Deputy: Jubouri request from Qatar officials not to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs

Saturday December 13 1 / December 2014 16:01

Vice said of the Union of Iraqi forces, said, “House Speaker Salim al request from Qatar officials not to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs.”
The Jubouri had visited in the first of this month, accompanied by a parliamentary delegation Qatari capital Doha week-long during which he met with senior leaders and officials Qataris.
The MP said Mohammed al-Karbouli was visiting a member of the parliamentary delegation told all of Iraq [where] that “Jubouri request from Qatar officials not to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs, and if they wish to help the Iraqi people would be through the government with the opening of its embassy,” adding that “Qatar has promised us open its embassy in Iraq in next January of the new year. ”
He Karbouli that “Parliament delegation touched mainly in his meetings in Doha about the security file in Iraq and the situation of the region.”
The al-Jubouri and his accompanying delegation had met on his visit to Qatar, a number of Alexúlan including the head of the Qatari Shura Council Mohammed Al Khulaifi and Foreign Minister Khalid al-Attiyah and Qatari Prime Minister Abdullah bin Nasser Al Thani discussed during their meetings to consolidate bilateral relations and the opening of the Qatari Embassy in Iraq.
He announced an official statement of the Iraqi Council of Representatives that al-Jubouri and Qatari Prime Minister “stressed that bilateral relations between the two countries Schhada wide open in the coming days.”
MP Karbouli, in a telephone interview from Qatar revealed during the time of the visit, [where] that “officials in Qatar, al-Jubouri, carried a letter to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi dealing with the prospect of the relationship between the two countries and security cooperation and economic and banking” .anthy 2.

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