National Alliance to discuss the presence of al-Abadi accomplish without the budget “deficit” and the implementation of the government program

Twilight News / called the Iraqi National Alliance, which represents the Shiite blocs in parliament, to the need to expedite the completion of the financial budget for next year, and the implementation of the government program in all state institutions and departments.


According to a statement issued by the National Alliance reportedly for “Twilight News”, the political body of the National Alliance met in the presence of all parties in the Office of the Prime Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari, in the presence of Prime Minister   Haider al-Abadi Friday evening, in “an atmosphere of mutual understanding, and high sense of responsibility.”

The statement added that the conferees praised the “millions to visit the death of Imam Hussein (AS), and called for the need for the infrastructure that accommodate such a huge number, and organized properly provide.”

The statement continued that “the political body heard a report from the Prime Minister about the political and security situation.”

He added the statement that “the conferees supported the diplomatic opening for Iraq, and the positive atmosphere that emerged in neighboring countries policy through mutual on all levels of visits, which is a diplomatic achievement is important in gaining support for Iraq in a fair fight against Daash and terrorism, and to achieve the supreme national interest, and further policy openness to everyone in a balanced manner. “

According to the statement, “the coalition called for the need to expedite the completion of the budget, and strive to be free of disability, and sent to the House of Representatives,” he said, adding that the conferees confirmed “their determination to implement the government’s curriculum Pfaqrath all, according to the powers of the constitutional institutions.”

The statement concluded that the conferees discussed “political developments in the country, including the unified position Althalfa, and emphasized the support of the armed forces, the popular crowd, and praised the recent Pantsaradtha, being careful to provide the performance of national duties and requirements.”


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