Saleem al-Jubouri: Iraqi parliament adheres to document the political agreement

Iraqi Parliament Speaker said Saleem al-Jubouri that the committee formed within the parliament to follow and document the political agreement, and to find out who was a cause of a bug that prevents the application of the terms of the document, and whether there is a reverse of some political parties about the agreements made.
He explained in an episode on Wednesday (12/10/2014) from “Meet Today program that” the last meeting, which was collected and the President and the Prime Minister put on the debate issue of the National Guard and the amnesty law, balance and ablation table.
Jubouri and that the preparation of an amnesty law needs to project comes from the Council of Ministers adopted until the House of Representatives.
With regard to the issue of the National Guard, the head of the Iraqi parliament said it was possible that some political parties expressed a desire to renege on its agreement, but for him, any political party had signed on the formation of the National Guard and then amended and the decline is considered his breach.
The Iraqi official said that his country is suffering from a crisis not of refraction, noting that the reason for this crisis previous policies pursued, and the light is not fully deal objectively with the composition of Iraqi society.
He pointed out that those policies generated a state of tension began with demonstrations and sit-ins and then ended up cities and vast areas in the hands of “terrorist conclaves”, before it gets worse with the emergence of armed levers for political conclaves.
Independence of the judiciary
He announced Jubouri standing with the independence of the judiciary, however not make it hostage to any political party, whether Nuri al-Maliki or Haider Abadi, or others.
But he acknowledged that there are indications that what comes out of the judiciary affected the political mood, pointing out that from his position following the reform approach from the institution to which he belongs.
Turning to Iraq’s relationship with the Arab surroundings today, and in this regard, said that when he returned to Iraq, the Arab system and become a decision maker, when it will be able to bring about a state of balance in building relations with countries in the region.
In connection with the organization of the Islamic state , al-Jubouri said he threat to everyone, and it is necessary to build a strategic security vision by which they can save the region from the “imminent danger.”
Although he stressed that the air support in the war on Iraq, the organization was instrumental in stopping its expansion, it called for operational support on the ground, especially when talking about areas of Anbar and Nineveh.
Guest concluded, “today’s meeting” to say that a state political practice which generated congestion and dissatisfaction among people benefited state regulation even there for the same presence within the Sunni center specifically.


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