After the pressure of Basra, al-Abadi arrive Monday to hold a coordination meeting of the provinces

Sunday 28 December 2014 – 0:06

Coordination meeting of the league to the provinces with Abadi / archive

A government source said that the prime minister Haider al-Abadi decided to hold a coordination meeting on Monday in the provinces of Basra, while considered the visit to the province, is the first since he took office.

The most likely source of cross-talk radio tow that the choice of al-Abadi of Basra at this time specifically came to calm the situation and reduce the intensity of the media discourse pursued by local government parties, particularly the Presidency of the Council of Basra.

He pointed out that “the meeting will be attended by governors and chairmen of the various Iraqi provinces except for the Kurdistan region.”

The head of the Basra Governorate Council morning Albzona has waved through radio tow earlier sue the government Abadi, if not accounted for five revenue of oil dollars within the budget of 2015 the fact that sooner is against the law, as revealed during the conference on Saturday, held on to collect the signatures of about two-thirds vote of the the province of Basra to demand by making territory on the back of the continued marginalization of the center government to the demands of the people of Basra.

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