Rafidain Bank director denies news of his arrest and his departure for the purpose of confirming the order ministerial treatment

15-12-2014 02:53 AM

Fallujah News / Baghdad … denied Rafidain Bank Director on behalf of al-Hassani, news of his arrest, saying he traveled abroad ministerial order for the purpose of ‘treatment’.
Hassani said that ‘the news of my arrest mere fabrication, stand behind those who tried to steal the bank but failed’, saying the news ‘attempt to tarnish the image and position and Azaana on their way’, adding ‘I traveled under a ministerial order for treatment’.
The local media deliberated during the past few hours reports of the arrest in the Rafidain Bank on behalf of the Director-Hassani on charges of ‘corruption’ and misappropriation of funds.
The Central Bank of Iraq announced the formation of a committee to uncover the circumstances of the theft of 500 billion dinars from the Rafidain Bank, as pointed out that most of the stolen money has returned from Alsarv that transformed the exception of certain amounts to the two banks are being dealt with now.

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