-existence and harmony re-Kan Iraq building and turn the tension and strife, terrorism and sectarian pages forever, it is time for the people to live in security and peace and contentment. Renew your congratulations and blessing again and ask God to us and you well ..Every year, you are fine .. and peace, mercy and blessings of God ..
Dr. Haider Abadi, head of the Council of Ministers

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