Corruption hits the Iraqi security establishment strongly

10/12/2014 19:23

Reflected in the financial and administrative corruption in Iraq on all government institutions, what dire beyond economic disaster, to include the security of the country if the government was unable to rectify the matter, especially the negative effects seemed clear to the military establishment. Reveals a source in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, that “dozens of soldiers in military units in Anbar began to leave their units because of their salaries for three months.” The source adds that “The ministry has tried to remedy the situation Pttmin soldiers, but to no avail, and in turn, informed the commander of the armed forces, the prime minister, Haider Abadi, subject to remedy the situation before Tazmh and out of control,” explaining that “Abadi trying to find a suitable solution and accelerate the adoption of the budget to end crisis. “ The source asserts that “the withdrawal of the impact on the morale of the other soldiers, and disrupt the work of the military establishment.
This comes at a time when Iraq is witnessing a major financial crisis because of rampant corruption and lack helm sound management, which disrupted the adoption of the budget year 2014 until today, and that has been spent during the rule of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the country’s advances, while the Council of Ministers failed to agree on the draft The final budget for 2015 sees the strategic Iraqi security expert, confident Obeidi, that “the impending financial crisis will have very serious implications for the security situation of Iraq.” Stresses al-Obeidi, said in an interview, “the new Arab” newspaper which is published in London on the need “not to neglect the implications of the withdrawal of Iraqi troops despite the fact that this is still in its infancy,” he said, adding: “For those in charge of the military establishment to understand the gravity of that, especially in the development of Iraqi security such as the situation is deteriorating. “ And calls for al-Obeidi those responsible to “resort to any solution, whatever the consequences on the economic situation, the international Kalaguetrad or reliance on community banks, and so on, because Iraq is going through a financial crisis in all cases, but the security crisis that Szbbha financial crisis is a particular danger, and must correct them as quickly as time before out of control. “ It is considered that “the organization Daash would use this thing in his favor, and try to win the retreating soldiers at his side, and give them the best of which were obtained in the Iraqi army in the salaries and allowances.” For his part, warns MP for Anbar province, Mohammed al-Karbouli, of “the consequences of leaving the troops without salaries, especially in Anbar province, which is witnessing a difficult circumstance security.” See Karbouli, in an interview with “new Arab”, that “it is imperative to accelerate the central government in resolving the crisis, with the launch of an advance emergency urgent.” In the meantime, the lives of the “Islamic State”, (Daash), the period of financial prosperity because of its imports from the sale of oil from Iraq, Syria, amounting to about one million dollars a day, except for other imports, as is confirmed by experts in the affairs of the armed groups and talked by the Iraqi Oil Ministry earlier. And distributed organization’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, finally. “Gifts and gifts of real estate and the elements of the organization in Iraq and Syria, which will motivate them a lot in the fighting and lifting their spirits.”The Iraqi government is trying to find an excuse for not paying salaries to soldiers, as it finally vindicated, “checks and stand on the phenomenon of corruption that has developed in recent years and I knew that the phenomenon of ghost soldier

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