Expectations largest decline in oil prices over the next year

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ended in oil prices the week at a new level of decline, with the approach of benchmark Brent barrier of $ 60 a barrel, while the fallen US crude approaching the barrier of $ 55 a barrel, with expectations consistently decline with the beginning of 2015.
The current levels of oil prices, the lowest since the summer of 2009, which saw the top of the global financial crisis that led to the global economic recession curve of the world has not recovered from it yet.
With the end of this year, it seems that the global demand for oil will continue to decline, which means more than falling prices Oil in 2015.
For its part, the International Energy Agency cut its estimate for global demand of about 230 thousand barrels per day from the previous forecast, bringing the expected decline in global demand to 900 thousand barrels per day in 2015.
In its monthly Oil Market Report, lowered the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ( OPEC), the global demand for oil by about a million barrels a day, which is below the level of demand for OPEC oil countries in 10 years.
The report said that demand for OPEC oil fell more than 280 thousand barrels per day from the previous forecast, and as global demand at 28.92 million barrels per day.
This means lower demand by more than a million barrels per day from the current production of OPEC ceiling, at 30 million barrels per day.
According to some experts and analysts that the crisis of the collapse of oil prices are subject intertwined factors are not limited to increased production from non-OPEC countries, particularly from oil shale in the United States, or for political reasons, or even pressure on Russia and Iran.
bent some concerned to review what has been described as an “economic recovery” following the crisis that hit the world, more than 5 years.
It seems that the structural imbalances that led to the global crisis in (2009/2008) did not experience any serious treatment, the world continued in attempts to “traditional reform” did not hold much, what threatens


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