News of the withdrawal Daash of the city of Qaim in western Iraq

Security forces in the existing
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12/23/2014 03:08

Tomorrow Press / Follow-up: gunmen pulled Daash organization, on Monday, the city of Qaim in Anbar province in western Iraq, and removed Altvche points of them, according to media sources.

In the meantime, the battles of peshmerga fighters in the face of continued Daash militants, in an effort of Kurdish forces to extend its control over the entire town of Sinjar, north of the country.

He said Kurdish fighters on a mountain overlooking the town of Sinjar, the peshmerga controls half the town, while gunmen controlled Daash on the other half.

And entered the Kurdish insurgents, backed by the coalition, from the mountain town of Sinjar, and site Rabia border, while militants organize Daash received reinforcements, in preparation for a large-scale attack on Sinjar.

The peshmerga forces confirmed cleansing Chenkal City, in the province of Nineveh, of mines and improvised explosive devices planted by Daash in neighborhoods.

As the US military confirmed that coalition forces attacked the extremist organization Daash sites in four raids near Sinjar in northern Iraq, and destroyed belonging to the organization and tactical units, buildings and vehicles. Among other Iraqi cities targeted by the strikes of Tal Afar, Ramadi, Mosul and Baiji.

And return control of the Sinjar area be Kurds have completed their mission to expel extremist militants from the areas that were under their control before entering the “Daash” to last June, and represents the Northwestern Front near the city of Mosul.

According to Kurdish sources, the next battle will be in the Nineveh plain areas narrowed down after the organization in the province of Nineveh, waiting for the battle would be referring Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, while the President of Iraqi Kurdistan Peshmerga expressed readiness to participate in the restoration of Nineveh extremists.

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