Parliamentary Finance Announces held a conference to discuss the Federal Government expenditure management

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: revealed Finance Committee member Magda Tamimi, Wednesday, that in twenty monthly qualitatively conference will be held for two days to discuss how to manage the expenditure by the government.

Tamimi said for “tomorrow Press”, “commissioned by the Parliamentary Finance Committee to prepare a conference on the topic of how to manage the financial expenditure by the federal government,” indicating that “the conference will discuss the three points they (How to reduce expenses and how to increase revenue in general, especially in other income, and also investments) administration. ”

And added that “the conference will also include urgent action must be taken by the government with the support of Parliament and other measures possible futures implemented in the medium and long term.”

Tamimi pointed out that “the conference will feature the best fifty personal economical Iraq, namely that it would be a qualitative conference, as it would be over two days (20 and 21 December the current first),” adding that “the first day will be the tossing and discuss with experts and the second day we host Reese Minister Haider al-Abadi with all ministerial cabin and offer them a brief process and not a plan put on the shelves and paper. ”

She emphasized that “the primary objective of the conference is to direct the government to skip steps towards implementation and be an easy process and put fiscal policy on the right track because it is really not on the right track.”

It is noteworthy that the state budget for the current year has not yet recognize ago that sent the government for nearly eight months to former House were not included on the agenda, while procrastinated previous Presidency for inclusion due to the lack of them political blocs agreement, nor that harassment continues while people wait for things to material related thereto, as well as the stalled projects.


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