Allawi: reconciliation must be drafted resolutions and laws restore confidence among Iraqis

submitted by big Sekz-

Twilight News Vice President Iyad Allawi / said Wednesday he must make decisions in the laws of reconciliation file rebuild confidence among Iraqis.

altAllawi’s interview came during a meeting with a delegation of tribal leaders south of Baghdad, and a delegation of the Commission on Security and Defence of the British House of Commons and a group of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

He tribal delegation, according to a statement issued by the Information Office of Allawi that “the state should support the tribes are doing their job and work on the right arm and thoughtful manner to counter the threat Daash.”

The statement said that “the tribes south of Baghdad was ready to cooperate with the current government and it has to listen to the clans and suggestions which accurately in order to reach common solutions with the current government it is necessary to get the joint coordination between the army and people of the tribes.”

The clans that “Britain should stand with us real pause and military strikes by the international coalition is not Balkavih it is necessary to work to support Iraq in the side of arming and training”.

She clans optimistic to assume Allawi “national reconciliation file to reunite the people of Iraq,” and it provides support for Allawi “national reconciliation project.”

The British House of Commons delegation “Our responsibility is to recognize the Iraqi situation of these areas accurately and to provide assistance to the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people in every way possible.”

Allawi stressed that “national reconciliation should be issuing resolutions and clear rules and rebuild the bridges of trust between citizens away from the sectarian impasse to achieve the principle of citizenship properly and effectively.”

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