Jordan’s Prime Minister to visit Baghdad soon

BAGHDAD / follow-up justice – 12/15/2014 – 0:31 | Hits: 26

Visiting President of the Government of Jordan, Abdullah Eagles, presiding over ministerial delegation, Iraq, during the next few days.

And discuss the Eagles, according to Jordanian sources during the visit with his Iraqi counterpart, Haider al-Abadi, common interest issues between the two countries, bilateral relations and ways of enhancing them in various fields to serve the common interests, the talks will also cover regional and international efforts to combat terrorism. The Eagles had announced during a meeting with al-Abadi, who visited Jordan in October 26 of last near decade Supreme paradise between the two countries will be held in Baghdad.Prior to the Eagles that visited Baghdad in March, and was signed during the visit, agreements on the extension of Basra Aqaba oil pipeline, linking Jordan and Iraq railroad iron, but those projects were disrupted during the reign of the former Iraqi government.

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