Tehran: the departure of al-Maliki has strengthened our position in the region

Twilight News / The Secretary of the Iranian Supreme Council for National Security Ali Shamkhani Tehran does not desire to normalize diplomatic relations with the United States even after reaching a nuclear agreement.

altShamkhani said in an interview with the British newspaper Financial Times that Tehran would not seek to normalize diplomatic relations with Washington, even if the nuclear deal contributed to dispel the tension between the two sides.

He added that Iran’s position in the region has become stronger with the change of government in Baghdad and the continued survival of the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

And on Iraq Shamkhani said Haider al-Abadi solutions Nuri al-Maliki replaced as prime minister led to the strengthening of the positions of Iran in the Middle East.

He added that the Iraqi government and people become closer to Iran by Pat “bow” that Iran’s strategic depth, saying that the situation in Syria reflect the “victory” of Iran.

Shamkhani expressed optimism about the demise of the tension between Tehran and Riyadh, said that the absence of better understanding the existing and bitter rivalry to a normal political movements changed.

In conclusion, commented on the liberalization of the Iraqi city of Mosul issue by a group of Daash saying that this issue will take time, of course, depends on the will of the Sunnis in Iraq, they should worry about this issue.



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