End oil dispute with Kurdistan highlighted the achievements of the Government of Abadi

12/16/2014 0:00

Experts: evaluation of the economic achievements internationally accredited experience

BAGHDAD – Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
that the government program and priorities of the strategy in the work of the ministries plan indicate a positive trend towards change with the presence of the big challenges,

Because the start encouraging, especially when the unit notes the trend towards construction and development and the preservation of Iraq.

He noted that the change and Reform hard work and a real addition to the decisions and directives and the announcement of plans and policies, as necessary to get away from the preparation of reports that suggest, but emphasizes that everything is fine approach.

The real challenge to the implementation of real actions to build the country, whatever the well-known difficulties which should be an incentive for success.

He stressed the importance of following up the extent of the actual move to implement what has been approved in Cabinet meetings so far on the ground in order to ensure effective checks later in terms of what did not get a change in the methodology the work of institutions and actual will of the competent professional shall take practical measures,

seeking to achieve success in every sector stories and the first services and infrastructure and other best quality and lower costs and shorter period of time will not be achieved change.

Issa demanded that the government is seeking to form a cell crisis private sector institutions involved in every vital sector To implement the strategies approved and to address the important issues of the country’s economy and that is accounted strictly immediately for any delay and that all government institutions,

mechanisms and capacities to operate at full capacity throughout the work period prescribed for the implementation of its best performance.

He praised the direction the government to eradicate the hotbeds of corruption in the construction of the State, said Issa : Without the rule of law and root treatment strict corruption will not be achieved change,

in addition to the use of cadres and professional with experience and proven its activity in the sector and the involvement of the private sector in decision-making and follow-up implementation of the media who participate in it as well.

Otherwise everyone will call for change and to work from the first box, indicating the importance that government institutions perform their duty quietly to show results on the ground, which will be announced the same.

As an economic expert d. Akram Abdul Aziz indicated that the government program itself is a great achievement at the level of orientation for the advancement of the national economy through the adoption of the reform programs aimed at achieving sustainable development.

It showed that the most important paragraphs of economic reform highlighted by the program came from the banking sector, which represents an important focus in state of the process of sustainable development,

as well as the actual orientation of the fight against corruption is one of the most important economic gains of one hundred days of the life of the government.

The specialist in economic affairs Hadi Hndas: to end the row with the Kurdistan region over oil exports, which lasted several years is one of the most important achievements of the government during the 100 days of old,

pointing out that it leads to address many of the outstanding problems with the provincial down to the logical final agreements give each party constitutional rights exclusively where no privileges to a party at the expense of another, and was accompanied by some of the agreements, but they will be gone in the future.

He noted that the convergence in views between the government and private sector leads in all cases to an effective treatment for all the economic development of the determinants in all production and service sectors.

Executive Director of the Association of private banks in Iraq, Tariq said: Orbiter and the reality of efforts to promote economic sectors touches the earnest desire of the government towards the development of economic and were beginning to gradually and is evident through paragraphs of the government program, which focused on economic reform processes.

He added in Haddbut “morning” The positives stage is a serious desire by the Prime Minister to reform the banking sector, which is the hub of the economic development process,

especially The banking sector needs to be some legal reform legislation granting private banks more flexibility in support of investment projects and the expansion of banking products that offer to the local effort and international co-activate the national economy circle.

He noted that the banking sector is hoping better than government guidelines and declared support for its activities and efforts to create a strong banks are able to support all economic activities in all the cities,

where the need for banking activity effectively, supports the need for specialized international companies to the banking sector advanced products for the completion of operations calculation.

He The Association is a chime and ambitious private banks work programs and directions of the government in order to create a sophisticated banking sector.


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