Parliamentary Finance: 2015 budget will be passed without Barriers

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parliamentary Finance Committee considered, Saturday, that the budget next year, 2015 will pass without Barriers, as happened in the current year’s budget.
The committee member said Sirhan Ahmed told / information /, that “next year’s budget will be easily passed because there are a number of reasons the most important of the correct reading and advisement by the prime minister in addition to that there is consensus and agreement of Parliament to pass, as a result of the awareness that there is no winner of the delay in the budget. ”
He added that the “convergence of views between the political blocs in the moment as well the country’s need urgently to all money matters speed up the approval of the budget next year. ”
He continued Ahmed said “political rapprochement recent agreement reached between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil, will impact on the course of approving the budget and avoid Almarqlat that occurred in the previous period, which led to disruption of approving the budget for the current year and pay people the taxes and introduced the country in large financial crises. ”
It was an economic advisor to the Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh announced on Saturday, for the budget presentation in the Cabinet meeting to be held next Tuesday after agreeing to increase oil exports to offset the decline Alosar.anthy / 25 K

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