Daash falling in front of a unified Iraq

12/20/2014 0:00

Haider al-Abadi *
Iraqis are fighting international terrorism in all fronts. While we go forward to liberate every inch of our territory and every segment of our people from the control of the terrorist gang known as the Islamic state, which we call naming organization Daash, we are involved also in the treatment of cases of resentment that caused the emergence of terrorism.
At a time when military operations are considered essential for the expulsion of the terrorist gangs Daash of our beloved country, the achievement of full and lasting victory will not be without a comprehensive government reforms and national reconciliation and reconstruction of the economy and society. Because the exclusion and marginalization lead to extremism, the new government included in the composition of all the Iraqi people from the Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds and got all blocs and political parties to be represented in the government and the eradication of terrorism and its causes were keen without spare no effort to feel every sect and every race and every province that it is their interest to the survival of Iraq and its success.
Our government has recently approved a long-awaited historic agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government, an agreement which states that the king of Iraq’s oil for all Iraqis will be through the distribution of oil revenues in a fair sharing of resources and responsibilities to protect and serve the interests of all our people. As we face our common enemy, we are willing to fight shoulder to shoulder with our brothers the Kurds, which will be achieved through this agreement, which ensures access to weapons and support they need.
As retrospect relations with Sunni tribes located in areas under the control Daash organizing, arming, and we started and now they are fighting side by side with the Iraqi security forces. And because the Iraqis need to leave the past behind them and we are demanding changes to the Justice and Accountability Act to mitigate the impact of the de-Baathification law. Our goal is to facilitate the process of a large number of former government officials who have not committed crimes against the Iraqi people.
And because it is necessary to re-citizens’ confidence in the judicial system we have issued an order needs to be our security forces and the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional protection of human rights of detainees in Iraqi prisons. Because there will be a central register of all detainees, are the reasons for the detention and the inclusion of proving the timetables for their trials.
As we continue to rebuild our security forces, we are committed to fighting corruption and inefficiency as well as we have to dismiss some 24 military commanders as well as 24 officers from the Ministry of Interior and there will be more of what is known Balvdaúaan the regulations salaries and corrupt officers and battalions of the army fleeing from the battlefield.
We are also working on the formation of the National Guard who will fight to the side of the Iraqi army. We will continue to provide support for efforts to fully train and equip Kurdish forces to ensure their work seamlessly with the Iraqi security forces.
As we continue to work with the United States and our international partners to train and equip tribal fighters, who are currently fighting side by Iraqi forces will be the integration of some individuals from these fighters whenever possible with or Guard security forces Aloutna.omen order to ensure respect for the rule of law, we are working to bring all Armed factions under the control of the state, there will be no groups or armed militias operating outside the framework of the state security forces will not allow any armed group outside the government’s control.
And support of the international coalition in close cooperation with the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi forces will continue to progress and restore the strategic corridors and edit the entire city from the control of the Iraqis today Alarhab.aada duty in defeating terrorist organizations more equipped and financed and organized in the world. But the challenge is greater than that of any country can defeat alone. We need air support and to train and equip our security forces and the cooperation of neighboring countries and allies to stop the flow of foreign fighters into the country as well as our need to support the international community through financial institutions, to stop the financing of terrorist organization Daash. We also need to help the international community in the relief of nearly two million refugees who have been displaced because of the terror organization Daash and civil war in Syria to within our borders and with the onset of winter, they and the people of the areas that have been released from the organization Daash in desperate need of aid Alansanh.ln we to defeat the terrorists who took advantage of discontent and failure, but the rebuilding of Iraq is safe, stable, and because the organization Daash represents a common enemy of the international community, the fight against extremism in all fronts should be our common goal.



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