Najafi calls internal security file to take over in cities

(Independent) .. Search Vice President Osama Najafi with Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Ghaban important files, as editor of Nineveh, and the work and achievements of the Ministry of Interior and plans, and the security situation and developments in the confrontation with the terrorist organization Daash ..

And Najafi stressed when visiting the Interior Ministry, today, that the security file within cities should be handled by the Ministry of Interior in order to experience in this area as well as the police man destined mainly for this kind of work, the Interior Ministry, which is best able to implement the law by virtue of their competence, so that it is known in the army to defend the country and protect its sovereignty tasks.

He pointed out, according to a statement from his office, to the apparent progress in the process of liberalization, and praised the victories achieved against terrorism, called Il police take responsibility for the liberated areas and help people return to their homes ..

He emphasized that the war against terrorism should not be an excuse to harm any citizen, should differentiate between deviant individuals who helped Daash and participated in the crimes and their families, and do not download clans responsibility deviation of their members ..

Najafi and pointed to the religious and ethnic diversity in the province of Nineveh, and the importance of respect in the process of liberalization in order to help the inhabitants of the areas of the security forces in Tahrir and the extension of State authority and the law after the liberation, and not to allow a final liquidation of accounts outside the law and the principles of justice authority.

He stressed the critical importance of the theme of human rights and personal freedoms and respected by all state agencies.

Called to support the liberalization of Nineveh and involvement in the camp edits.

For his part, the minister welcomed the visit of Vice President of the Republic, referring to the vision of the Ministry of the Interior in the security business strategy and the importance of quickly applied to achieve positive results reinforce the confidence of the citizen security services and his desire to support and attribution.

The minister stressed that the vision is focused on the Ministry of Interior responsible for the security file, especially in the city of Baghdad, and for this purpose has been prepared an ambitious plan that would narrow the terrorists and facilitate the movement of citizens and their daily lives.

Add to activate the intelligence work in the face of terrorism, to reduce the human and material sacrifices, and the involvement of the police man the security effort as well as public support of competence, and the development of professional work based on the law and order, and to address any group carrying weapons outside the scope of the state no matter what.

Ghaban Najafi stressed the importance of support and political leaders to see the ministry, what are some of wills still working to derail the reform process.

The meeting dealt with many things that are in support of the effort for liberation and justice and the maintenance of order. (End)


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