The assassination of al-Abadi …!

Author: Editor: mw Reporter:

10/12/2014 20:46

Falah Torch
Accept Dr. Haider Abadi fact threat to national reform project, and detect corrupt and “whales” mafia state sponsors of aliens and corrupt deals that captured the public money, and put the country on the path destitution, bankruptcy, years after the collapse of the services and the rule of chaos and crime.
Insists Prime Minister Abadi on the exercise of cleansing and the exclusion of “whales” big first, and then go down to the Madon, these metonymy known to those who are moving, not Mr. Abadi Too Cheap outspoken when he said; “regardless of their positions” in the state and the political establishment, and in this confirm what we went to him in more than appropriate, that the mafias, which he calls Dr. Prime Minister as “whales” are political mafias and Kmakih has influence and money and militias and security forces as well.
Positive attitude, which raises really impressive, Mr. Abadi within the project that Aligir and repair large and defy the will of the Atlin, which while referring to his determination to proceed with this approach even if it arrived the threat on his life …!?

The issue here is more than what is self and the personal and political to what is a national, in other words, that it threatens to Mr. Abadi assassination, it threatens to assassinate Iraq, after it became groping the path of reform and change steps and detect corrupt and restore public money to his family from the poor and the needy, homeless and displaced.
Quite frankly say that the threat of Prime Minister Haidaralebadi, poses a threat to the will of all Iraqis and trying to confiscate their rights and their future, and keep the state of underdevelopment and death that is sweeping the country ten years ago, the same miserable, which made Iraq’s oil and richest of the Middle States one of the poorest and spoiled the countries of the world.
These developments put the Iraqi Algradh all forces in a row, Mr. Abadi and his steps, and here we mean that the will of the masses and national political forces, religious and tribal and religious authorities and all the forces of the good society, should be lined with Mr. Abadi and supported by reasons of power and efficiency top order to achieve the national project argument involves the muggers and the leaders of the alien corrupt deals that were stolen billions of orphans and the poor and the bereaved funds, in addition to ten years of age Iraqis, and gave them in return types of humiliation and killing and bitterness live and administrative corruption and the behavior of looting and waste and scandals.


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