Peshmerga Army RESTORE villages near Mosul

عناصر البشمركة ومسلحون إيزيديون أثناء مواجهات سابقة مع تنظيم الدولة قرب الموصل  (غيتي-أرشيف)

Thursday, 10/03/1436 e – m, corresponding to 01/01/2015 (updated) 4:45 (Mecca), 1:45 (GMT)
Joint forces recovered from the peshmerga Kurdish Iraqi army-backed militants from the tribal control of four towns and a military headquarters is located west of hand Alkwyr (southeast of Nineveh governorate), after battles with the organization of the Islamic state .

According to Al-Jazeera correspondent in Arbil, quoting an official in Alepeshmrkh- that these forces launched a massive offensive to organize sites in the area, prompting the guerrillas to withdraw towards the south of the city of Mosul.

For its part, the agency Anatolia reported that units of Peshmerga and army troops attacked the organization sites between drunken spend the hand of his Alkwyr of three axes, and shelled with artillery the villages of Sultan Abdullah Hill campus in the region, while the flight international coalition security Joya her cover.

The agency quoted the commander of the Peshmerga forces in the district of drunken Sirwan Barzani as saying that villages and areas that have been recovered from the organization was a threat to his troops sites, may wish to regain control of the military in accordance with the plan prepared for the attack in advance. “

In the same context, the agency quoted an officer with the rank of captain in the Peshmerga forces as saying that his troops responded to an attack by fighters of state regulation on the connector (dam in northern Iraq), which is the largest dam in the country, where fighting between the two sides led to the killing and injuring about thirty militants regulation .

Army losses
In Anbar province (west of Baghdad ), Al Jazeera’s correspondent reported that dozens of Iraqi army and what is known as the popular crowd had been killed or wounded in violent clashes against state regulation perimeter of Fallujah.

The sources said that state regulation fighters attacked structures area (south-east of Fallujah), all weapons and clashed with the Iraqi army and the popular crowd, and inflicting many of them were killed or wounded, and destroyed the control and barracks and military vehicles and mechanisms towers.

These developments come after the announcement of the Iraqi forces and the popular crowd Tuesday restore control over the entire DHULUIYA City (north of the Iraqi capital) from state regulation.

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