Britain plans to send hundreds of troops to Iraq next month

London Anatolia announced the British defense minister, Michael Fallon, the country will increase next month, military support for Iraq, in the field of training, noting that it would send hundreds of soldiers to add to the fifty military currently in Iraq .
Newcomer Fallon told the British media that the new forces will protect British forces training, as well as a few would be «ready to fight», but they will not engage in any clashes; it will protect the training teams if necessary.
He added that the training teams will expand their activities; in the context of efforts to confront the terrorist organization Daash, where he will focus on the Iraqi military and Kurdish forces training; to invalidate car bombs and IEDs effect.
British minister pointed out that Daash is of attacks methods in the wake of the air strikes, and Pat organization confined to villages and towns, adding that «confronted in this case; can be made only through the ground intervention, from the local army, and not by the Western military» .
It is scheduled to British troops deployed in four safe areas; one in the territory of northern Iraq, and the other near the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and the longer this mission is the first of its kind, following the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq three years ago.

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