Trouble right Munir Haddad al-Maliki in the neck

Mohammed Alamchana
Civilized dialogue-number: 4678 – 2014/12/31 – 02:10
Theme: Research topics and political

Trouble right
Munir Haddad al-Maliki in the neck

Mohammed Alamchana
Is not new to Iraq, to eat his children; both in the monarchy or Republican or Baathist coup after July 17, 1968; Both gave services to the nation, Al fate to prison or the grave or displacement, a refugee from his family, sheltering others.
This is what Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who not only disguising themselves preferred to Judge Munir Haddad, the execution of the tyrant Saddam Hussein buried.
Were it not for the work done by Haddad, during the longest night in the history of Iraq, it is a miracle procedures, almost impossible, to felt Saddam implement the rule of the Supreme Criminal Mahmkh, which ruled his execution, in light of the circumstances, including timing critical conditions overlapping and pressures of an international security company stands smuggled out of prison outside Iraq.
Then willing Maliki singles .. alone honorably done; therefore work to the exclusion of participants who Atl_khason someone Judge Haddad, polarized alternatives involved implementation, who are lying, for Aúven their fear of the potential expected from the Baathist revenge and al-Qaeda and groups claimed they arrived Bliley, escaped everyone in front of them, disobedient their will, to abandon their duty to sign the execution of Saddam.
This Allkaat dominated by Haddad in one night, which was dropped, however, al-Maliki, which is where the owners of the Call of Duty their positions for implementation, finds them Mtanslon about it.
At the moment of collapse, Smith returned to the cohesion, controls the inhabitants and the state, not its members overturned backs of the state by giving them positions.
As a result, introduced Judge Munir, alternatives, which pays Ajalat which deliberately Taatsdo; complicity with Saddam in order to elude the penalty.
The “Do penalty charity, but charity” of the nation eats his sons, and delivers the affairs of Muturin, harassing them, part of their devotion to Iraq.
Because right Ialo; I envisage the new government of Prime Minister Dr.Haider al-Abadi, to remove the effects of the devastation Maliki of Iraq Tamrh, and do justice to the wronged! I am with you are waiting.

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