Deputy urges the activation of different sectors to supplement the Iraqi economy

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Deputy urges the activation of different sectors to supplement the Iraqi economy

BAGHDAD / Source News / .. urged the MP for the union coalition Iraqi forces Nahida Daini, to activate the various sectors of their own identity and activated the Iraqi economy to supplement the resources it needs and reduce the country’s financial crisis are experiencing.

Daini said in a press statement that “it is necessary to activate the important economic aspects of agriculture, industry and investment and to create the appropriate atmosphere for use in the present time and in the future what we are going through the Trov economic volatile.”

She stressed the revitalization of the agricultural sector increased by 100% and no activation formality through farmer support through the provision of fertilizers and giving him a share of the water and the area of ​​freedom, as well as preventing the importation of fruits and vegetables, because we know that there is a drying of the orchards and converted into cities process, in addition to cancel so Taatcespb laws import fruits and vegetables from abroad. Finished / 19 p


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