Find the unidentified aircraft in Iraq

Find the unidentified aircraft in Iraq

The strength of the Kurdish Peshmerga stumbled through a campaign of raids and searches in the villages belonging to the hand Saadia north of Baghdad on unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.

Baghdad military Ahmed

Kurdish Peshmerga forces found reconnaissance drone in the center of Saadia, north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

According to a source in the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, the strength of the first batch of the 136 Brigade of the Peshmerga forces, found during a raid and search campaign in a subsidiary of hand Saadia villages, the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.

Lt. Col. VII of the Kurdish security, Oak Bideaua, to “toss” that the plane look like some of the damage, “Landry said the fire was caused by targeted security forces, or because of the futility of the citizens there.”

He Bideaua “We have found the plane in the farm population was deported, leaving their animals due to military operations in the region during the last few days.”

There were reports about the conduct of the organization “Daash” for a number of reconnaissance drones in Syria, while the organization did not prove the use of such aircraft in Iraqi airspace, because of the intensity of the flight of Iraqi aviation.

He says security expert, Brigadier Khalil Mohammed tortured, who was briefed on photos taken by elements of the Peshmerga of the plane, “I think it’s a plane Iranian poll, was conducting surveillance within the logistical support provided by Tehran in the war on Daash, and they seem to fall as a result of malfunction may hit not because ground fire. “


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